Learn to sew in a zipper bag

Some ladies are clever and skilled and capable not only to prepare culinary masterpieces at the plate, but stitching is just lovely things. These women hardly ever have a question, how to sew the zipper into the bag, these beauties know and can do.

But there are also less experienced women who, because of their age or just as useless not yet trained in various everyday tricks. The benefit of all in this life is to learn, it would wish. So today we'll learn the basics of sewing and to talk about how to sew the zipper into the bag.

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Grasp the basics of skill: learning to sew the zipper

So you bought a beautiful purse, dreamed about for a long time. After walking with it for a while, you started to notice that the clasp on the handbag breaks or seizes. It is insulting, unpleasantly, but to throw the thing in good condition is not worth it, you can still save your purse. Option "intensive care" two: to carry the product in a workshop or to carry out the entire operation on their own. For those ladies who are not afraid of difficulties, then detailed instructions on how to sew the zipper into the bag made of leather or fabric.

So, the procedure will be as follows:

Learn to sew in a zipper bag
  • Uplift of the handbag broken zipper, remembering how she was located. Promerita the length of the extracted fasteners and go to a specialty store to buy a new one. You're free to match not only in size but also color. Pay particular attention to the teeth, it is desirable that they were metal;
  • For "reanimation" of leather or some thick fabric, you need to buy a special needle. Also, please be a good thread, matching in color to the bag;
  • When all the necessary stuff in stock, you can get to work. The first thing is to grab a purchased clasp to the bag, use a large simple stitch. New zipper needs to "stand" in the place of the broken;
  • If you are satisfied with your rough work, then sew the zipper completely. To do this, take the prepared thread, insert it into the needle. Insert the needle into the inside zip and begin to sew carefully. Try to keep the stitches were about equal in length. In this approach, work will be done to look neat;
  • When one part of the clasp is sewn, secure the thread on the reverse side and can undertake the second part of the zipper;
  • After both of the sewn piece, you can pull a thread, which is used for rough work;
  • With handbags made of subtle matter, the problem will be even smaller needle is used for common, and the zip is sewn so that the product is buttoned, you have not seen the tape of the zipper, it should "hide" inside.

Talking about how to sew the zipper to a knitted bag?

Learn to sew in a zipper bag

We assume that you are a wonderful mistress and has recently completed the manufacturing of exclusive handbags with your own hands. Linked you crochet, and you are now faced with the dilemma – how to sew a zipper in a knitted bag with lining.

Actually, it's not that difficult, you only need to try once. You need to purchase a clasp, the right color and size for your handbag. Now, armed with a crochet hook, make two planochki, which will be in length and width to match the zipper.

The color of yarn for the straps better to take the tone created by the reticule.

Now sew the resulting strips to the zipper. Related columns must lie on top of the tape, which is attached to the snake. Then the resulting design need to connect with a lining. By the way, that the work was faster and easier, sew up the lining not fully, leave a small hole that will allow you to carefully sew the zipper from the wrong side.

After the job is done, you can sew the lining with the zipper to the bag simple stitches.

Discuss how to sew the zipper pocket

Most women prefer not only beautiful, but also practical handbags. And that handbag was one of those, there must be a secret pocket, preferably not alone. But what if a purchased product is not usable pockets? The answer is simple – you need to make their own, and even with a zipper to important things not crumbled in the bag.

You need to create the rod pocket size choose it arbitrarily, if the bag
large, you can cut a piece of cloth with parameters 32 to 24 centimeters.

Learn to sew in a zipper bag

If the fabric from which the lining is too thin, the sewing of the fastener is recommended to glue her doubleroom or something similar. On the reverse side in the place where you glued the gasket, it is necessary to draw a frame, equal in size to the zip pull, and the length of the snake, which will be held on line and also mark the corners for cutting.

Now from the front side to put a substance which will be manufactured by pocket. Its width should equal the length of the zipper plus 4 cm.

Choose the length arbitrarily, depending on how deep you want to get pocket. The desired size multiply by 2 and lowered to 1.5 cm for seams.

Apply a piece of lining material with pins. Lay the line along the perimeter of the painted frame, carefully mark the corners of the fabric as close to the line, but not damaging it. Turn the pocket inside out. Seams carefully iron it to be straight.

The slot vmlite the clasp, trying to produce work as close as possible to the edge of matter. This was the final stage pocket with secure clasp and ready.

Today you become a little more experienced and now know how to sew the zipper. Try it, it will be difficult only the first time, and then you acquire the necessary skill and will probably love it. Good luck!