Learning to be a teacher: how to become a good tutor?

For some reason, many school teachers and College educators in an instant decide – "I Want to become a tutor"? Someone is not satisfied with the wages offered in the public schools, someone confused by the endless red tape associated with the work, some just easier to teach one child or a small group of children.

Tutoring is a great and highly profitable alternative, especially if the teacher is worthy, competent and in demand. However, the work in this sector involves high competition, which will have to fight and cope.

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Who are private teachers?


Today, the services of Tutors are available in virtually every newspaper and on every city classifieds portal. Therefore, in order to get that flow, you will have to prove that you offer the most effective services and really deserve the high wages.

It is desirable that you have had some experience for teaching positions. Once you have managed to teach large groups of pupils and students, you do not hurt to help one child or young person.

In fact, tutoring is teaching private lessons for one or more students. The services of these teachers are especially needed in front of various important exams – exam, TOEFL, MBA and others. Of course, the intensity becomes much higher than teaching in accordance with the standard of a state program.

And tutoring is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, especially if the knowledge base of the student is poor, and "taught" it must be in the shortest possible time.

Based on this, the logical conclusion that the wages of private teachers is much greater than the earnings of their "municipal" colleagues. Tutors often assign themselves rate themselves, offering potential customers a fixed fee for regular hours (60 minutes) or academic (45 minutes). Schemes and the multiplicity of lessons chosen by the teacher based on the existing skills of the student and his learning abilities.

Simple steps on the path to a new career


How to become a good tutor? We would advise you something different from the main mass of teachers in a better way. There is no more effective advertising than word of mouth, so if you manage to train for a month a real "kettle", the good reputation of your work will quickly sweep through the city.

Develop a special program, consider how it will be easier to present the material, plan the entertainment portion of the lesson, especially if you teach your child. Usually children are willing to perform all tasks with enthusiasm and do their homework, if at the end of the hour they will have an exciting (and of course, themed) game.

The same trick could be done with adolescents. Despite their indifference to learning caused by the surge of hormones, they are very easy to interest. For example, you had a chance to teach German to the girl which it absolutely does not make sense. And among her favorite artists found a German pop band.

Offer her as entertainment (of course, provided a productive lesson) to translate the songs of the performers, watch their interview in the original version, examine the specifics of the dialect and traditions in the place of birth of the participants.

Believe me, all these easy and useful tricks to significantly increase your efficiency, while you get the added bonus of respect and interest from students. And if you find such an authority, you can immediately compete with seasoned school "the teacher".

Qualities of a good teacher

So, what you need to become a great tutor?

  • Select the subject you want to teach. If you studied linguistics, and I know several languages, prefer that you are targeting in the home;
  • Note – most "in demand" subjects today: math, Russian and English language, history;
  • Define the desired for you, the age of pupils. Who do you prefer to cook – preschool children, pupils or students? It is obvious that each age category will require you some specific approach, so it is advisable to choose such children with whom you have worked. Do not think that adults train easier. Not every one of them has a clear motivation, while competent to captivate any child – simple;
  • Decide where you will pursue private lessons. If on its territory, bother to equip it properly. You're not going to make disciples at the kitchen table? It could also be a third-party, neutral territory, but in this case, should resolve issues with the officiant, or notify the school or University about additional hours of work;
  • Define your professional competence. Analyze your past experience teaching, learn from his obvious mistakes and work on them. Understand that you are a teacher, and not God, so you too, there is always something to learn and something to work on;
  • Think how much time you are willing to take to spend it on lessons;
  • Assign a price. Do not try to cheap your work, but do not go too far with the prices. Think about it, on what basis will payment be assigned your work. Whether the amount is fixed for all, or are you willing to adjust to the particular material prosperity of a family? Wage costs also vary depending on the current level of knowledge of the ward, his age, the objectives of lessons with you;
  • Take care of time management and make a productive plan of becoming an excellent teacher. Think about how to be a good tutor to student, student or kid. Set your goals, preferably on paper and by hand. Define clear deadlines that you must meet to become a sought-after teacher;
  • If you are ready to engage online, you will find a wide popularity and demand, since information technology has actually taken over the world, and teachers, offering quality lessons on the Internet is still small. But you know – to conduct classes on Skype, you will have to put a lot of effort, especially if you are teaching a child. His interest will be much more difficult than direct face-to-face contact. So before you wonder about how to become a real online tutor, visit, specialized courses or seminars on the topic.

We recommend everyone who decided to link their professional activity with private lessons, the training of Faith Bobkova "How to become a tutor? Course of the young fighter". You'll be able to find this product on the Internet, and as a result of its passage will dispel the last doubts, fears and uncertainty relating to selected employment field.

Top 10 signs of a great tutor

To become a good tutor, you need to purchase a few students and bring their knowledge to the ideal. You have to give everything, otherwise you will cease to believe people, and therefore, your credibility among potential clients plummet. Why give a child to learn the man who can't give anything other than generic school curriculum?

So, do you fit tutor if:

  • You are constantly loaded with students, plans, tasks, schemes;
  • You agree the admission of a new student only after a face to face meeting with him and his parents;
  • You already have a good reputation and experience that you cherish;
  • You are honest with your customers, and don't drag in imaginary achievements. Your self-promotion is the result of your quality work and not empty talk about the rich experience and teaching in Oxford;
  • Do you teach or taught at the University. Your credibility will increase dramatically, though, because you are familiar with the requirements thereof concerning admission exams;
  • You have the recommenders;
  • You always give his players homework, and require in-depth analysis and "inclusion" of thinking;
  • You know how to criticize their students, and give them jobs, improve their current level by 1-2 levels;
  • Are you willing to keep in contact with parents of students and explain to them everything that happens in the dynamics of learning;
  • You are able to establish a psychological contact with the child.

Decided to become an excellent teacher? The time to act! Start looking for students right now, start conquering the teaching of vertices.

How to be a Great Teacher? By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi