Learning to kiss

First kiss with a guy – this is a very important moment in the life of every young lady. To worry about whether everything is perfect, and try to imagine the situation and the process itself is absolutely fine.


The first contact with the boy, but still so intimate as a kiss will stay in memory forever, and probably will affect future relationships with men.

Girlfriends can tell their stories about how they all happened, to give advice and guidance.

But while the girl herself will not experience all the sensations not feel the first kiss on my lips, she won't know how it really is. Is the thought of how first time to kiss a guy, do not go out of my head, but the girl shy to voice them and someone to discuss.

Traditionally it is believed that the man should make the first move and take matters into their own hands. He is expected to seduction beauty and presence of some experience in the intimate caresses. In reality, the first kiss with a guy and fell in love might not occur if the young person does not forget about the passive role and take the initiative.

In the 21st century, more and more stories about the first kiss begins with the story of how the girl planned and thought over the situation, was fascinated by the young man and spurred him to action.

The content of the article

You can prepare!

Had a relationship, the guy raises a serious sympathy, and everything moves closer. The excitement does not leave the heart at the thought that the first kiss can be gentle and passionate like his interest and passion, cold and fleeting – about insincerity and stiffness in communication.

If the girl is not the first time kissing her new Beau, but never encountered such a situation, the excitement can increase several times.

To gain confidence in their abilities, young lady can and should prepare. You need to take note of a few simple but effective tips.

Kiss beautifully, sincerely, gently and without mistakes can be anyone who is sensitive to partner monitors the purity of breath and wants the partner is not indifferent after the kiss for the first time. If you do it right, then the beloved will kiss a girl again and again.

Love your heart will tell you how to act when the time comes. But if you want to come out prepared and ready, you can use a number of simple tips.

Training – do you need a assistant?


To practice the movements with the lips won't hurt. To do this, you can imagine the process and do a rehearsal in the air or using a soft toy. Of course, this will not replace a real person and in addition played out fantasies virtually nothing. Before the first time to kiss a guy, it is better to forget the learnt movements.

But by themselves, imagination is good, because the girl comes to realize her young man close.

When the time comes to act, the idea of the proximity of the lips is not scared and will be already familiar.

Fresh breath is a requirement

Before you go on a date, make sure that breath is fresh and won't scare the young man. Bad breath can stop even the most enamored and configured decisively gentleman.

You need to carefully brush your teeth every day – a one-time activity in the bath with a toothbrush will help. Carefully clean a teeth in the most remote places in the morning and evening, do not forget to brush the tongue, to floss and if necessary time to visit the dentist.

If before meeting with the guy to a bathroom after a meal you need to rinse your mouth with clean water and use chewing gum. No refreshing spray or gum with mint flavor can't mask the problem of the patients teeth.

Therefore, if there is a suspicion of deep decay, dental abscess or gingivitis, immediately rush to the dentist to eradicate the root cause of unpleasant mouth odor. Another simple and clear advice – before a date not to abuse the sharp taste products with an unpleasant odor, completely eliminate from the menu meals with garlic or onions.

Get started slowly and gradually

First of all, the girl must make it clear to the guy that she likes him, she is ready to move closer mentally and physically. During a call, alone or in company it is better not to speak taunts and not to argue, and to support, to agree with his statements, respond to jokes, to share information about themselves.

This openness and support in a conversation will give men the confidence that the pair is "on one wave".


Equally important (and often even more important) non-verbal signals. Smile, a casual touch, a long playful look, gentle tone of voice – excellent hints that the woman located favorably.

If their hands intertwined, and his head gently fell on the guy's shoulder, and he thus encourages the companion to this intimacy, the first kiss, most likely close. Everything should go smoothly and of course, no need to say that you want to kiss the beloved.

It will happen by itself.

The technique has the value

Here came the crucial moment. What you need to remember in the process?

Here are a few tips:

  • start with a short kiss for the first time – if a young person answer, then it can be repeated;
  • do not act too quickly and rapidly, it is better not to rush (for example, man can not interpret the intentions of the girl and to answer violent gust);
  • don't expect from the process too much, soon you will be able to move to a new stage of intimacy, but first you need to get used to each other;
  • if you decided to open the kiss, slightly open your mouth and wait for action from the guy (don't try to kiss a guy with tongue, save it for next time);
  • watching her lover in the eye – it will strengthen the feeling of euphoria and will make it clear to the young man that you are open to feelings and senses (but the look should be soft and not close);
  • if after a few private kisses you moved to the open, try to gently touch the lips of men the tip of the tongue and if the signal is good, start slowly led to language and to penetrate a little deeper – men, as a rule, pick up the game and start to be active;
  • pay attention to hands while you passionately kiss, touch the hands to the face of a man, Pat his back, hug by the shoulders, Pat his chest – it increases the sense of intimacy in a couple, will help to establish rapport on a physical level;
  • think first about the guy, not about the technique: first kiss should be remembered romance that hovers between a man and a woman, not a penetration depth of the language.

What not to do

Generally positive story about how a girl with a boyfriend kissed for the first time, only different place and context of the events, but similar in one – both wanted that to happen, and responsive to the signals of each other.

Negative experience, it is usually possible to obtain one of several reasons:

  • the girl acted too aggressively and did not notice how his overly violent behavior pushed boyfriend;
  • bad breath has crossed all;
  • the young lady was fascinated and touched very intimate places, triggering a very active action on the part of men, which were objectively not ready;
  • the girl was chewing gum, trying to talk about something abstract, commented on every nuance of the process, critically looked at the guy, or doing any other inappropriate actions;
  • prevent runny nose, cough, herpes, or other illness;
  • was wrong situation or moment (for example, a number were parents or teachers, around noisy and crowded).

Do not be afraid of intimacy. Everything happens for the first time and first kiss is no exception. For that he is remembered as a spectacular event, it is important to have a person whom she loves or at least friendly nourishes tender feelings.

When in a relationship with a man there is a basic trust and liking, everything happens almost by itself. And the girl is to stock up refreshing gum, patience, and to send signals that she is ready for a gentle kiss.