Leg cramps at night

Cramps in calf muscle at night separate disease are not. They can be a symptom of many diseases and point to negative organic changes in the body caused by external and internal factors.


Seizures are of two kinds – tonic and clonic. When the tonic muscles are stiff, they become hard as stone, causing severe pain and the person wakes up.

Frequent cramps that can cause insomnia – pain is given into the muscle for a long time.

With clonic convulsions of the limb – in this case, foot – shudders dramatically – sometimes repeatedly. Such spasms of acute pain are not accompanied, but unable to Wake.

At the same time along with the pain in feet when waking up you can experience soreness of the hands, aching in the feet and fingers, headaches. What you experience leg cramps and how to treat them?

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Causes of foot cramps

It is impossible to have a therapeutic scheme to treat cramps that occur in the legs at night, if not to find out their causes.

The list of factors that affect sleep long enough.

  1. The development of varicose veins and the inferior Vena cava syndrome. In these conditions decreases the tone in the vessels of the lower extremities, and violated the arterial and venous circulation. Circulatory disorders of the legs occur due to frostbite, polyneuropathy, atherosclerosis, hypertension...
  2. Symptoms and effects after neuro-infections – encephalitis, meningitis and similar diseases.
  3. Congenital malformations of the brain, causing hypoxia in the body receives insufficient oxygen. The same symptom cause birth injuries.
  4. Any intoxication side effects from the use of drugs, poisoning by alcohol or drugs.
  5. Liver disease, which can not cope with the main function is to cleanse the body of toxins that arise in normal life and some alcohol abuse.
  6. Endocrine disorders – including diabetes.
  7. The effects of hypothermia.
  8. Injuries of the lower extremities, increased exercise.
  9. Diseases accompanied by fever.
  10. Violation of metabolic processes in the body – a deficiency in serum magnesium, calcium and glucose.
  11. Natural aging or associated processes: shortening of tendons, loss of muscle control, changes in the blood.

Any changes water and electrolyte balance, than if they were not related, affect the condition of the muscles. Leg cramps during pregnancy, during diet and after it, when the climate changed.

Night cramps can cause an uncomfortable atmosphere in the night time – loud sounds, the lights, an uncomfortable bed and the pose.

If relatives suffer from discomfort while sleeping, then this predisposition can be passed on to the next generation.

It is easier to understand how to cure cramps of calf muscles, you realize that they are caused by wearing uncomfortable clothes during the day. It is necessary to abandon socks with tight elastic bands or tight jeans with a low rise, blood flow will be restored and night discomfort will not bother.

In other cases, what are cramps, have to deal for a long time – especially if the primary complaint.

Ambulance with cramps

How to treat cramps in the hands and feet is prescribed by a doctor – in some cases, diagnosis requires a sufficient amount of time. I have to take various blood tests – General, biochemistry, some specific, to do an ultrasound of vessels of lower and upper limbs, MRI and CT of the brain and spine, an x-ray. Can take other surveys... Drugs without a diagnosis to assign will not.

What to do when leg cramps regularly, like to be treated, than to deal with cramps?

Unfortunately, no definite answer is impossible, your method will have to pick up experimentally.

  1. If a leg cramp in the folded state, then you can try to straighten it, helping himself with his hands. To do this, hard to take yourself for the big toe and pull – not very strongly not to spaserovat even more. Knee it is desirable to try to bend. Pull a few times, otherwise you can damage the joints.
  2. Can I RUB the hardened muscles with light movements. In some cases, faster to restore blood supply warming ointment or essential oil.
  3. Helps some radical method – to sharply pinch my limbs or even poke her with a pin. This method helps athletes or swimmers, return to quiet sleep after it hard enough.

The last method need to be very careful – a person's a large number of active reflex points, and if you get one of them, the consequences can be unpredictable.

General tips to prevent night cramps in the extremities

Since dehydration is one of the reasons night of discomfort, it is recommended to increase the amount of fluid we drink daily.

This is especially important to do if cramps are a side effect from medication diuretic action – such is the influence of many drugs, stabilizing blood pressure.


To prevent night cramps in the extremities help small loads Hiking, bike rides, warm up, muscles or on the contrary a cool compress.

You must enter into the diet foods rich in potassium. These include bananas, tomatoes, grapes, apricots, broccoli, baked potatoes...Sometimes night cramps provokes salt-free diet or the lack of salt in the diet.

In this case before bedtime desirable to eat a piece of salty fish or cucumber.

Should be reduced in the daily menu, strong coffee and sugar consumption.

What medications are used to treat leg cramps? Very often to prevent discomfort prescribed drugs containing quinine. Without prescription it is recommended to apply them – they are quite serious side effects.

To treat painful spasms help exercise. If they perform several times a day, it is possible to restore the blood flow in the lower extremities in the beginning of varicose veins. One of these stretching exercises. You need to stand face to the wall, at a distance of about 60-80 cm, stretch your hands to a vertical surface, the feet on the full foot, firmly pressed them to the floor. The hands are folded as in push-UPS, heel off the floor does not come off. The position is fixed for 1-2 minutes.

If one exercise to do boring, need to know what other movements will help to stretch your calf muscles.

Medical methods of treating spasms of the calf muscles

Conventional medicine may prescribe to eliminate night discomfort "Benzonal", "Hexamidine", "Phenytoin", "chloral Hydrate", drugs with "Phenobarbital". If clonic spasms are often prescribed muscle relaxants.

"Chloral hydrate" strong enough means it is used in painful spasm it can be administered in the form of enema, to improve the condition.

Physical therapy also helps reduce night cramps.

What currents they can be treated?

Alternating currents switch reflexes, and muscles relax.

Without addressing the underlying disease to get rid of night cramps is impossible. To find out if there is a predisposition to disruption of the peripheral vessels, it is necessary to periodically donate blood for General analysis of the sugar and measure blood pressure.

If all indicators are normal, the cause of transient seizures are most often physical exercise, an unbalanced diet, uncomfortable clothes and position. The treatment of this condition does not require, it is enough to get rid of the factors causing discomfort.

How to Stop Leg and Foot Cramps at Night - Why Do Legs Cramp at Night?