Liverworts delicious – the perfect dish for daily menu and festive table

Many people don't like liver, because for them it is too bitter. In fact, this byproduct must be correctly prepared with all the particulars, and then the dish will be very tasty and flavorful.

Often made pancakes or a cake with different fillings. This dish suitable for everyday meals and for holiday. Meals can be prepared from the liver of chicken, pork and beef. Consider a few tested recipes.

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Recipe of liverworts from chicken liver

If your family don't like liver, use this recipe as using different spices and sauces, you can imagine this is a by-product in new ways. Pancakes loved by both adults and children. Chicken liver is considered to be more delicate, and hence the dish will be very tasty. Prepared food enough for 6 servings.

Liverworts delicious – the perfect dish for daily menu and festive table

In the recipe liver pancakes includes the following components: 3 tablespoons of butter, 1/2 Cup flour, a whisper of pepper, 0.5 kg of chicken liver, 2 tablespoons of sour cream, a couple pinches of salt and 2 eggs.

Steps of preparation:

  1. to start chicken liver: wash it, remove unwanted parts and chop using a meat grinder or blender. Add eggs and sour cream. All mix, put the salt and pepper, and then portions enter the flour to avoid lumps. It is possible for mixing to use the blender, or halo;
  2. in a frying pan, a good rascality oil and spoon the batter to form pancakes. Cook on medium heat until it will turn brown on both sides. Serve hot, but cold dish is very tasty.

Recipe of liverworts from pork liver

Hepatic pancakes to bring to work for snacking, to serve at lunch or dinner, as well as on the holiday table. To enhance the taste, you can use various sauces, and eat them separately or match with different side dishes. Important rule – do not overdo the pancakes in the pan as they will become dry.

In this recipe, liverworts have the following products: a couple of big onions, egg, 3 garlic cloves, 2 tbsp. sour cream, 2.5 cm. spoon flour, 500 g pork liver, 1/4 tsp soda, salt, and pepper 80 ml vegetable butter.

Steps of preparation:

  1. if you bought a frozen by-product, we first Express it in the fridge and then hold it at room temperature. After that, rinse it in running water, remove unwanted parts and films. The next step is dry on paper towels and cut into slices, approximately 3 cm in diameter. Using the grinder or blender will chop them up. Add to the resulting mass the egg and mix well;
  2. cleaned from the husk onions and garlic also chop using a blender. In the end it should be the mass of uniform consistency. Add sour cream, flour, soda, and salt and pepper. All knead well until homogeneity;
  3. in a pan pour oil and place it on medium heat. The dining room spoon put the mixture, forming pancakes at a certain distance from each other, so they don't stick together. Cook on both sides until it will turn brown.

Recipe liverworts beef liver

Pancakes from this by-product was very popular even among our ancestors. The recipe allows for the use of any spices, which will offer new ways to represent the liver. From prepared foods will get about 25 liverworts.

Liverworts delicious – the perfect dish for daily menu and festive table

Take these ingredients: 0.5 kg of beef liver, onion, 3 eggs, 3 tablespoons mayonnaise, flour, salt, pepper and oil for frying.

Steps of preparation:

  1. the byproduct of remove film and other unnecessary parts. Cut them into random pieces and grind with a meat grinder or blender. In the same way we do with the onions. Add salt and pepper, and eggs. Mix everything until smooth. Even put mayonnaise and flour. The result should be thick and sticky dough;
  2. in a pan heat the oil and spoon the pancakes. Cook on both sides until Golden brown. Usual time is 5-7 min.

Recipe of liverworts with semolina

Instead of flour in this dish you can use semolina, which makes the ground soft, delicate and airy. As a side dish is recommended to serve vegetables, mashed potatoes, pasta or cereal. Prepared ingredients enough for 4 servings.

For these liverworts take: onion, 0.5 kg of liver, 4 tbsp. spoons of semolina, a pinch of ground pepper and a couple pinches of salt 100 ml vegetable oil and egg.

Steps of preparation:

  1. prepared the liver is cut into pieces, and peel and chop the onion. Blend everything with a grinder or blender until smooth. Mix beef with egg, semolina, salt and pepper. Stir and leave for 15 min. During this time, cereals will increase in size and give the mass the desired consistency;
  2. fry pancakes in hot oil until it will turn brown on both sides. Put the dough with a spoon is recommended.

Recipe of liverworts with rice

You can use the recipe for the rice will make the dish very hearty and delicious. This dish requires no further garnish. The gravy, which can be sour, sweet and even spicy. You can still cook a delicious salad. Prepared ingredients are enough for about 3-4 servings.

Liverworts delicious – the perfect dish for daily menu and festive table

Take products such: 0.5 kg of liver, eggs, 155 grams of rice, which must cook pre, onion, 1 tbsp. spoon of starch and spices.

Steps of preparation:

  1. prepare the liver by removing all the excess, and then cut her to pieces and killed by the blender. Finely chop or grind in a blender onion. Connect the prepared ingredients with the rice and put the other components;
  2. stir the mass until smooth, and then, laying her spoon into hot oil, fry the liverworts on both sides until it will turn brown. Serve with sauce and chopped herbs.

How to cook the original cake-a liverwort?

The cake, made by their liver pancakes, will decorate any holiday. If you use pork by-product, it should first be soaked in milk to get rid of its inherent bitterness. You can include dish a completely different toppings that only enhances the flavor. Offer to stay in a spicy creamy layer.

Liverwort is prepared from such products: 0,5 kg of liver, 90 g sour cream, 3 eggs, 355 g of mayonnaise, 3 onions, 0.5 St. flour, 4 carrots, 2 cloves of garlic, spices and herbs.

Steps of preparation:

  1. prepare the liver, remove the film and the unnecessary part. Soak in milk and then rinse several times in running water. Chop the byproduct using a blender or grinder. Put to it the egg, sour cream, salt, pepper and flour. Whisk everything with a beater to obtain a homogeneous consistency. Mass has the consistency to be similar to yogurt;
  2. in a pan heat the oil and using a ladle pour the batter to make a not too thick crust. Cook on both sides until it will turn brown. In the same way, fry the other pancakes;
  3. liver cake will cook with the filling, which will clean the vegetables and cut the onion into cubes and carrots chop on a grater. Fry the vegetables in vegetable oil until zolotisty. Greens wash and chop. Connect fried, greens, mayonnaise and pressed garlic. All mix well so ingredients are evenly distributed;
  4. to assemble the cake, take the flat plate of the desired diameter. Grease it with butter and put the first cake layer. Put the cream evenly and place the second cake. Repeat until the cake is formed. From top to grease cream and sprinkle with chopped herbs. Put the dish for 4 hours in the refrigerator. For decoration you can use grated boiled egg.

If you want to cook a delicious dish from the liver, then use any recipe, since all the presented options allow you to make delicious liverworts. As for the cake, then experiment with toppings to make the original dish.

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