Looking for the highlight of the image: select the accessories to the dress

A rare woman that exists in dresses only. Without accessories to create a finished image impossible. Think about what is required for a particular dress before buying it. Accessories can be purchased under the eyes, the tone of the clothing and its style. The easiest is to pick up decorations and additional items of an image in the tone of things. But there's a danger they'll disappear, and the overall look will be uninteresting.

Contrasting decorative elements make "flavor" to the look. How to choose the colors of the accessories for dresses basic – classic – colors: black, red, white and blue?

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The options of accessories to red


Red is the color of sexuality. If the goal is to attract as much attention as possible, to create the image of a brave and determined woman without the red dress do not succeed.

How to choose the right accessories to the red dress?

The color is so bright that if you make a mistake, a bad frame to reduce the attraction of the red to zero. It is necessary to consider the combination of different colors with the color of passion. In the case of red dresses made additional accessories to place on it – the image will have a clue.

What accessories will come to a red gown? Before the classical event and better not to risk it and purchase accessories standard – black and white – colors.

It can be:

  • handbag;
  • hat;
  • flower;
  • shoes;
  • leather belt.

Red-white combination will set the innocence of the image, black-and-red – on sexuality. You can also color put together. Stylists advise to wear under outfits red gold. Noble silver, platinum, jewelry in silver more fully form the style.

To the evening red toilet suitable accessories noble gray. They will give a look of solemnity and rigour. Daily red can afford to experiment. Innovative solutions will add to the red green accessories.

If you select accessories for a red dress in the blue color, the color, it should resemble the main color. For example: red with crimson – purple. We should also consider the selection of accessories for red dress bodycon. This style will be appropriate in the club and the office, fit as a daily option.

In a solemn case the rule of the Trinity: red – black – white! And no more callers. Since the case style is quite modest and versatile, it can be made more elegant with decorative flower pinned to his chest.

With daily or office option style hard case, it is preferable to wear beige accessories. The color is fairly neutral, doesn't compete with material goods, does not put the focus on yourself.

Beige can be:

  • the belt;
  • shoes;
  • handbag.

And remember – beige is never too much!

Red and black


With this combination experiment is not worth it. Enter the third color simplify image. Accessories to black and red dress should be items, repeating one of the colors, preferably one that is less used while sewing.

For example, the dress itself is red and the trim of the hem and the bodice is black. In this case, the addition will fit:

  • black belt and shoes;
  • black belt and hat,
  • black handbag and belt.

The main focus should still belong red.

"Little black dress"

Coco Chanel once said, and maybe these words, and attributed her around, explaining the appearance of the next fashion trend that every woman must have in the wardrobe of little black dress.

Indeed, well-chosen black attire is appropriate in any situation, and can carry him a woman of any age, if you find it matching add-ons.

Itself black in European culture symbolizes mourning, and to wear clothes of this color without execution is undesirable. Afford it may be only a bright young woman with bright, almost porcelain skin. But they a black outfit gives the "demonic" form.

It is very important not to overdo it with decorative elements and bright colors, adding a black outfit.

At the ceremony, to the black suit jewellery: string of pearls, brooch – Camellia flower with an inset of turquoise, agate, moonstone. In this case, the color of shoes and handbags should be of the same color, like the color inserts in the decoration, or black.

White shoes with black dress yesterday. If selected dark tights, a woman will look ridiculous. Shoes, component a sharp contrast with the outfit, "cuts" her legs and they will appear shorter.

If you want to always look stylish and elegant, you should choose the classic combination of black dress with red accessories. Red items should not be more than 2. Otherwise noble outfit will look cheap.

Blue as the sky

Blue clothing is viewed with caution. It is preferred to be worn by those who love peace, reliability and stability. No wonder the blue dress on people typical jobs: conductors, flight attendants, pilots. He saw a man in blue, inevitably are imbued with the trust.

With blue outfit combination of accessories that fit the color of the eyes. Brown-eyed and brown-haired best blue outfit to wear beige and brown accessories and brunettes – to enhance the brightness of the blue, using decor turquoise, ultramarine, cornflower blue.

Young girls can experiment and wear ornaments any color. Red-haired ladies of any age will help you to look stylish blue dress with decorative red accessories.

Win – win situation- a classic combination of blue and white. This style of dress is called "sea". The blue color is quite ambiguous, he has a lot more shades than black, white or red. If you change the shade of red, he ceases to be red.

The brighter the color of the dress, the shorter should be the form of accessories and color scheme:

  • Blue is better matched with the decorations of cool colors;
  • It looks great pearls;
  • The tone of the stone in the decoration should be darker tones of the outfit;
  • Perfectly suited to the blue wooden jewelry natural color;
  • Tights and stockings under blue should repeat the color of the Shoe;
  • The blue dress is to wear Golden accessories.

White and cold

In 2015, designers offer a white color to wear in any situation, despite its main drawback is soiled. Model of white are sewn for cocktail parties, ceremonial events, they are worn as a casual option.

Color emphasizes the individuality of style, for sewing uses natural and synthetic fabrics. The color white is associated with purity, freshness, purity.


In a white dress will never remain without attention, but without the decorations – additional decorations – you'll look "cold". The accessories help make the outfit more democratic or more solemn.

White dress perfectly combined with red accessories, black, green, blue. With it you can experiment endlessly. White can be combined multi color decorative elements only if they are combined with each other. White – the perfect backdrop to look stylish, exciting, elegant.

Despite the fact that in the everyday version of women prefer pants, dresses they are going to give up. This is the most feminine clothes – even the phrase sounds like a tautology – for women. Currently designers offer many styles that are chosen according to individual preferences and characteristics of figures.

It is very important to learn to choose for the dress the correct accessories. Only they can bring the image to perfection.

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