Lose weight 15 kg fast: basic rules for healthy weight loss

To lose 15 pounds in a month is realistic if at all performed this task? Say at once: do not expect that this process will allow you to easily. But since you are looking for such desperate measures, you probably have a strong motivation and, therefore, weight loss will not be so heavy.

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And whether you want to lose weight?


How to lose 15 pounds in a month? The issue is rather complicated, and the answer largely depends on your starting weight. For example, if you weigh 120 kg, the loss of 15 of them may be given to you quite easily.

If your body weight fluctuates in the normal range, each gram of lipid tissue will leave your body heavy and reluctant. Among the measures to which you'll have to prepare – periodic hunger and severe restrictions in your favorite food.

But to lose 15 pounds in 2 or 3 months – a goal much more realistic. However, it also does not equate to healthy weight loss, because it has a maximum threshold of 4 kg in a month.

Those who think about how to lose 15 pounds in a week, I can leave it, because in this case exactly nothing. So be critical and wise, not "klyuyte" on advertising pills, and diets author, "guarantee" such a result.

It can get only in severe disease...or getting a serious disease on the background of such a result.

Make adjustments to their way of life

Pierre Dukan, the French nutritionist and the author of one of the most popular systems of power, tells his patients that correction of the diet is negligible for active weight loss. Indeed, for anybody not a secret that the movement is life.

Of course, observing a strict diet, not all too interested to bother to watch strength and aerobic training. But there are always other ways for traffic. Clinically proven that walking for 20 minutes each day can protect people from obesity, including local (e.g., abdominal). And as a preventative measure, especially if you are walking in the Park, enjoying the birds singing and the incomparable smell of fresh leaves!


If you have the opportunity, force yourself to perform daily home exercises. Special emphasis are made on pumping those parts of the body where localized higher in fat. For example, if your "fat trap" is the abdomen. abs and make exisits. If your main problem is localized in the hands, give preference to static techniques (yoga, Pilates, callanetics), and dry them relief with the help of small free weights.

Make it a habit of avoiding the use of elevators in the case where it is possible.

For example, if you live on the fourth floor of a skyscraper, why would you even need the Elevator? Much more useful to walk stairs, giving cardio your body. Remember – only in this case, the lipolytic process have the chance to be running!

Walk. It is desirable constantly. If your job is close to home – go to it only on foot. If you have to reach it by public transport, deliberately go for 2-3 stops early. Be sure to take a walk in the evening, even if you rush home – quick step won't charge you. If you work from home or are a housewife, be sure to make it a rule every day for a half hour walk in the fresh air.


And even better – sign up for swimming. Not only that, this sport is the most pleasant and helpful in all respects, it will foster rapid weight loss and give your skin a dull SAG under the influence of gravitational ptosis. Floating, you'll keep your figure in great shape, regardless of circumstances and age.

We also recommend you to give up bad habits – Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. It is scientifically proven that they a destructive impact on metabolic processes in the body, slowing down and inhibiting their.

So if you want to lose weight, give up the idea of"indulge" a bottle of beer after a busy day, or to smoke a few cigarettes.

Plan your regime. It is advisable to get up at 8.00-9.00 o'clock in the morning, regardless of whether you work. And to go to sleep no later than 00.00-01.00. Following arranged mode, you will not only begin to lose weight faster, but also improve your health, gain energy and vitality, become feel good.

Salt: white doctor, or the hidden death?

Among the nutritionists constantly undergoing an irreconcilable debate about salt intake. The researchers came to the conclusion that in regions where salt is consumed in high quantities (15-20 g per day) people suffer not only obesity but also hypertension. However, without salt impossible our life and healthy functioning of the body. So to consume it is necessary. The optimal amount for an adult is from 5 to 9 g per day. Note that some products include salt initially.


Waiver of excess salt consumption adjust the water balance in your tissues. And it is stagnant the edema (which are often latent) are the main causes of alimentary obesity!

If you've decided to learn how to lose 15 kg in just two weeks, you should also pay attention to swelling. If any, you may well lose "ballast", and together with him to bring the glycogen accumulates in the subcutaneous tissue and forming the lipid layer.

To adjust the water-salt balance, oddly enough, you have to drink a lot of water. It was from dehydration, she begins to accumulate in the tissues "in reserve". Drink at least 1,5-2 liters of pure distilled water per day. Juices, fruit drinks, coffee and tea are not drinking water and are not included in this option.

Prohibited products

If you have decided to lose 15 kg for 1,2 or 3 months, you must be wondering, what products have categorically cross out from your diet. And we will be happy to tell you what food is to temporarily log in to your "black list".

Products from "taboo zones":

  • Polished rice;
  • Flour;
  • Cakes and baking;
  • Sugar (including brown);
  • Wine, beer, whiskey and other spirits;
  • Potatoes;
  • Pasta (any variety);
  • Sausages and smoked meats;
  • Oily fish;
  • Fatty meat;
  • Chocolate;
  • Cocoa, packaged juices, sweet soda;
  • Yogurt (excluding fat-free and natural);
  • Sour cream, cream and other milk / dairy products with high fat content;
  • Any semi-finished products and fast food.

As you can see, it's pretty sad, especially for those who love to eat. But don't despair: first, these restrictions are temporary, and secondly, you will soon forget about them, drawn into a new, healthy rhythm of life.

What should be preferred in the everyday menu:

  • Low-fat meat (especially poultry);
  • Eggs;
  • Cheese;
  • Milk and dairy products;
  • Cereals (excluding wheat Farina, and only in the morning);
  • Vegetables and fruits with a high content of dietary fiber (you should avoid starchy foods and too sweet fruit);
  • Low-fat cheese (Tofu).

Make your diet as follows: carbohydrates may fall mainly in the morning, at lunch eat complete complex (first + second) for dinner and prefer light protein foods. The maximum time for the evening meal – 18.00-19.00. The diet should contain optimum amount of nutrients. However, it makes sense to use a multivitamin complexes additionally.

And don't forget about to drink plenty of liquids!

Hungry days


And finally, we come to the most interesting. Of course, to get rid of 15 pounds in such a short time period have to torture yourself with hunger. But not the regular. You will have to refrain from all food once a week.

Two more days should do fasting, drinking. For they can drink weak broth, yogurt, tomato juice without salt, green tea without sugar. If the hunger is too heavy for you, eat a couple of slices of black bread.

We do not guarantee you achieve the desired result through compliance with this program. But we can vouch for the fact that your weight loss will be relatively healthy.

And also, what effect will delight you, because you don't burn muscle and will not create global stress your skin, against the background of what she would slack and covered streami. Be reasonable and come to lose weight responsibly.

Stay slim and attractive!