Marinade for smoked fat: the secrets of cooking

Hard to find at least one adult person who has never tried the fat. This product is loved by men as a snack with vodka, and the ladies don't mind to eat a thin slice of lard.

Fat at home can be prepared in various ways: to cook, to sulitsa, bake, etc. But many people like this fat in the product smoked, the smell of smoked bacon just melts in your mouth taste, too. And the dish turned out delicious, you need to know a great recipe for a marinade for smoked bacon.

Prepare the marinade for smoked bacon at home

If you decide to prepare tasty and fragrant product with their own hands, it is very important to first marinate the salsa. Below is a simple recipe, but very tasty fills, the number of ingredients designed for marinating 1 kg of fat.

To prepare the marinade for smoked bacon, you need the following components:

Marinade for smoked fat: the secrets of cooking
  • 1 head of garlic, medium size;
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce;
  • a few leaves Lavrushka and pepper mix;
  • salt – 70-80 g

The marinade for the bacon smoked is simple: in a small bowl to squeeze the garlic, of course, pre-cleaned. To it is added salt, pepper and the Bay leaf (leaves should be broken), joins the soy sauce. All the ingredients are mixed. You should get a consistency of thick cream, if, in your opinion, the mass is too viscous, add more soy sauce.

Now rinse with lard. If you have a large piece, then cut it into pieces suitable for Smoking. Prepared product liberally spread the marinade, place in any pot, cover and put in the refrigerator for at least 3 days.

When the desired number of days pass, remove the lard and, armed with a knife, remove the excess aromatic compound. Wrap the piece in a thin cloth, and hang to dry in the draft. Summer product enough to hang 24 hours, in spring and autumn focus on the weather. After all the manipulations the fat ready to be smoked.

Prepare the marinade for the bacon cold smoked

If hot Smoking the bacon – the process that is widely understood and known, then the cold, heard not all. This is due to the fact that at home the option of cooking takes a lot of time and forces is not for everyone. However, those who still dare to master the method of cold Smoking, you can contemplate on your table a great delicacy.

For the preparation of smoked product, it is recommended to use lard from a young animal, otherwise, the resulting dish will be hard, and the taste will not please you.

It is also important to choose the right wood for Smoking. It is recommended to choose Polenz some "tasty" wood: cherry, Apple, etc. In this case, you will be able to give an unprecedented flavor of the finished dish, and if you want the bacon looked beautiful, then add a heater aspen, oak or ash firewood. And here are the logs from coniferous trees (with the exception you can call the juniper) should not be used, they will give the product a tart flavor and a bitter aftertaste.

Marinade for smoked fat: the secrets of cooking

Now that the basic nuances voiced, can be considered a delicious marinade recipe for smoked bacon at home. First prepare a saline solution. To do this, dissolve in boiled soda so much salt that when immersed in there crude chicken egg, it has emerged.

The resulting structure should bring it to the boil and add some peppers and peas, cloves, cumin, Bay leaf and other spices of your choice. Moreover, the components must be whole, not ground.

Saline solution with additives boil for 5-7 minutes. Then remove the pan from gas and let it cool its contents, then add your favorite herbs and garlic slices that should be cut to enhance the flavor.

Now, prepare the salsa. It should be thoroughly washed, dry and divide into pieces the size of not more than 500 g. the Prepared food place in the marinade and soak it for 48 hours. After you get lard, dry and can send to the smokehouse. Cooking time will vary depending on the design of your device. On average, the cooking process takes from 1.5 to 3 days at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Bacon cooked in any of the described ways, it turns out very tasty and satisfying. However, nutritionists advise to eat fatty foods and smoked more than 1 time per month. Therefore, eat lard, but do not overdo it. Bon appetit!