Master class surround flower crocheted

The ability to crochet allows handy to create a truly gorgeous outfits for themselves and their families. However, ladies always want to move forward in your skill and do not just things, but something truly magical.

To decorate any product will help knitted accessories. For example, learning to make three-dimensional flower crochet, you can make a highlight in the usual dress or blouse.

knitting bulk flowers crochet

A description, which will be discussed below, is quite simple and should not cause any difficulty. To associate a flower on such a scheme can even novice quilters. For work it is necessary to stock up on yarn "iris" two shades such as white and pink, as well as a hook. In a coloring of the product will be very gentle.

The scheme of creating flower the following:

  • using the pink thread, make a loop. It should be movable;
  • now create the first row. To do this in one loop W/o (without nakida) 8 bars;
  • this is followed by Poustovit and the first loop, which was movable, fixed;
  • do the second row. After 1 loop 1 number need to connect 1 column b/n and raise 7 air eyelets;
  • in the next loop, create a 1 column without nakida. In the same way will be made 6 petals, the procedure is repeated from the beginning of the second row to the end;
  • go to the third row. In each arc of the petal should be done for 9 of the bars without nakida and end with 1 polytypic;
  • to create the fourth row take the white thread, make a loop, which should be clipped into the loop of the second row, i.e. directly in the prepared flower. Then, create a 1 column without nakida. Then you need to raise 7 stitches and here you can make a column of b/n. to Do manipulations should be as long as you do not get 8 leaves of white yarn;
  • creating a 5 series, you should be careful. In each column you need to do: post W/o, Poustovit, 2 column with nakida and 1 column with two yo, 2 column with yo, the connecting post with nakida, 1 column, b/n. At the end of the row is created in the connecting column;
  • proceed to the final stage. It is necessary to tie the petals of a flower, made of white tone, pink thread. To make this work nice and neat, in each loop, create a 1 column b/n. At the end should hide and secure all the strings.

Of course, reading such a master class, it seems that to do the job difficult, but when you get going, you will succeed easily. And, because a little imagination, you can create a truly unique piece. After all, the finished flower can be decorated with beads and rhinestones, bringing a touch of personality to the accessory.

By the way, to work, you can choose the yarn of any color, for example, if you take white and bright red, the output you get rose crochet. The similarity of the product with noble flower will be simply enormous.

diagram and description of the three dimensional flower crochet

Knitting beautiful items should not be restricted to clothing accessories. It is possible to do interesting things for decoration of your interior. So, armed with a hook and yarn, you can create an amazing flower in a pot. This product will organically look in the interior, but also can be a unique gift.

To create a product you will need thread iris purple, yellow, gray or brown, and a piece of wire and hook No. 1. The work will be phased, first produce pot.

To do this, take the gray or brown threads and you can start:

  • number 1. Make 11 columns b/n, collect them into a ring;
  • number 2. 1 column b/n in the first loop, subsequent go for 2 in a column, yo do not need;
  • a number of 3-4. You should start with 2 columns b/n using each eyelet row. Then begin alternating 1 post with nakida the following loop and 2 column with nakida in one loop only of the row;
  • a number from 5 to 16 required stitches, columns with nakida, making it in each loop row. After all the manipulations, the pot will be ready.

Now you can start knitting bulk flowers crochet. For this you will need yarn purple. Because it is necessary to create a circle of 6 loops.

After that, pair the air 6 eyelets and 3 column with 2 yo. Till the end knit into them is not necessary. In the end you will be on the hook 6 eyelets that you promazyvaya together, then 5 air.

After this you need to create 1 column with cap, 3 bar with double stitches, you connect them together, while not promazyvaya. Then do 5 air. Then take the yellow thread and begin to knit the core of the flower. To do this, b/n 10 columns and take them into the ring of the 3 loops. When do such manipulation, secure the thread with which he worked, leaving her a long tip. In total you need to create violet and yellow yarn 12 parts.

After all the manipulation done, you can begin to create leaves. First, create green yarn 12 loops.

Next, you should work in a circle, following the scheme of knitting:

  • for the first row you want to recruit 1 post n/a 3 loop of the chain, then 9 columns in each loop of the previous row b/n. Next, gaining 2 of the air column and 8 b/n;
  • to move to the second row, make a loop with the climb. Then create 7 columns b/h, 2 bar b/n the arc of the two loops of the first row. 2 air, in the previous arc 2 post W/o and 8 same columns;
  • when you create a 3 row, do all the manipulations that are carried out when knitting the second. In this case, remember that the pot that you created, you need to make 7 leaves.

There are very few – to create the stems of little flowers. To do this, take the wire, pick up the pliers from her 12 cm of each stem. Now, armed with double-sided tape, carefully glue the wire. The resulting design secure serdtsevinke associated flower and thread that you left, gently wrap around the stem.

Prepared the elements needed to be washed and starched. You can then assemble the product. For this work, take the glue and needles.


After all the manipulations you have a cute pot with an oversized flower, created by hook. Master-class on making jewelry, of course, not the easiest, but in the end you get a very nice composition, it is worth a little try.

Those who want to have a warm scarf or blanket with a pattern of flowers, it is recommended to create products from the lush bars. These little things tally quite simple and even beginners. In the end you'll have a beautiful product that will have a picture without holes with beautiful flowers.

To work in this technique it is best to use a fine wool thread, containing in its composition Angora or mohair. Of course, with this knitting yarn is consumed a lot, but the finished thing looks amazing. Especially often things lush bars create for children.

Having decided to devote a beautiful product with a hook, not afraid of difficulties. If at first something does not work, then do not fall back, try again. It's worth it. Good luck and creative successes!

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