Mesotherapy as a method of rejuvenation

Facial mesotherapy is one of the most known methods of treatment, which is based on the latest achievements of cosmetology. You can cure many different problems of the skin with the help of this treatment.

There are some cosmetic problems, treatment of which is impossible only with the help of massage and cream because the cause is inside, not on the surface of the skin.

Also with the help of this procedure, the most effective rejuvenation process, as it addresses the subcutaneous fat. According to numerous reviews, it was identified that this procedure is one of the most effective tools that can help to rejuvenate the skin.

Facial mesotherapy is custom-tailored "cocktail" of drugs that help to rejuvenate the epidermis. This procedure helps to get rid of dry and sagging and stretch marks and cellulite. And also this procedure consider non-surgical lifting, which not only strengthens, but does not injure the dermis.

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A bit of history


Back in the distant past, when the first hollow syringes, scientists have wondered about the new method of treatment when medication could be the center of the painful area. For the first time about mesotherapy thought Michelle Pistor (1948-1952 gg.), but only at the end of 1958, the French press talked about the new treatment method of people. But in 1987, the Academy of medicine declared mesotherapy as one of the methods of alternative medicine.

Its essence is to conduct microscopic doses of special medication in the middle part of the mesoderm (dermis). The use of mesotherapy in cosmetology allows you to accelerate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation in those of them who were prone to age-related changes of the body, which in turn helps to restore youth and beauty.

Methods of facial mesotherapy and contraindications

Facial mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid is the most popular cosmetic procedure that helps rejuvenate the skin. This procedure ensures the safety of use and effectiveness, does not cause allergies and side effects.

The secret of hyaluronic acid is that it is getting into the cells, begins to maintain its elasticity, structure and firmness. But, like all drugs, acid has its disadvantages – injection is not durable, and over time reduces the production and disturbed metabolism in the cells. That is why the repetition of procedures is necessary because it helps to normalize the normal condition of the skin.

The fact that mesotherapy hyaluronic acid in the extracellular space binds water, thereby increasing the resistance to compression. Lack of water causes a disturbance of metabolism between the upper and lower layers of the skin. As a result, it begins to deteriorate – becoming lifeless and dry, is peeling and wrinkles.

The positive qualities of this procedure lies in the fact that all metabolic processes begin to recover using their own resources and causing the skin to "fix" their flaws. The main advantage of this procedure is that the skin can be affected comprehensively, using mesotherapy acid in any part of the face while adjusting and tightening it.

Intraceuticals rejuvenate facial or needle-free mesotherapy is the application of specific active substances in the form of a "cocktail" in the right place, after soaking the problem areas are exposed to special apparatus. During the procedure, the skin permeability increases markedly, and the elements of "cocktail" penetrate into the interior without difficulty.


This can be used a variety of devices – lasers, ion, and magnetic devices Krio (acting on the problem areas with a cold). In the impact zone of the apparatus occur only redness of the small size, which quickly pass, and no pain during the procedure arises.

The effect of the improvement will be noticeable after the first treatment! It is very convenient, since you don't have to wait for some time for recovery from traumatic stress and injections and then go to the second procedure.

Hardware mesotherapy: advantages and disadvantages

Facial mesotherapy has only two types of input of drug cocktails: hardware and manual. Naturally each type has its advantages and disadvantages, which one to choose can only solve the attending physician, as well as to determine the drugs that will get the cocktail of rejuvenation. But all the two ways discussed below:

  1. Manual method is mainly used for processing very delicate and sensitive parts of the body, and if the patient has very thin skin, which is the hardware method can damage. The main drawback of this technique is the time and pain. Also after manually injecting more red spots, bruising and swelling than from the hardware impact on the problem areas of the face.;
  2. Hardware mesotherapy of the face is done using a special "gun", mesoinjectors with special needles. The gun is able to adjust the dosage of the drug, the depth of entry of needle and the type of injected. This method is painless since the needles are very thin and they are not deep. But if the skin of the patient is highly sensitive, then it is treated with analgesic gel.

The number of procedures is based on the individual patient, therefore, the exact number to call immediately is impossible. As a rule, all procedures, regardless of the methods of injecting are no adverse effects, but if they showed up (track marks, swelling and redness), all of them are held for two hours after the procedure.

Contraindications of mesotherapy

Contraindications for mesotherapy of the face appear in the main queue during pregnancy, especially in the later stages. The procedure is prohibited when:

  • psoriasis and other skin diseases;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • gallstones;
  • hypertension 3 degrees;
  • the blood clotting;
  • viral and acute febrile state.

To think that these contraindications can be ignored – is unacceptable, as the consequences can be extremely dangerous, and removing them can take a long time. Stay young, attractive and healthy!