Natural power for the hair: use a horsetail, in order to gain beautiful hair

A rare woman can boast of ideal hair. And it's not that cut an unskillful master, and in the structure of the hair. After constant drying curls a Hairdryer, perms, coloring and improper care have a negative impact on the appearance of the hairstyle.

Natural power for the hair: use a horsetail, in order to gain beautiful hair

Most women complain of hair loss, split ends, brittle hair, dandruff and other problems. Even the fact that the stores offer a variety of care means not save the situation.

Some people simply have no money for all the expensive cosmetics, and others can't find the composition that really works.

Sorry ladies forgot to get a beautiful head of hair possible, resorting to the popular recipes.

For example, many long and effective use horsetail for hair. From this simple plant provides delicious homemade teas that help to cope with various problems of the scalp and give hair a healthy look. So let's talk about decoction of horsetail for the hair, anyway, about this useful plant.

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Horsetail hair medicinal properties

In fields you can find a huge number of plants that are beneficial to the scalp and condition curls. But the entire set of these "weeds" are striking stands of field horsetail. It contains a large number of different Goodies.

For example, in this plant there is silicic acid, which stimulates collagen production.

Natural power for the hair: use a horsetail, in order to gain beautiful hair

And he, in turn responsible for the appearance of these hairs: the elasticity of the curls and moisture.

The composition of field horsetail are present in ascorbic acid, tannins and more. All the useful components have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

The use of decoctions of this plant gives the possibility of strengthening the hair follicles (this stimulates the growth of hair), get rid of dandruff and also treatment of skin diseases as well as horsetail to neutralize certain fungi.

As you can see, the therapeutic properties of this plant is very wide, so almost anyone can use this herb to resolve their problems.

Tips for those who are going to use a horsetail

This useful herb can be purchased at the pharmacy all year round or during the summer to prepare yourself.

Problem finding will not occur, the plant is very common.

Natural power for the hair: use a horsetail, in order to gain beautiful hair
  • The optimum time for harvesting is July. When collecting, choose a pot that has bright colouring – it will be the top of the escape. Pluck the lower leaves of plants that have a dark color, not worth it, they are old and special to be profitable;
  • Drying harvested horsetail need in a well-ventilated room, in which stands the shadows. It is worth saying that the plant can save not only the hair, the grass is used for getting rid of a very extensive list of ailments;
  • Although useful properties of horsetail hair very high, but you need to use it very carefully, because grass is the toxic. Of course, to return the hair a healthy appearance we will use the pot externally, but wash your hands after treatments are still recommended;
  • It should also be noted that the use of this plant during pregnancy and lactation undesirable.

If you decide to prepare a decoction of herbs before you put it on your head, test to an allergic reaction. For this small amount, treat the skin behind the ear. If delicate epidermis in this place a quarter of an hour will not give any reaction to the broth, you can put it on the head. If you feel itching, you will notice redness or other reaction, it is necessary to refuse treatment to the hair in this way.

Recipes herbal teas for hair

The most common means of this field the plants are considered to be the rinse, to prepare it you need:

  • dry grass – 4 tbsp (if you use fresh, take 5 tbsp.);
  • the water is clean – 3 l
Natural power for the hair: use a horsetail, in order to gain beautiful hair

Preparing all elementary: boil in a pot of water and sprinkle in there horsetail. Boil the contents of the pan on the minimum heat for 30 minutes.

Then remove from gas and cool to room temperature, strain the broth. Use every time after shampooing. Keep broth impossible, so you'll have to cook always fresh.

This decoction of horsetail helps with hair loss. To cope with the problem, prepare the tool, only to a lesser extent. When this proportion is important to maintain as in the recipe above. For example, in 1.5 liters of water, add 2 tbsp of grass or, respectively, 2.5 tbsp fresh plants.

The resulting broth is necessary to RUB into the scalp after washing, rinse agent is not necessary. Just dry hair in the usual way.

Rubbing will not only hair loss, but also protect from dandruff. It is worth saying that after applying the decoction some people feel mild discomfort – a slight burning sensation. This phenomenon is normal, do not panic. But if the head is literally burning, and the pain is very strong, we urgently need to wash the hair.

To prepare the conditioner, you can not only horsetail, but also adding other beneficial herbs. To do this, take 2 liters of water, pour into a saucepan and boil. In the boiling liquid stir in 2 tablespoons of hops, chamomile and horsetail. Boil all together 30 minutes, cool, strain and can be used for other purposes.

Recipes masks for hair

The use of horsetail for hair is not limited to making infusions. This useful herb can be used to create various healing masks.

Natural power for the hair: use a horsetail, in order to gain beautiful hair

If you want to nourish hair, give them a healthy and well-groomed appearance, then prepare the following mask. Take 3 tbsp of hot broth, which we learned to cook the above mix with 2 tablespoons of heated burdock oil. The resulting composition, apply on hair for 45 minutes. It is recommended to wrap the head with something warm, this is the most useful activates the ingredients in the mask. When the clock runs out, thoroughly rinse the hair. They will tell you thank you for such a nourishing mask.

To hair grow better, it is possible to treat them by a mask, composed of the yeast and our medicinal teas. To prepare dissolve 2 tbsp yeast herbal decoction. All carefully stir, the consistency should be like thick cream. The resulting mass is put in a warm place for 20 minutes. Then spread the mask throughout the hair and wait 45 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.

Of course, it's not all the masks that can be prepared with field plant. Many Housewives have a secret formulations with which they nourish their hair.

Natural power for the hair: use a horsetail, in order to gain beautiful hair

If you do not want to cook the conditioners and masks you can find on the shelves of stores of cosmetic products, which consists of a useful grass.

Of course, the purchase options will bring fewer benefits. When using plants, remember that it dries the scalp.

For owners of oily curls is a definite plus. But in any case, too long use of marijuana can dry out the strands. So always use the tools with the horsetail impossible.

Owners of normal hair should be used decoctions and masks with grass not more than 8 times a month, then take a break for 60-90 days.In General, no matter how useful one or the other pot, apply it with caution, so as not to hurt. So take care of yourself, but with the mind.

Good luck and take care!