New entree at your Desk: learn to cook soup with minced meat

Many adults and especially children dislike to treat the first dishes and sometimes bring them to the table is not so simple. In this case, it is possible to go on cunning and to cook the soup with your favorite many meat. For a beautiful flow and taste it is recommended to use ground beef. Consider a few of the available recipes of unusual soups.

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Recipe soup with meat and noodles

Due to the high density of this first meal is often called a soup-stew. It satisfies your hunger and gives a feeling of satiety for a long time. The cooking process takes approximately 30 minutes. This dish is considered a complex because in one dish mixed soup, meat and garnish.

For this dish with noodles, you will need to prepare the following components: 0.5 kg of ground beef, 155 g vermicelli 40 g of celery, a jar of canned beans, 1 tbsp. juice of tomatoes, carrots, onion, half a bell pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, Laurel, salt, pepper and spices, and 2 tablespoons butter, 55 g of hard cheese and herbs.

Step by step instructions cooking:

New entree at your Desk: learn to cook soup with minced meat
  1. On a well-heated oil fry the chopped meat. It is important to stir constantly to avoid big lumps;
  2. Peeled onions cut into cubes, and chop the garlic when using a press. To the fried beef send prepared vegetables;
  3. Julienne, chop carrots and celery. Then put the vegetables in the pan to the other ingredients. Cook for another 5 min. and place the Laurel, salt and pepper;
  4. Send to the pan cleaned from seeds and cut into strips pepper, and tomato juice. Simmer for 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Open the can of beans and transfer the contents into the pan. All mix well and put in a pot and then pour in 1.5 liters of water. Bring to the boil and boil for 10 minutes;
  5. Separately boil the noodles, and then rinse it in warm water. In each plate put the pasta, soup, and on top lay the slices of cheese and herbs.

Recipe for Tuscan soup from minced meat with potatoes

Many a dish may seem strange because it connected absolutely seemingly incompatible ingredients. Try to cook this recipe, the soup and the taste will certainly surprise you.

To prepare this dish, you should take this list of products: 450 g Italian sausage, onion, 6 cloves of garlic, 200 ml double cream 225 g cabbage, 250 g of minced beef, 3 potatoes, olive oil, bunch of greens, salt and pepper.

Step by step instructions cooking:

New entree at your Desk: learn to cook soup with minced meat
  1. Sausage cut into small pieces and put it in kastrjulku with cool water and then boil. Add the peeled and chopped potato cubes;
  2. Peeled onions chop and together with the crushed garlic sauté in butter until soft. Then transfer the vegetables to the pan;
  3. Take ground beef and fry it in hot oil. It is important not to stop stirring it to avoid large clumps. Add salt, pepper, mix and fry a little. Put the meat into the soup and lower the heat;
  4. Separately, whip the cream and send them in a saucepan. When everything is boiling, reduce the fire. Put the chopped greens and cook with the potato until it is soft. Then turn off the heat and leave the lid to infuse.

Soup recipe with ground beef and cheese

Through the use of cheese, the dish becomes creamy taste and is very tender. The amount of ingredients is for 8 servings. The cooking duration is 40 min.

For this dish it is desirable to prepare a product list: 425 grams of minced meat, 300 g of potatoes, 155 grams of carrots, 100 g onions, 200 g of processed cheese or 1.5 l of broth of beef, 55 g of cheese, and sour cream, 2 tablespoons butter, salt and pepper.

Step by step instructions cooking:

New entree at your Desk: learn to cook soup with minced meat
  1. Take a pressure cooker and heat the oil. It fry oil until it changes color and then place it into a separate container;
  2. In the same oil fry chopped onions and dice carrots. Cook at minimum heat vegetables for 10 minutes, periodically stirring;
  3. Add the peeled and chopped potato cubes. Put chopped meat in hot broth. After boiling, simmer over low heat for 20 minutes, Add to the pan grated cheese, sour cream, salt and pepper. Boil all for another 15 min.

Recipe of Mexican soup with beef

For fans of sharp little designed this recipe. The dish turns out very thick and hearty. Changing the amount of chili used, you can vary the savor of the final dish.

For cooking you should have these components: 1 kg minced meat, 400 g of beans "Kindi" and canned beans Pinto, celery, chili, onion, 325 g of tomatoes in own juice, green bell pepper, 2 tbsp. of tomato juice, 325 g canned tomatoes with Chile 1 teaspoon ground Chile, cumin, ground garlic, salt, sugar, oregano, a pinch of Cayenne and black pepper, 3 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp. of water.

Step by step instructions cooking:

New entree at your Desk: learn to cook soup with minced meat
  1. In hot oil fry the meat, from time to time breaking the pieces. Take a deep
    the skillet and preheat the oil to fry cut in cube onion until transparent;
  2. Chili remove seeds, cut it in small pieces and add to the onions. There also send chopped celery, diced sweet pepper. In just a few minutes until warm, stirring constantly;
  3. Put the vegetables mince, canned tomatoes, beans, spices, sugar, salt, ground pepper, tomato juice and water. Simmer everything on low heat for 1.5 h. it is Important to stir every 15 minutes, If the consistency is too thick, pour more water.

How to cook cream soup with minced eggplant?

Delicious entree can be prepared from popular eggplant. Its consistency is similar to baby food. The beef in this soup is a real highlight.

For this recipe you need to choose these components: a large onion, 3 eggplant 225 g minced meat, 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil, 500 ml of water, 2/3 teaspoon of salt, pepper and 2 teaspoons paprika.

Step by step instructions cooking:

New entree at your Desk: learn to cook soup with minced meat
  1. Peeled onions, chop small cubes and fry it in hot oil until soft;
  2. Eggplant peel and cut them into strips. Then send them to the frying pan to the onions. Stir often so vegetables do not burn, but only became ruddy. The duration of the cooking – about 4 min. Pour some water, cover the lid and simmer until soft;
  3. Eggplant, transfer to a plate and in skillet saute ground meat, breaking up the lumps periodically. Using a blender chop the eggplant. Add warm water, salt and pepper. For color put paprika;
  4. Puree of eggplant, put in a saucepan, add the prepared stuffing, boil and keeping the heat low heat for 2 min. boil. Leave for 10 mins to infuse and serve.

How to cook a dish with rice and cabbage?

Another simple recipe but very delicious. It requires more ingredients available, which often is in the refrigerator.

For this recipe you need to prepare such products: 7 tbsp. broth, cabbage, 455 g tomatoes without a peel, 5 tbsp. of cooked rice, 725 g of minced 5 cloves of garlic, onion, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 3 tbsp parsley, 2 tsp paprika and thyme.

Step by step instructions cooking:

New entree at your Desk: learn to cook soup with minced meat
  1. In hot oil fry the meat, after 3 min add salt and pepper. Send
    passed through the press garlic and chopped onion;
  2. After 5 minutes, put the thyme, chopped parsley and paprika. After half a minute pour in the broth and crushed tomatoes. After boiling, put the shredded cabbage and simmer under a lid for 10 mins Add cooked rice and pour all over dishes.

All the recipes are simple to cope with them can if you want every.

Cook these soups for a change your diet.