Oblique short bangs – Favorit 2015

Ever since childhood, almost every woman knows, is her hairstyle with bangs or not. And if the school 80 percent of the students walks with her, growing up, many abandon it. In addition, direct form seems so ordinary and boring.

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New trends

Oblique short bangs – Favorit 2015

But fashion 2015 introduces new rules and bangs cut obliquely. She goes even those who previously refused it. This form is not just a trend – it is popular, because it expresses the essence and aspirations of the modern woman. Choose those who always used to feel like me – even at home, even at the shareholders ' meeting, even in a nightclub.

Women who want in his form to Express a penchant for reckless actions, for mischief and flirtation, good torn oblique form. And for those who want to look adventurous and you can safely stop the choice on short haircut with oblique long bangs. And of course don't forget to consider your face type, hair density and hair texture.

Who is short and long side-swept bangs?

Its advantage is the fact that it fits all. If someone is not short, it's going to be okay with the length or ripped. The choice pleases its diversity.

Designers came up with a lot of options of hairstyles with short and long bangs diagonally, so the owner of any type of person, using our tips, choose a hairstyle that perfectly suits her:

  • For girls with oval, round or slightly square face suitable hairstyle such as a short cascade with oblique thick bangs, as she perfectly balances the facial features;
  • Owners of small featureless hell, the previous haircut contraindicated, it is recommended to choose a short or a ripped version, so how long will visually reduce facial features;
  • Ragged haircut is well suited for girls with short face and indecisive, ill-defined chin, as it visually lengthens the face;
  • Pay attention to the type of hair, because if they are curly, short hairstyles for owners of such curls will be a continuous torment and frustration;
  • If you are the owner of a narrow oval face, the so-called elongated type, you should opt for a thick oblique bangs with well defined edges, as it can visually widen the face;
  • Girls with regular features are hairstyles of all types, but it is better to choose short, because then all the emphasis is on the correctness of hell;
  • Rectangular face, as well as those who have wide cheekbones suit variant rare and symmetrical bangs medium length;
  • Rare and oblique cut will suit girls with a big chin.
Oblique short bangs – Favorit 2015

When cutting of all kinds, not much mill the ends to not ruin the hairdo. Ask your hairdresser to cut you oblique bangs big steps, otherwise it will look sloppy. And the big steps will make the hairstyle more stylish.

And especially good, such steps look at the haircut on dark hair medium length-type cascade, or when the caret to the shoulders.

Even if you are sure that you will not go any haircut with bangs, and you still want to, do not despair. After all, stylists-hairdressers, I assure you there is no such type of entity under which it is impossible to assimilate this look.

Short side-swept bangs: how to cut?

Even if you are used to cut himself and his family, I suggest this haircut still left to an experienced hairdresser. Especially if you've done it the first time. The fact that any miscalculation, particularly if the haircut is chosen short, then it will be difficult to fix.

Because it is worn extremely smooth, so trimmed this hairstyle needs to be smooth, almost under the line. Otherwise it will be neeffektno.

Also, it should not crumble strand to be whipped or to climb in the eye. Cut it with sharp scissors on dry, clean hair. If you cut wet, you can not calculate with length, especially important when cutting short option.

If you are confident in their abilities and want to cut yourself, don't forget to stock up on clips and Bobby pins to curl. Before you begin the hair, first separate the strands need from the rest of the mass of the hair and check whether the bangs are sparse or, conversely, take half a head.

Podstrigach, hold the scissors vertically. Across forehead to hair cut impossible. Separate the Central strand is cut at an angle of 45 degrees, going upward (this is the important condition). When you're finished with a haircut, comb it to check it out. Small flaws will help to correct the feathering.

It is done on slightly damp hair. To do this, take small clumps and sheared in different directions. It is believed that the sharper the feathering, the more interesting it will look haircut.

Oblique short bangs – Favorit 2015

If you cut ragged option. First bangs made a straight line, and then mercilessly filaroidea. For greater effect, torn strands of highlighted hair coloring.

The secrets of laying

Oblique bangs already interesting in itself. In order to beautifully style her hair better to comb. The only exceptions are ripped options.

If the form is not torn, it is best to wash your bangs, comb it to one side, in the direction where is best displayed technical pattern cutting and sprinkle with varnish. But if the varnish with glitter, the hair will be dazzling.

With long and short hairstyles with different oblique bangs can radically change your image. Try and experiment.