Original and tasty dish – pasta stuffed with meat filling

There are certain types of pasta that are distinguished by their large size allowing them to stuff with different fillings. Most often used meat, thanks to which obtained a full hearty and very tasty dish. It is possible to prepare not only for family dinners but also to serve on the holiday table.

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Recipe of pasta stuffed with minced meat and cheese in the oven

For this recipe you need to purchase the cannelloni, which constitute a large tube they can be filled with different fillings. We propose to consider a traditional Italian recipe. By the way, in the homeland of this dish alone make the basis of the test.

For cooking pasta tubes stuffed with meat in the oven, prepare the following ingredients: 250 g cannelloni and cheese, 0.5 g tomatoes 35 g butter, 225 grams of beef and pork, onion, 3 tbsp oil, salt and black pepper.

To prepare it thus:

Original and tasty dish – pasta stuffed with meat filling
  • first you need to boil the tube until soft. Still, like when cooking regular pasta, that is, immerse the tube in boiling salted water. This time make mass, for which two kinds of meat peeled onions and mince or use a blender. Also add salt, pepper and a bit of ice water. The mass is carefully stirred, and then fry in butter and cool;
  • tomatoes need to problanshirovat, which make them cross-cuts, and then lower them into the boiling water. This procedure will allow you to quickly and easily remove the peel. The flesh cut into slices;
  • prepared cannelloni filled with stuffing and place in a frying pan (shape), previously greased with oil. Then put thin slices of cheese and slices of tomatoes. Close the lid and bake in the oven that should be preheated to 200 degrees. The duration of cooking: 40 min. Dish serve hot.

The recipe for pasta with cream, stuffed with stuffing in the oven

The cream makes the dish delicate, airy and delicious. Be used in this recipe are large shells. If desired, you can substitute any other sauce. Prepared ingredients enough for 4 servings.

For stuffed shells take the following products: 400 g shell and meat, a couple of bulbs, a 2.5 tbsp and a bit of butter, 200 ml cream, 125 g cheese and salt.

Steps of preparation:

  • the stuffing can be done on your own or to buy ready-made at the store. Add salt and pepper. Preheat in a pan the oil and fry the minced meat there by adding pre-cleaned and chopped onion. Fry, breaking up lumps, until Golden;
  • boil shells in salted boiling water for 5 minutes, Periodically stir them so they don't stick together. Place them in a colander, rinse with cold water, and then put in a pot, add the oil and mix;
  • it's time to fill the pasta prepared filling. Place them in a frying pan and pour cream. Put in the oven on a medium heat for half an hour. At this time, chop on a grater cheese and sprinkle them on top of the dish 5 minutes before end of cooking. Serve garnished with greens.

The recipe of the stuffed pockets of pasta in the oven

Tasty and attractive dish that looks, however, like the nests in which no eggs, and filling. This dish can not be called banal pasta. Prepared ingredients are enough for about 5-6 servings.

For this recipe of pasta stuffed with minced meat in the oven, you need to take this set of products: 0,5 kg of"nest", 425 g of minced meat, water, salt, pepper, onion, herbs, 5 tablespoons of sour cream and ketchup, 3 cloves of garlic and 200 g of hard cheese varieties.

The scheme of cooking:

Original and tasty dish – pasta stuffed with meat filling
  • take a deep baking tray or form and put it in her "nest", and they should lie close to each other. Peeled onions cut in small cubes and send it to the meat, and add salt, pepper and finely minced garlic;
  • on "nest" , put the filling, slightly pushing her inside. Pour the hot water to come almost to top of macaroni. All cover top with foil and secure the edges to make a makeshift cover. Send a baking sheet in the preheated oven and bake until soft;
  • next step – remove the pan, remove foil and thoroughly coat the pasta, top with the sauce, which mix the sour cream and ketchup. It remains only sprinkle on top grated cheese. Send the pan back in the oven and bake until beautiful Golden brown. Serve, sprinkled with chopped herbs.

As cook in the oven stuffed with minced meat pasta with vegetables?

To add to the dish flavour and juiciness, you can use a wax, in this case it's pepper and tomatoes. To make the spice offer to use Chile, but it is possible without it.

For cooking stuffed pasta shells with mince in the oven, prepare this set of products: 0,5 kg shells, 400 g minced meat, egg, couple of bell peppers and 155 g of ripe tomatoes, chilli, garlic, herbs and salt.

The cooking process:

  • to the meat add salt, pepper and egg, and then mix well. Fill the prepared pasta shells and leave them aside;
  • to prepare vegetable mixture to clean the peppers of seeds and membranes, and this also applies to Bulgarian, and Chile. With tomatoes is to remove skin, dip them for two seconds in boiling water. Cut all pieces and put into blender. There also send the garlic and the greens. All carefully grind, adding a little water to make the consistency like that of yogurt;
  • take a baking sheet with sides or form, and then brush with vegetable oil. Place stuffed shells open side up and place on top of vegetable mixture. Send a baking sheet in the preheated oven. You can add a little water. Set it to medium temperature and bake in the oven for half an hour. If you want 5 minutes before cooking sprinkle with cheese on top.

Stuffed pasta with meat and mushrooms

We offer you to consider, designed for the slow cooker. Many Housewives, having such equipment at home, I prefer to do it all, because the process is simplified.

To prepare this dish, take: 325 g of minced chicken, onion, 1 tbsp. spoon semolina 0.5 h. spoons hops-suneli, a pack of cannelloni, salt. To make the sauce prepare: onion, carrots, 0.5 liters of cream, 3 tbsp oil, salt and pepper.

To prepare all will be well:

Original and tasty dish – pasta stuffed with meat filling
  • with stuffing mix peeled and finely diced the onion, and add the semolina, spices and salt to taste. Carefully stirred so that the ingredients are evenly distributed;
  • in the bowl multivarki pour oil and heat it in the mode "Pastries". The next step is to fry them until Golden chopped onion half rings and grated carrot;
  • it was the turn of pasta, which need to be filled with stuffing and then put in a bowl multivarki for vegetables. Pour in the cream, add salt to taste and pepper. Select the mode "Suppression" and cook for 1.5 h. After the beep, dish garnish with greens.

We are sure that whichever recipe you choose, the result will not disappoint. Diversify the usual diet of tasty and original dish.

Experiment with fillings and sauces that will allow you to obtain new and original versions.

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