Original meat with sweet and sour gravy

Meat is a very common product on our table. Cutlets, chops, goulash are all common dishes. But what if you want to cook something new and original? Try an original and savory dish - pork in sweet and sour sauce.

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What is this dish?

Original meat with sweet and sour gravy

Such meat is a national dish Chinese food. Pork is cooked this way, because it turns out to be soft, and the original sauce makes the meat even more tender and gives it an unusual sourness. Previously, such a recipe was considered exotic, but now it has become very popular and widespread.

Such meat should not only be sweet and sour, but also spicy. At the same time, no one taste should prevail over another, everything should be in moderation.

Usually, pork is sweet with the help of sweet vegetables, fruits, sugar or honey. For acid, add a little soy sauce, dry wine, orange or lemon juice. The pungency can be achieved with seasonings and spices. Potato starch is often added to this dish, it helps to thicken the liquid.

It is easy to prepare. Cut the pork into cubes and fry until crisp. And then, having prepared a fragrant liquid, pour the cubes and simmer until tender. In general, the zest is the gravy. It is she who gives the meat the whole range of tastes and aromas.

Serve better with rice or rice noodles. But you can serve it with other side dishes. It all depends on your preferences.

Delicious recipes

Here are some delicious recipes.

Pork with pineapple in sweet and sour sauce

You will need:

  • canned pineapples;
  • pulp or neck;
  • wheat or rice flour;
  • tomato paste;
  • teriyaki sauce;
  • granulated sugar;
  • oriental rice vinegar;
  • potato flour;
  • cilantro, spices.
Original meat with sweet and sour gravy
  1. chop the pork small cubes, add flour, soy sauce, starch and leave for fifteen minutes;
  2. you don't need an abundance of vegetable oil, just grease a pan with it and fry pineapples, then fry the prepared pork immediately;
  3. < li> mix the sugar, ketchup, vinegar and add this mixture to the pan;
  • after four minutes, add the pineapple and simmer for fifteen minutes;
  • when ready, garnish with herbs.
  • By the way, do not love St. ininu, take what you like: chicken, indeiku, beef. Vegetarians will love it with tofu.

    Pork in soy sauce

    This is a classic version of the dish.

    You will need:

    • teriyaki sauce;
    • pulp or tenderloin;
    • potato flour;
    • garlic;
    • shallots ;
    • lemon ;
    • tomatoes ;
    • ginger slices;
    • orange;
    • Jamaican pepper;
    • any high-melting fat.
    Original meat with sweet and sour gravy
    1. cut the onion into half rings and fry a little;
    2. put sugar in the pan and fry until a strong brown crust;
    3. grate the ginger and add to the onion;
    4. chop the garlic and add to the pan ;
    5. pour in the tomato juice, when it boils, add fruit juices and then soy sauce, heat for three to four minutes (tablespoons should be full);
    6. chop the pork finely and sauté , add the prepared gravy and simmer for ten minutes;
    7. Dissolve the starch in water and pour into the pan;
    8. Season with pepper and simmer until tender.

    Here you can add green beans, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, carrots, green peas.

    Important element

    " Clothes " for your dish is a sauce, as they say in the West. That's what they call gravies and sauces "dress" - dress. It is not necessary to cook it strictly according to the recipe. The sauce can be prepared to your liking. "Dressing" the dish, you can diversify it. You can make a sweet sauce more original by adding cloves and fruit juice or canned fruit. If you want a spicier option, you can add chili, ginger.

    Are you used to pickles?

    Add them, chopped beforehand. Plum puree will bring something new to the symphony of taste, but if you don't like it or can't get it, stop at the classics. Sour berries, soy and lemon juice will add sourness. You can add orange juice. The dish will have an original aroma and taste if you add cognac.

    Strong alcohol like cognac and port is perfect for fatty and heavy meat, gives a richer taste, helps your stomach in digesting heavy foods, especially for dinner.

    Do not be afraid to experiment, you will surely have your own new versions of a well-known dish.

    Traditional options

    Original meat with sweet and sour gravy

    If you want to cook something with a more or less familiar taste, try an excellent dish - pork in sour cream sauce. It is also prepared - the meat is fried, then stewed in liquid.

    But this liquid is prepared without adding sugar, ginger, lemon or orange juice. Sour market sour cream and bright oriental spices are enough, for example, a mixture of "5 spices". You can also add sour ketchup or Krasnodar sauce if you wish.

    If you add onions and mushrooms, you get pork with mushrooms in sour creamsauce. Here it is already necessary to fry the onions with mushrooms, and then add sour cream.

    Instead of sour cream, you can take cream, you get pork in a creamy sauce. You can add onions, garlic, mushrooms and, of course, spices and seasonings.

    Special herbs will give a unique aroma. Such gravies are not so exotic and original, but they are still very tasty and satisfying.

    In general, fantasize and come up with! You can diversify any meat dish by adding one or two interesting ingredients.