Original ways of lacing sneakers

We all know how to tie laces on sneakers, and a child can do it. But for those who have shoes are not too bright and unusual, original, sometimes you want to emphasize it.

If you approach the lesson with interest, it could be creative passion and Express your personality.

Several ways original tie on Shoe laces

Following are the options of on-cross lace-up sneakers, sneakers and shoes, among which you can choose at least one method that corresponds exactly to your preferences:

Original ways of lacing sneakers
  • "hidden node". Tuck the cords into the holes of the Shoe ends inside. To form the strip. Then, taking one end of the cord, pass it from inside to out, bypassing a number of holes. Run the tip into the next hole on the opposite side, forming a parallel strip with the one that you already have. Similarly needed to work to the top. Finally, we would like nice to fill the second tip of the cords in the empty holes and tie it from the inside;
  • "ladder". A similar method can be applied to any Shoe, but he looks the best on shoes in the style of "military". For its implementation it is necessary to miss both ends of the lace through the holes from inside to out. You should then tuck elements inside edges of the adjacent holes in the side where they are. Both free of the tip, forming a cross, pass through the formed by the parallel strips, after which they again fill in the holes above, are on their side. Similarly, we must continue to weave the laces to the top. As a result, you get creative ladder!
  • "stairway" is the second method. This method is a combination of large and small zigzags. The result looks very original. A lanyard with both sides tucked in. Further, one of the ends odevaetsya in one hole that is higher on the opposite side, from inside to outside and skipped in the other hole opposite to the outside – inside. Thus, the element forms a straight strip. The second tip of the cord to slide in the same way, but higher on one row. You should get a weave with straight parallel stripes on the outside and at an angle of 45 degrees from the inside
  • "reverse chain". For those who don't know how to tie shoelaces light in the dark sneakers, there is one simple option. Tuck the ends through the bottom holes inside, then cross them and thread back into the openings located above, from the inside out. Steps repeat until until you reach the end. Should be lacing in the form of crosses, formed by the intertwining of two opposite ends of the cords.
  • "display". Some individuals are interested in how beautifully and naturally to tie the laces on sneakers. There is a conventional type of lacing, similar to the classic but with my twist. Push the cords in the lower slit ends inside. Then both of the tip insert crosswise into the holes placed on opposite sides. Please note that one tip while dressed from outside to inside, and the second – from the inside out. Bringing the laces to the top, you will see your newly created combination of large and small crosses.
  • "the flash". The ideal type of lacing, allowing you to get a firm hold. He performed in the following manner: thread the cords into the lower ends openings to the outside. Prising a strip formed from the bottom to both ends of the lace, skip them crosswise through the next hole, going from inside to outside. Then again pry loose ends tucked part of the cords and continue this operation until the end. You should get a lace-up resembling a zipper, which locks your loops every hole.
  • dual lacing. If you have too long laces, and you do not know, how original to tie his shoes, use a way that will help them to shorten. The essence of tying is that the element is inserted in the bottom row of holes, and starting from the second row from the top. Insert the rope with the two sides of the ends deep, then skip one row of holes, the tips of fill crosswise from outside to inside.
  • continue in the same spirit, until you reach the bottom. Downstairs tuck the ends of the element inside the latest openings and pull them out of holes, located above the outside, one on each side. Then tuck the laces in loose hole cross pattern, but their edges now pass from the inside out.
  • the "cross" method. This method is also one of the traditional. It runs crosswise, as in "Display". The cords tucked the ends inside at the bottom of the holes, after which both ends, forming a cross, are ignored from the inside out. Next, they hybridize and are filled in the holes from outside to inside. So continue to the top, forming one outer and one inner cross.
  • "pigtail". Lacing sneaker is done in two colors. The first cords, for example, white, tucked into the bottom openings of the ends out and lace cross pattern going through each time one row of holes. Then at the last second openings odevaetsya lace, for example, red, and lace in the same way as the first. After the performed actions the cords needed to tie the outside and the second inner side.
  • "butterfly". The simple way of lacing, which has its own "flavor". The item tucked at the bottom of the hole with the tips inside and goes through the next slit on the same side. After that the ends of the lace made crosswise from outside to inside and again go through the neighboring hole on its side. A similar method lace-up runs up to the top.
  • "chess". The name speaks for itself – lacing resembles a chessboard. This method is suitable for young people who want to tie the laces on sneakers are really cool. He performed two flat laces in different colors, often found in the so-called shoes. The essence of weaving is that first the lace ends tucked inside and lace in the form of straight parallel bands. The item of another color is passed between the strips formed the first cords, from the top, under them.
  • "knotty" laces. This type of tying is quite easy, while the result on sneakers looks very beautiful and unusual. Lace dressed with the tips of the outside edges are intertwined, as when tying, then they are passed through the holes opposite to the side from the inside out, again intertwine, and so to the top.

How to remove "bow"

Original ways of lacing sneakers

If you are tired of the "bow", and you don't want to see him in his fashionable shoes, you can tie the item under the tongue.

But how to tie shoes without bow? This may take the usual laces, and the short elastic bands, created with the aim of lightweight sneakers without lace bow. Ask about them in stores. Products are very popular and are available in different colors.

Tying Shoe laces is a routine operation for most people, and in order to do it properly, do not need much intelligence.

The technique of making the most of the hook-closure is simple enough to grasp the essence.

If you do not understand or is not quite properly done, view photos or videos on the Internet. Perhaps seeing an example clearly, a hook-closure stages will become clearer.