Oxygen deprivation in newborns: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences

During pregnancy, often in the gynecologist's office sounds the diagnosis of "hypoxia". What is this phenomenon and how it is dangerous to the fetus? The doctor always explains what it is.

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Hypoxia, detected in newborns – what is it?

Oxygen deprivation in newborns: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences

Immediately need to mention that during pregnancy the female body is increased load and very often it is during this period, faltering, found various diseases and pathological States.

Therefore it is necessary paying attention to the slightest warning signs, as they can be the first bells of developing the disease. From the moment of conception, and to better itself, you need to protect yourself. This will reduce the likelihood of development of pathological conditions.

A child is born into this world needs to take a breath to the lungs dealt and they did the air. If the newborn baby does not do this on their own, the doctors help him. When he's not breathing for some time, there is a lack of oxygen, in other words – hypoxia, or oxygen starvation of the brain.

Consequences of oxygen starvation of the brain of a newborn

Hypoxia is not a disease, a pathological condition characterized by oxygen starvation of individual organs and tissues and the whole organism. The most susceptible to pathological changes in heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and Central nervous system. An important role is played by the stage hypoxia, as it depends on the degree of damage to internal organs.

Oxygen deprivation also affects the brain functions that may manifest into neurological diseases. In addition, hypoxia may cause asphyxia or suffocation, newborn baby.

The stage of pathological conditions of the newborn: light, moderate, heavy. Experts define them on the basis of a scale of Apgar.

The latter allows to assess the condition of the baby in first and fifth minutes after birth:

Oxygen deprivation in newborns: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences
  1. Easy stage, Apgar score 6-7 points in the first minute and 8-10 in the fifth since the advent of the child into the light. Breath uneven, locomotor activity slightly reduced, muscle tone is increased;
  2. Moderate (medium) – 4-6 points in the first minute, 8-10 in the fifth. Characterized by cyanosis of the skin, pallor, reflexes are depressed, in pain baby reacts poorly, his pulse is slow, breathing is disrupted, the heartbeat is weak, you may experience hyperexcitability and tremor of the upper extremities;
  3. Heavy – up to 3 points on the first and 7 in the fifth minute. The General condition of the child is difficult: the skin is pale, with sallow tint, lowered blood pressure, reactions, and reflexes on examination and irritation are absent.

Oxygen starvation of the brain: why occurs in newborns?

Hypoxia may occur during the stay of the baby in the womb and during the birth itself.

The risk group also includes children whose mothers during the period of gestation was observed as follows:

Oxygen deprivation in newborns: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences
  • late toxicosis with severe intoxication;
  • family history (D. pulmonary, endocrine, cardio-vascular disease);
  • at the age of 20 and after 35 years;
  • unhealthy lifestyle (bad habits, constant stress, a rare stay on the street, poor diet);
  • rhesus-conflict.

You need to pay attention that many of the predisposing factors can be easily eliminated, thereby reducing the risk of disease.

So the woman during the entire gestation period should be attentive to their health because it is responsible for the child's condition.

Purchased hypoxia occurs because of the immaturity of the respiratory system, if ablitiy neck cord, with a difficult birth (D. weak labor) and birth injuries, in multiple and preterm/post-term pregnancy.

Oxygen deprivation, as manifested in the newborn after birth

Signs of violation can be determined even while the child and mother in a maternity hospital during a routine inspection. First of all about a pathological condition evidenced by the bluish tinge to the skin. In addition, the child hard to breathe, he doesn't cry after birth, there is a violation of primary adaptation to the new environment. The severity of his condition is determined by the above scale of Apgar.

Oxygen deprivation can see not only medical staff, but also parents themselves

Oxygen deprivation in newborns: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences
  1. The baby during crying shaking chin. In some cases, the tremor indicates immaturity of the nervous system;
  2. Often flinches in her sleep, and when you change the position of the body;
  3. The restless sleep, the child often screams;
  4. The child is restless during feedings.

These States do not always indicate oxygen starvation, but their appearance need to contact the pediatrician or the neurologist.

The effects of acute hypoxia for children

Lack of oxygen can lead to quite varied disorders. We have already mentioned that most affected the brain. Accordingly, there is a likelihood of neurological pathologies, and their appearance is connected with the stage of hypoxia, for example, when lung disorders of brain function may occur with perinatal encephalopathy.

In addition, there may be irreversible pathological changes in the internal organs and the Central nervous system.

Oxygen deprivation in newborns: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences

In severe hypoxia, which lasted a long time, high probability of disability and even death.

After the end of the month acute period only detected residual abnormalities, which can be subjected to recovery. However, unfortunately, the consequences of a pathology may occur after a long time, during which the baby developed successfully.

In the future there may be developmental disorders, speech, restlessness, poor concentration, etc.

How to treat hypoxia in newborns?

To take measures required in the conditions of the hospital. Doctors, if the child cannot breathe, your breath through an oxygen mask. In case of emergency carry out resuscitation. Then medical assistance depends on the consequences of oxygen starvation, for example, can prescribe treatment medication, apply physical therapy, massage, take a bath with soothing herbs.

Oxygen deprivation in newborns: causes, symptoms, treatment, consequences

The child needs to be in the most relaxed atmosphere, he would need to complete to care, to see that he was getting more oxygen. Such children should be regularly examined by neurologists and pediatricians. Frequent preventive inspections are necessary in order to timely detect and stop the effects of lack of oxygen.

Based on the above, we can conclude that many factors causing hypoxia in newborns can be avoided.

Much depends on the mother, her behavior during pregnancy, there are times the responsibility for which is assumed by the doctor, so the choice of a specialist, a leading pregnancy and childbirth, is also important.

It is necessary before conception to give up bad habits, change your lifestyle so that your body gets used to the new regime and nutrition. You need to spend more time on the air and to be active physically. You also need to monitor the movement of the baby in the tummy: a decrease or increase in activity is the reason for the visit to the specialist.

If oxygen starvation could not be avoided, you need to remember that parenting plays an important role. After the acute period, the vast majority of disorders can be repaired.