"Paella" – the guest from Spain on your table

A traditional Spanish dish carries the flavor and charm of traditional cuisine. Moreover, "Paella" is the most famous dish of the cuisine of Spain. Like rice it is cooked from rice with spices and spices, but unlike Uzbek dishes to eat it with a fork, not your hands.

How to prepare a delicious "Paella" at home? Easy and fun!

A bit of history cuisine

"Paella" was first invented in Valencia.

An eclectic combination of fish, meat and seafood it was unusual for European cuisine, so the invention spawned from three legends about its origins:

  1. the first States that the dish invented by the slaves of the Moorish Arabs conquerors. They simply collected the remains after the feasts of their masters and baked them together with rice. Incidentally, the etymology of the word "paella" in this case comes from the Arabic word "remnants". Of course, this version is not too honorable, so there's a second romantic;
  2. she says that once a fisherman has decided to please his sweetheart something special. And waiting and longing tracked down all the food reserves in her cabin, and then prepared it all in the pan. Therefore, according to this legend the name of the dish means " for her" ( para elle).
  3. The third legend is the most practical and simple. Once Valencia decided to visit the one good person I had to please culinary delights. The townspeople, without thinking, did the right thing: brought all the supplies from the houses, all mixed in a big pot, and they managed to cook a "Paella".

A traditional dish at first glance combines absolutely impossible combinations of ingredients with seafood, vegetables, poultry, mostly chicken, sometimes sausage. Folk recipes offer many combinations at home. The choice of dishes in which the dish is baked – a very important component.

The Spanish know how to properly cook a "Paella". For this purpose they have a special pan of paellera. By the way, cooking the dishes from the Spaniards and still is considered a man's job. Not surprisingly, as pan is very strong and heavy, and the guy followed, first of all, to get stronger physically and mentally in order to receive a gift of my first paellera in which he and cook this magical dish.

Unfortunately, the age-old tradition is gradually eroding. The youth and the older generation prefer to eat in restaurants or order prepared than to cook themselves. But to re-dip into a century of Spanish traditions, you can learn recipes how to cook "Paella".

Collect the ingredients and begin to conjure in the kitchen!

Here's how to cook a traditional "Paella" in valenski with seafood and not only:

  • take a large heavy frying pan. Heat the olive oil, crumble in there fine-crushed cloves of garlic. After roasting, add tomato cubes and beans;
  • next on the list Fig. Need to mix things up and fry a few minutes;
  • next comes the turn of spice. It is a natural saffron. It is very difficult to get, in this case, you can resort to alternative, to replace curry. Add spices and add hot broth. Everything should be evenly distributed;
  • then it is necessary to chop meat, chicken and ribs and sauté in a separate pan. Everything is cooked put on top of the rice;
  • seafood are placed in the least together with capsicum, cut into strips. Stew all this explosive mixture for about 15-20 minutes without a lid. After the heating is shut off, the cover can cover and leave the dish for another 15 minutes.

European man is not always clear how there can be so much all at once, so there are more tailored options, such as the preparation of "Paella" with chicken:

  • take the chicken fillet. Cut it into pieces. Sprinkle with seasonings: curry, pepper, salt and fry until Golden brown;
  • olives and peeled tomatoes added to the rice and pour all the broth;
  • it again dressed with saffron and spices;
  • in the oven at 160 degrees and bake from 40 minutes to an hour. For beauty and yummy, you can sprinkle with grated cheese and greens.

Another one adapted from – cooking "Paella" with clams, seashells.

Follow this recipe:

  • wash cockles and mussels, if there is a shrimp;
  • garlic, onion and pepper shred or cut into cubes, fry;
  • meat fried separately but in the same pan after meat stacked shells. Fish with spices cooked after all;
  • the rice is laid in the remains of the fat is poured in a mixture of broth and spices. Boiled 20 min. now note, all of the above roasted and sauteed ingredients envelops the figure, wrapped in foil and baked 15 min. Serve with greens and cheese.

As we can see, methods of preparation can vary depending on individual preferences. But the fact that it's going to be delicious, you can not even doubt. To cook with passion and soul – is the main task for a true Spanish dishes.