Painless childbirth: is it possible and how to achieve this?

For the expectant mother the birth of a baby – the long awaited and exciting moment. But along with the positive emotions of the upcoming event may cause a fear that the process will be painful. This is for physiological reasons. Talking with friends who have been through this, the woman could hear what they were experiencing extreme pain from what the expectant mother is experiencing more fear.

Remember that each case is individual and you can simplify the process if you know, what is the proper preparation for painless childbirth.

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Painless childbirth: is it possible and how to achieve this?

Nature decreed that the child as the greatest gift to women is not easy. In the period of contractions, the cervix and body of the body the pressure, stretching. The compressed and vaginal tissues and perineum when the baby's head.

Furthermore, tissues do not receive the necessary amount of oxygen, which also leads to pain.

Doctors say that plays a significant role and psychological state of the expectant mother. Fear and expecting pain, she adjusts her gain.

To get rid of these feelings completely unlikely to succeed, but childbirth can be painless, if before them you will prepare. This will help you special courses, on which you can read in the antenatal clinic or from experienced friends.

It should start as soon as you found out about the pregnancy, which will allow not to get lost at the crucial moment.

Psychological preparation

It is perhaps the most important question about how to make childbirth as painless as possible.

Practice shows that most severe they are women who have a sense of fear prevails over the desire for the first time to see her child. Try to think more about how to take it on hands, cuddle, imagine, who will be like your kadushko.

Think about the baby's health. Besides the fact that your fear can be a serious obstacle in the process of its appearance into the light, she might hurt him. Psychologists assure us that if the mother experiences fear, screams and nervous at birth, the child is experiencing significant stress. His mind perceives as the reluctance of his mother's birth.

This psychological trauma, which he received in the first moments of life outside the womb, in the future may affect the psychological state in General. According to experts, in the long term it may result in the absence of a trusting relationship between the child and his parents.

Don't be afraid of the generic process, you will not only an independent spirit but also by other factors:

  • Chat with other pregnant women. It you can get, primarily on special courses. Try to communicate with their "colleagues" on the situation only on the positive sides of pregnancy. If you have any desire to discuss the process of birth, try to talk about it without fear. Well, if in your environment there are future moms, who are not afraid of the upcoming event – they will be able to "infect" you with its positive attitude. Try to communicate with them as much as possible. Often it is desirable to contact with already parous women who recall this process not words "is ethereal flour";
  • Support of loved ones – her husband, parents, relatives. It is important people always, but being pregnant, many women constantly need a relationship with your loved ones. It would be very nice if someone of them will be with you to attend courses for pregnant women – this will unite you even more;
  • Only positive emotions. They will improve the overall psychological and emotional condition that would influence a positive attitude before an important event. Try to avoid any negativity in your life and the world only good.

Physical training

This type of training will also allow you to make the delivery was the most painless. It is important to understand that if nature has given woman the ability to bear children, so she gave and required resources. You only need to help themselves to accumulate and to use it correctly. In this you will also help the courses.

It is believed that you need to visit them shortly before the upcoming process, but it is better to do, starting with early pregnancy. This will prepare muscles, because the physical form plays an important role in the development of the fetus and the reaction of your body to him all the time and increasing weight. Well prepared physically to women to give birth much easier.

In the course you will learn how to reduce the pain of childbirth through breathing, physical activity, self-help, choosing the right poses at the battles, and much more.

Prolonged activity

Painless childbirth: is it possible and how to achieve this?

For the proper development of the fetus and live births are important to the bloodstream. It can be provided, if the expectant mother will not sit in one place and will show physical activity during pregnancy.

To prepare for the cross-country marathon, of course, is not necessary, but a daily walk outside is necessary.

Many expectant mothers are shown the exercises in the water, but this issue must be discussed with your doctor.

Before you begin to exercise, you need to consider:

  • Run and do exercises on the injection press in the "position" it is impossible;
  • Do not engage in any sport without consultation of doctor if you have a threatened miscarriage or risk of premature birth;
  • It is advisable to avoid physical exertion up to 16 weeks, because at this stage the most real threat of the loss of a baby;
  • Feeling during sports that the uterus is in good shape, immediately stop the exercise in order not to harm the fetus;
  • It is important to monitor the pulse – it should not exceed 150 beats/minute.

Control breathing

About the benefits of proper breathing during childbirth says a lot. It really helps to ensure proper blood flow and alleviate discomfort women. To train to breathe properly, you need every day for at least 10 min/day.

During labor the expectant mother may feel confused, but it is important not to forget about breathing, because you need to help not only themselves, but also the child. It is your responsibility to make this all possible.

Breathing exercises are needed not only during childbirth, but in the period of carrying a child – he needs oxygen, and certain exercises allow them to saturate the body in the right amount. It influences the blood flow, disappears shortness of breath, is better tolerated by the toxicity, normalizes the cardiovascular system.

About how to do breathing exercises, which are necessary for painless childbirth, tell courses. Here are a few exercises you can do at home.

Lying on your back with pillows under head and knees, exhale deeply and then slowly breathe nose so that the stomach was filled with air. With each breath hold it for 4-5 seconds and exhale, will make sure that all the muscles relaxed.

Sitting in a comfortable position, breathe in as quickly as possible (like panting dogs). This way of breathing will come in handy during the birth of the baby. During pregnancy it allows the muscles to relax.

4 account inhale, hold for the same number of seconds, and then exhale too on 4 accounts. Such exercises contribute to birth successfully and painlessly, because of rich oxygen to the organs easier to handle this process.

Strengthen self-control

Painless childbirth: is it possible and how to achieve this?

The best tips on how to make childbirth less painful will give your body. Feel in what position you ease what movements you need to do this.

For example, many women struggles divide and connect the knees, lowering and raising the pelvis. This is an effective way to help the kid quicker to be born.

Try not to scream. Replace a mothers cry songs, poems. It eases the pain, a distraction, and the child does not receive stress. Can talk to baby, asking him to make it faster was born.

If the process is progressing and the woman is unable to endure the pain, she is given narcotic analgesics or doing an epidural (injection into the area below the waist). Now you know that childbirth can be painless, so why to worry? Expect when you see your baby it will be the happiest moment in your life.