Paint eyebrows and eyelashes, as in the cabin

Surely you did not pass the universal fascination with the dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes – you want to stand out and be irresistible. Someone nature gave expressive eyelashes and eyebrows, this most often refers to a dark-haired, and someone less fortunate.

Usually blonde women, and these hairs are light. Naturally, a woman tends to highlight them. And this helps paint for eyebrows and eyelashes. You can buy it in stores. How to choose the right paint and painted her eyebrows and eyelashes?

The content of the article

The choice of paint

Before you begin the process, you must select tool.

When selecting you should pay attention to the next points:

  • the degree of resistance – the longer it will hold, the better;
  • the composition may be a better choice is ammonia, mixed with vitamins and castor oil;
  • equipment set – not everywhere is the oxidizer, for example;
  • cost – you should not choose the cheapest;
  • the form of a mixture of gel or cream;
  • frequency of use – the more the better.

In addition, important and color. Experts advise: blondes natural shade should be different in tone three steps to darker than the selected remedy, and brunettes – three steps to lighter.

Best blondes go Golden, light brown and greyish shades. Black, of course, fit brunette. Red need to choose terracotta, chestnut brown or shades of brown.

The main rule: the eyebrows should be a tone darker than the shade of hair and eyelashes – darker eyebrows. And again, the tool itself is bright, but when applied to the hair, it darkens. Consider this, buying this tool.

How to paint eyelashes paint at home?

If you go to the hairdresser, the wizard will choose for you color in accordance with image and hair color. He will pick the best remedy and professionally to do their job. But if you decided to paint at home first, learn all the details and can begin the process. In General, this procedure is simple, but we must be prepared.

For eyebrows and eyelashes you will need:

  • rubber gloves;
  • a special brush or just a q-tip for application;
  • glass, plastic or ceramic container to mix the paint;
  • remedies for the skin – rich cream, cotton pad, swipe.

Pre-test: it is very important, as skin will react to the remedy.

To do this, fold the hands, apply a little dye. Rinse the paint in 15 minutes. In a day, if not allergic, you can begin the process.

How to paint:

  1. in the capacity dispense 2 ml of paint, pour seven drops of ten percent of hydrogen peroxide;
  2. mix very well mix applicator;
  3. Under eyes, apply protective cream, under lashes to frame doilies;
  4. for coloring your lashes tilt your head forward, press down firmly on the eyelids and apply a thick layer;
  5. soak 15 minutes;
  6. apply on the eyebrows and leave on for 10 minutes;
  7. then warm water wash, can not RUB the eye, rinse very carefully.

Dye eyelashes and eyebrows at home should be used with caution so she does not fall into the eyes. If it happened, immediately flush eyes with warm water. Try to rarely use the scrub, masks, lotions, peels – all cleanser. So beautiful color last longer.

How to strengthen your hair after the procedure?


What types of colors you would not use, still the question about the possibility of their harm left open. Over time, the hairs start to weaken and dwindle. To avoid this, it is necessary to take measures for prevention.

Very useful daily massage. For it is necessary to use a warm oil – castor, olive or peach, with added vitamins that are beneficial hair (E, A, D and F).

To massage of the eyebrows should brush from the nose to the temples, and then do the same with your fingers.

To spend massage of hairs on the eyelids, at first, dip a finger in oil, then massage it into the tips with blinking. Then comb them with a brush from base to tips. First perform this procedure with the upper eyelid, then from the bottom.

If you do this procedure carefully and regularly, you will look dazzling. But do not forget about care, often do massage and nourish the hair oil with the vitamins that they were strong and shiny.