Pale skin: causes, treatment, Foundation makeup

When a pale face was considered so fashionable that women especially were drinking vinegar, achieving a similar shade. Now fashion a healthy tan with a light blush, and at the sight of the pale face inevitably come thoughts of a possible illness. Pallor may be congenital, appearing during vasospasm, the long-term presence without fresh air, can be caused by certain diseases.

Why is pale skin and how to eliminate this cosmetic defect?

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Causes pale faces related diseases

Pale skin: causes, treatment, Foundation makeup

Causes of pale skin can be divided into congenital and acquired. Pale skin color can get from birth – from fair-haired people often have. If this individual difference has a dark, sort of becoming "demonically-mysterious".

Today's youth in this case admires: "Wow! You look like a vampire!" – after the American TV series the vampire in trend, and older people asked: "Nothing hurts?"

With a sharp spasm of blood vessels, which can be caused by cold, stress, intoxication, the skin becomes pale. If this condition is caused by a disease, a symptom called "cyanosis".

One of the diseases with this symptom is iron deficiency anemia. The level of hemoglobin in the skin decreases because of the violation of the synthesis of iron. With a lack of red blood cells not only pale skin – there is a weakness, constant fatigue, vitality is reduced at the working of organic systems malfunctions occur.

Cause of anemia may include the following factors:

Pale skin: causes, treatment, Foundation makeup
  • menstrual cycle is too long or heavy periods;
  • internal bleeding ulcer, proctological, pulmonary;
  • chronic diseases of the blood;
  • kidney disease;
  • cancer.

If the diet is defective, there are a few foods that contain iron, also have iron deficiency anemia.

The same symptoms have heart failure. When dysfunction of the heart muscle to all tissues and organs receive insufficient amount of blood in the skin cells there is a deficiency of oxygen. It is not just white – bluish.

Signs of heart failure:

  • cyanosis;
  • bluish lips;
  • puffiness of the extremities and puffiness of face;
  • weakness;
  • dizziness.

Pale skin and bright lips are the characteristic symptom of narrowing of the lumen of the aorta.

Pale skin: causes, treatment, Foundation makeup

Hypotension is a disease that constantly causes low blood pressure – skin too pale. Hypotension can occur as a separate disease or be a symptom of other conditions associated with disruption of the cardiovascular system.

Reduces the amount of hemoglobin in the blood during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Pale skin is a symptom of diseases proceeding with fever and General intoxication of the organism.

Additional symptoms: skin is bluish-yellow, General weakness, fever, headache.

Pallor caused by external factors

Blood circulation is slowed during hypothermia – the cold causes constriction of blood vessels. A similar effect on blood vessels provides stress, fatigue, neurosis.

Pale skin: causes, treatment, Foundation makeup

Increased physical exertion causes fatigue. In the working mode the body
perenapravljaetsja, and then he needs rest. The heart rate slows, heart rate calms down, blood circulation is reduced. As the body responds to stress and emotional distress.

If the nature of the skin light, without the sun it becomes bluish. If dark-skinned people lack of fresh air causes dullness, the skin tone "white man" becomes gray, unhealthy.

How to restore a healthy appearance

About women's health is primarily judged by its appearance. If an unhealthy pallor due to illness, with the help of cosmetics it is possible to improve the aesthetic effect but does not change the color of the epidermis.

Of the disease treat the doctors, but it is not necessary to lower hands and to wait when the disease will enter remission, and at the same time the skin will look healthier. To fight for we in parallel, giving the exterior a little more time than before.

To restore the complexion you need more walk in the fresh air and increase the consumption of foods with a high content of iron and vitamin C without ascorbic acid iron is not absorbed well.

Pale skin: causes, treatment, Foundation makeup

These products include: buckwheat, pomegranates, black currants, red meat and poultry, egg yolks, dried fruits, seafood, legumes, nuts. As you can see, not all of them contain both ingredients that help to supply the body with necessary trace mineral. To help solve the problem of citrus juices or fruits, which not only improve immunity, but also increase the production of serotonin the "happy hormone".

It is advisable to drink a complex of vitamins containing folic acid and vitamins of group B.

To restore the color of the skin will help foods rich in carotene: carrots

To remove the cosmetic defect is unhealthy paleness – will help the tan. If possible, the person should substitute with the natural sun in the cold season, you can visit the Solarium. Only do not abuse them – an excess of ultraviolet radiation can give rise to the emergence of serious disease – cancer of the skin. Everything is good in moderation.

Beauty secrets

To return your skin to a healthy appearance, women do peeling treatments and masks.

Body exfoliation with coffee and carrot mask will give the body a swarthy hue. Carrot mask to produce just carrots mixed with sour cream, olive or sunflower oil, egg white for oily and egg yolk for dry skin.

Pale skin: causes, treatment, Foundation makeup

To make yourself brighter will help makeup. Only it is not necessary to mask the pallor of the thick layer
Foundation, different from the private face color more than 2 shades. It makes you look older. Basic shades of cream should be pink and peach, but in any case, not brown – otherwise it will be unhealthy yellow. Defects previously masked by the primer.

To stress health helps a little blush. Color for pale skin is selected mother of pearl, peach, pale pink – tone should be warm.

But for eye shadow recommended cool colors, the color of the eyes. It is not necessary to put things in clear black arrows – they Blagnac.

If the makeup in natural tones, the "output option" to try to emphasize a bright lipstick. For daylight the color of the lipstick should be neutral peach with pearl. It is advisable to circle the lips for the office. Great importance is the color of the hair – the bigger the contrast it makes with the eyes and skin, the lighter it seems.

Do not worry if light skin received from birth – in most cases it looks natural. Light makeup and no one will come head to suspect that there are problems with health.