Peanuts – a tasty nut

Peanut is a very popular product in our market. Raw or roasted nuts with different flavors in store are a wide range.

The advantage of roasted peanuts in the fact that it has a pleasant taste. But many prefer to buy raw peeled or shell, and prepare it the way your heart desires.

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What is the peanut?

By the way, the peanut is groundnuts, which allow ovaries in the ground to ripen. He no longer belongs to the family of legumes than nuts. It is used since very ancient times. The first consumers of this walnut are the indigenous people of America.


Because on its territory was found a vase in the shape of a peanut in the shell. After the discovery by Christopher Columbus of America groundnuts began his journey to different countries of the world.

American agricultural chemist George. Carver in 1903 began to study over it, with the result that developed about 300 products. It was the drugs and drink, and dyes, and cosmetics, and new dishes etc. In the countries where the product grows, it began to be used as feed for animals.

Did you know that in ground nut calorie content per 100 grams is 610 kcal, fats – 50 grams protein – 26 grams carbohydrates – 10 grams. That is why high calorie deep-fried peanut allows you to quickly satisfy hunger.

It also included b vitamins, D, PP, amino acids, minerals. But the cholesterol absent, which positively affects the liver, heart and brain. These nuts have a choleretic effect, improves attention, memory, hearing, promote growth and cell renewal.

How to roast peanuts?


This question arises as soon as brought home raw peanuts.

The roasted nut can be used as a beer snack, or add in different Goodies, for example in cakes, cupcakes, ice cream or scones.

Add nut in the salad, condiment or sauce, and it will give the dish an exquisite flavour and piquancy.

Paste or paste from peanuts is your favorite candy to tea for many kids.

So, there are several ways how to roast peanuts:

  • Before you can roast peanuts in the oven, it needs to be cleaned from the top of the fragile shell. Internal dark brown leave, it is easily cleansed after roasting. Heat the oven to 180 degrees, on a baking sheet evenly pour the nuts, put about 20 minutes. During the cooking stir constantly. When you hear a typical crackling with internal skoracka will start to darken and fall away easily, it means that peanuts, roasted in the oven, ready. Switch off, leave for a few minutes, then removed. Peeled walnut can be sprinkled with sugar or salt and serve;
  • As frying peanut? The easiest way. Take a deep pan, pour the peeled nuts, cook for about 15 minutes, stirring constantly. You can immediately add salt, but only small. Or place the nuts in a salt solution for half an hour and then fry on a heated and lightly oiled frying pan for about 20 minutes. Solution – 1 tsp salt to 1 Cup;
  • Microwave is one of the easiest ways of fast preparation of the nut. Spread the peanuts on a plate (always flat), put in the microwave for 5 minutes. Then stir again and leave for two minutes. In the microwave, you can roast like a peanut in the shell, and peeled nuts.

Peanut butter


Since we already know how to roast peanuts, we will not difficult to cook 250 grams of roasted peanut paste.

Fill it with nuts in a powerful blender. Stir in crumbs, then in the sand – lumps – smooth paste.

Pour into a bowl, add two tablespoons krupnoizmelchennom walnut.

This pasta with fresh rolls, what could be better?!

Select and stored groundnuts

Any product need to be able to not only cook, but also to choose and store. The peanut is no exception. What you need to consider when buying and storing this product?

  • When buying pay attention to the fact that no traces of insects;
  • The nut must be dry, wet, especially the wet;
  • Smell, so the nut didn't smell of tochnosti rancidity or mold;
  • If the shell has cracks or dark spots, the peanuts were stale and sloppy transported;
  • Nuts should be heavy enough not to rattle loudly;
  • You need to choose whole raw peanuts with pale pink color, almost no smell;
  • Nuts home be sure to wash them under cool water, but not addicted, that they are not soaked. Dried with a towel, allow to dry completely and sent to be roasted;
  • They need to be stored safely, in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Fried, they retain their quality for about a month.

Now you know how to buy, cook and store peanuts. But the most important thing is that these nutritious nuts are a worthy treat and healthy snack for all occasions.

Cook them yourself and you will feel a big difference between the purchased and homemade nuts!

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