Perfect pic for the salad: all the secrets of cooking

Rice is a versatile grain that can be used to prepare various dishes, including salads. Thanks to him, increasing calorific value, and hence, the dish becomes more filling. It can be linked with almost all vegetables and even fruit. To salad turned out delicious and looked beautiful, you need to properly cook grits.

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What variety of rice suitable for a salad?

There are several varieties of this cereal, which differ in taste and appearance after heat treatment.

For salad best suited the following options:

  • Wild rice. Externally it is distinguished from other varieties by its almost black color. The grain is very thin and have a characteristic luster. For many, this variety still remains exotic and unknown;
  • Indica. The most popular variety. The grains have a long form. Barley is not boiled and not stick together;
  • Basmati. Another variety that has a long grain. This cereal has its aromatic taste, it is necessary to consider his choice. The grains are not boiled and not stick together.

Groats must be steamed. In General, you can choose to prepare any of the proposed options.

How to cook crumbly rice: 7 rules

Many Housewives faced with the fact that grits stick and use it for cooking other dishes is simply impossible. Top professionals in cooking this cereal – Easterners, for whom rice is a national dish.

Try to reveal their main secrets:

  • The need to use washed rice. It is best to wash it under running water until, until the liquid is transparent;
  • It is important to observe the proportions of rice and liquid. Ideally, part of whole grains, contributes 1.5 part of volume of the liquid. The water should be soft, so it is best to pre-boil and defend;
  • You need to boil grits in boiling water;
  • It is best to use a pan with a thick bottom. The cap should fit snugly, leaving no openings. She recommended to put the goods, so that the released vapor is not raised;
  • Understand how much you need to cook the rump. According to residents of the East, the time is exactly 12 minutes After the rice is poured boiling water, you need to measure exactly 3 minutes, cover the pan with a lid and make the biggest fire. After 3 min the fire to be reduced to the average. After 7 min. the fire is reduced to a minimum. In 2 minutes the fire should be off. In any case, do not open the lid during cooking;
  • It is not recommended to open the lid for another 12 min. after turning off the fire. After the time everything is ready;
  • Salt you need to add a little only after the heat treatment.

Cereals ready very carefully mix and do not RUB it.

How to cook rice for a salad in the microwave?

Take the soup Cup, it is best if it is made of clay. It is important that the dishes don't have any brilliant drawings. Grits should be a bit. It should be thoroughly washed and pour it into the bowl.

Add a little salt and pour water so that it covers the grains by about 1.5 cm All mix well. The power of the microwave oven must be installed on 750 watts.

Cooking time – 5 mins after the time the rice stir well and again repeat the procedure, i.e., boil 5 min. at 750 watts. During this time, should evaporate all the liquid. Then add water so that its amount was below the level of grains per 1 cm.

Put the bowl in microwave and cook for 2.5 minutes Then the rice you need to mix and cover tightly with a plate. Leave it for 15 mins During this time will absorb the remaining liquid and the rice is ready.

Cook the rice for the salad in a slow cooker


This miracle technique lately is very popular. It can help to prepare a huge number of dishes, including rice. Grits 1 tbsp. I need a good wash and put in a bowl multivarki.

Pour 2 cups of water, add a little salt. Set in multivarka mode "Rice/Buckwheat" or "Porridge".

Time of cooking half an hour. After the beep, you can add a little olive oil and mix well.

How to cook rice in the steamer?

It is believed that this type of heat treatment is considered the best because it allows you to keep the product the maximum amount of nutrients and natural taste. Rice should be washed a few times so that the water remained clear. Grain pour into a container and place it in the bottom of the device.

Take cold water and add salt in it. 200 grams of cereals need to take 500 ml of liquid. Pour it in a container and cover. Fill with water and a special compartment of a double boiler. Select "Rice" or just put on the timer time 45 min.

After the beep, leave the rice for another 15 minutes under the lid of the steamer.

How to cook rice in a rice cooker?

This technique is not as popular in our country as in Japan. If you have the opportunity, for the preparation of the cereals is best to use it, because the device makes it impossible to digest or burn the product.

The rice cookers have a special outlet for vapors. The rump must be washed and put in a special unit. There filled with water. It remains only to close the lid and switch the unit on.

How to cook wild rice?


These grains are untreated and the process of cooking them is different. For cooking it is best to use an enamel bowl. First, beans need to soak in plenty of water overnight.

During cooking, it is worth considering that in 1 Cup of grits to 3 cups of liquid. Water first, bring to a boil, add salt and stir in the rice.

Cover the pan with a lid and the fire will decrease to the minimum value. Cooking time – 40 min Interfere with do not need anything, just from time to time monitor the amount of liquid. The volume of grains is expected to increase almost 4 times.

Now you are aware of all the possible options of cooking rice for the salad. Observing all recommendations and secrets, manage to get a perfectly cooked grits.

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