Physical activity during pregnancy: how to do a sport to benefit?

Almost every pregnant woman attempts to protect her loved ones from loads of different replies that she is not ill and is expecting a child. This is the right approach, because in the absence of physical activity an expectant mother gains weight, which negatively affects the fetus, and subsequently can complicate childbirth.

That is why physical activity during pregnancy is needed, but it is important not to"overdo it"in order not to complicate the course of pregnancy. In addition, exercise is necessary and prior to the pregnancy and delivery was uneventful.

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Physical activity during pregnancy: how to do a sport to benefit?

Deciding that it is ready to be a mom, pay attention to the sport. If you are a professional athlete, you should consult with your doctor about what sports you can do, and which should be abandoned. As a rule, the expectant conception, care for their condition, listen to yourself, wanting to feel it. As soon as you realize that planned parenthood ended its offensive, try to reduce the load.

Often professional athletes take anabolics, and sometimes performance enhancing drugs.

From these substances is necessary to give after the occurrence of conception, and it is better to do it at the planning stage. If the sport you are doing, while planning should start to take them. Doctors say that women who don't ignore exercise, it is much easier carrying the pregnancy, give birth, recover his form after the appearance of the baby born.

During the lessons special attention should be paid to the abdominal muscles.

You should not resort to serious loads. Enough to do morning exercises, gymnastics or, for example, yoga. Shouldn't load your body, because if you want to conceive, it may have already happened, and the excessive load can lead to very negative consequences.

In this regard, exclude the following types of activities:

  • Kalanetika;
  • Dancing;
  • Fitness;
  • Classes at the gym.

Refuse to execute such exercises, which can lead to injuries of the abdomen, falls, and the jumping and lifting.

What sports should do when planning for conception?

Physical activity during pregnancy: how to do a sport to benefit?
  • Swimming. It will help to strengthen the muscles, the body as a whole. Before starting to use the pool, make sure the water is clean, it lacks a variety of infections that can, among other things, to influence what will be harder to conceive, and complicate the course of pregnancy, if she has already arrived;
  • Yoga. It is a wonderful sport that allows you to learn how to breathe correctly, stretch muscles, to relax. In addition, it allows you to relax, perfectly calms nerves. One of the directions of yoga – asanas, allowing you to prepare for conception, childbirth, and women who for some reason can't get pregnant – conceive faster;
  • Pilates. It also allows you to learn to control your breathing and strengthens the muscles of the spine, pelvis, back. Do exercises and those that involve being on the belly, very carefully. During pregnancy planning it is necessary to monitor your health and especially during exercise;
  • The body Flex. It can be done only before conception, and during pregnancy you should stop doing it.


In the absence of contraindications, complications, exercises will be very useful for women expecting a baby.

Of course, the load may not be as serious as before the onset of the "interesting position". Especially for early periods, when intensive training can cause miscarriage. If the conception of the expectant mother is not fond of sports, loads must be minimized, and their duration should not be more than 20 minutes. This is necessary in order that the mother can provide the baby with oxygen.

Physical activity during pregnancy: how to do a sport to benefit?

To 20 weeks the mother's body is already able to do it sufficiently, but loads more needs to be done less intense. During this period of gestation is strictly forbidden to swing a press, to run.

At all stages of pregnancy, it is important to protect yourself from such activities that can lead to injuries. These include Boxing, horseback riding, skydiving, dancing, step dancing, diving, skiing, Cycling.

All expectant mothers are recommended for Hiking.

They need to make a few times a day, choosing shoes and clothing. Walking should be slow, gentle. Pay attention to the breath – it should be smooth, calm, breathe through your nose, try not to open your mouth.

Go up the stairs. Avoid travel in the Elevator – walking up and down walking, but do it slowly. As in the case of walking, pay attention to the breath. If you live on first or second floor, this kind of physical activity, like walking the stairs at all stages of pregnancy, including early, you can make just in the entrance of the house in which you live.

Any of the walks you can do, even if you have complications during pregnancy. The exception may be cases where the woman recommended bed rest and low activity in the presence of threat of miscarriage.

If an athlete you are not, do not make while waiting for baby's challenging sports with whom you have not experienced. For example, during this period, you may be interested in tennis. It is not included in the list of prohibited types of activity, but if you have even the racket in the hands not holding, start to play tennis better after the birth.

Appropriate options during pregnancy are:

Physical activity during pregnancy: how to do a sport to benefit?
  • Swimming. It will improve your mood, with it, you'll tighten muscles. Doing swimming, you can expect improved blood circulation, will recede back pain. Often moms say that they have reduced the symptoms of toxicosis after swimming. The advantage of it is that when doing virtually no risk of injuries – falls, blows, excessive load on the joints and overheating;
  • Yoga. You may do any of the directions, but the best option is prenatal yoga. During class, try to protect yourself from excessive stretching and tension of the abdominal wall;
  • Gymnastics for pregnant women. The ideal option designed for future mums, for whom this kind of gymnastics and developed. Thanks to her, you'll not only keep fit but also to prepare for childbirth.

Among the sports that can advise women expecting a child, you can pay attention to Pilates and Aqua aerobics.

Multiple pregnancy

When a woman is carrying multiple babies, the load on all organs increases significantly. This may be due to the fact that the exercise it's harder for her, but it must be done if there are no contraindications, the prohibition of the doctor. Physical activity as a normal, multiple pregnancy should be as gentle.

Physical activity during pregnancy: how to do a sport to benefit?

To do only up to the 24th week of gestation, and its offensive should keep themselves. In some cases these terms are shown in bed, which will reduce the risk of premature birth.

Optimal sports are aerobics, swimming, yoga. Don't forget to walk down the street and the stairs.

If a multiple pregnancy when you exercise you feel unwell, immediately arancibia training.


What factors can become an obstacle for sports?

  • Appendicitis in the chronic form;
  • Polyhydramnios;
  • Placenta previa;
  • Bleeding;
  • Strong toxicosis;
  • Diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver.

Physical activity during pregnancy is beneficial, so do not even hesitate about whether to engage in the sport.