Pilates – sports exercises and special purpose

Pilates is exercises that strengthen specific muscles: abdominals and pelvic floor. During training, normalized breathing, expanding lung capacity, improving flexibility of musculoskeletal system.

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Classes during pregnancy

Pilates – sports exercises and special purpose

The fact that during pregnancy women should engage in special exercises, does not deny any doctor. Safe pregnancy and successful delivery depends on the lifestyle that was led by a pregnant woman during this important time for her.

The difficulty of the exercises depends on the status of women. Even when the expectant mother has a pregnancy carried out in a horizontal position, it is necessary to perform a complex of special medical gymnastics. If a woman feels good, to increase vitality is necessary.

Can pregnant women do Pilates? It is necessary to consider the pros and cons of this kind of sport exercises for a particular condition.

Pilates for pregnancy: the obvious benefit to the body

What are the benefits from practicing this sport?

  • During class the muscles of the back relax;
  • The muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominals optimally prepared for the future labor activity;
  • Decreases the risk of uterine tone;
  • Normal blood flow to the lower extremities, which reduces the possibility of development of varicose disease;
  • Accelerates metabolism in the intestine;
  • Classes – especially the group – distract from the disturbing thoughts, the nervous system stabiliziruemost, an opportunity to fall in depression is reduced;
  • In exercises for pregnant women must include breathing exercises and learn to breathe correctly before birth is very important;
  • During pregnancy because of the additional load center of gravity is shifted, the woman feels awkward. During class coordination was normal.

Classes in the last trimester of pregnancy allow the fetus to take the correct position.

Contraindications for active sports during pregnancy

There is a condition in which a woman is not recommended to do Pilates:

  • existing medical history of diseases associated with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • difficult pregnancy: morning sickness, excessive weight gain, edema;
  • the threat of miscarriage;
  • low placenta previa;
  • chronic or occur during pregnancy the problems associated with the musculoskeletal system.

If the "special status" woman is not played sports before starting training it is desirable to consult with observing pregnancy doctor. If the coach is experienced, he will closely monitor the buildup of stress, and exercise will only benefit.

The nuances of sports during pregnancy

Pilates – sports exercises and special purpose

If you decide to learn Pilates for pregnant women, 1st trimester – the time with which to begin training.

During Pilates, you need to analyze their own feelings: discomfort after a workout or soreness in muscles should not be. Discomfort during exercise – a reason to stop training.

Excluded movements associated with the breath and jumps. You cannot perform the exercises with the use of weight training. Lie on the stomach, even in the early stages, it is not recommended. By the end of the 2 trimester, you should avoid movements where the initial position – lying on the back.

You want to carefully approach the load on the abdominal muscles and joints, movements on the balance.

Intensive training should be avoided: the rhythm of constant, moderate, breathing is smooth. Fatigue after exercise should arise. 3 times a week – normal schedule for pregnant women. It is enough to perform 8-10 exercises, 1-2 approach, the training schedule is calculated according to their own health.

Only correct practice under the guidance of an experienced coach will help to optimally prepare for childbirth.

Pilates exercises by trimester

If women played sports all the time, when normal feeling in the 1st trimester of pregnancy her classes are not very different from the usual. The load begins to decrease gradually, to the 2nd trimester.

Those who have never practiced, and decided to do Pilates for pregnant women, only to the 2nd trimester it is better to come to the gym. To 12 weeks the condition is particularly unstable, and the slightest increase in load or a careless movement can lead to miscarriage.

Pregnant women can perform in the 1st trimester the following set of Pilates:

  • The movement to the breath. Feet shoulder width apart – stand on a full foot. His hands freely along the body. Rhythmic breathing: breast separately, and stomach separately. You need to imagine that, at first, inflate a balloon in his chest, and then in the abdomen. During inhalation, try to stretch out ROS – like to get off the ground.;
  • Workout for the neck muscles. The head tilted left and right, forward and back. Rotation without he flips his head. The shoulders should not move;
  • The development of the lungs. Hands to the side at shoulder level inhale – exhale, return to starting position;
  • Starting position – rest on knees and palms. Inhale – the hand parallel to the horizontal surface goes up, the foot that matches the hand, straighten, setting ago. On the exhale, move to the original position. On the next inhale raise your other hand and pull the corresponding leg;
  • Cat. Initial position, as in the previous exercise. – Inhale and arch the spine up, exhale return to the starting position;
  • Saw. You need to sit on the Mat, feet and hands diluted in hand, back straight. Twist the body left and right.

As rest run the following exercise: from the emphasis on hands and knees sit back on my heels, while the body is lowered down, the back muscles most relaxing, hands stretched in front of him.

In the 2nd and third trimester, perform a similar exercise, but they added specific, to help make the child the correct position before birth.

In addition, during exercise, relaxation, sitting down on the knees, be sure to separate them enough to not shrink the stomach.

Correct breech presentation the following:

  • standing in the knee-elbow position up to 15 minutes;
  • 10 minutes lying on each side, carry out coups, gently rolling through the stomach.

Fix cross-presentation following exercises:

Pilates – sports exercises and special purpose
  • depending on which side is the baby's head, lay on the opposite side, repeating the fetal position, but close your knees to your chest do not fail;
  • performing deep breath, rolled over his back, and lay down on the other side – the leg, which lie right.

Complex Pilates for pregnant women is not for weight loss and weight loss to improve overall health and stimulation of metabolic processes in the body.