Pollock in batter

Pollock is a fish of the Cod family that lives in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is one of the most affordable sea fish, so almost everyone can enjoy delicious pollock dishes.

Fish fillets can be boiled, fried, steamed, but in the article we will learn how delicious cook pollock in batter. Why? Because it takes a little time to cook the dishes, and the meat tastes amazing.

Content of the article

What is pollock useful for?

Sea fish meat is not distinguished by fat content, but it has a rich biochemical composition. It contains useful polyunsaturated acids, vitamins and minerals that our body needs so much.

These include:

Pollock in batter
  • vitamins of groups A, E, PP and C;
  • calcium and iodine;
  • phosphorus and chlorine;
  • zinc and iron;
  • sulfur and copper;
  • omega-3 and essential amino acids.

In addition, pollock fillets in batter , unlike many other varieties of fish, it is not very high in calories.

Approximately 100 g of product accounts for only 250-280 kcal. And according to some doctors and nutritionists, regular consumption of the dish can improve the condition of the skin and hair, accelerate metabolic processes in the body and even improve vision.

How to cook fillets in a frying pan? h3>

The recipe for cooking sea fish in a pan is very simple, so even novice cooks will be able to make the dish. At the same time, the meat turns out to be very tender and juicy, so the pieces of fish melt in your mouth.

So, to fry the fillets, we need the following ingredients:

  • 500 g fillet;
  • Olive oil;
  • 2 chicken eggs;
  • 1 glass of low-fat milk;
  • 100 g of premium flour;
  • Spices to taste.

Cooking process:

Pollock in batter
  • The first step is to rinse the fish fillets thoroughly and then cut them into medium sized pieces;
  • Sprinkle the sliced ​​pieces with spices and then give take a rest for the meat;
  • In the meantime, they take up the preparation of batter and break eggs and pour milk into a small bowl;
  • Mix everything thoroughly and slowly begin to add flour, constantly stirring the contents;
  • Then the olive oil is heated in a frying pan;
  • After that, the fillet pieces are dipped in batter and sent directly to the pan;
  • The meat is fried until an appetizing golden brown is formed on its surface. crust;
  • Then the fish is laid out on a large beautiful dish and decorated with slices of tomatoes and lettuce.

It takes no more than 20-25 minutes to prepare the dish, provided that the fish already cut. It is advisable to serve vegetable salad as a side dish for the dish. Since the food is quite satisfying, potatoes or boiled rice should not be served with fish.

Recipe for fish in beer batter

Recipe for pollock in beer batter for express cooking will not work, since the batter needs to be infused for at least an hour and a half. However, the taste of the meat turns out to be unusually tasty, and the golden crunchy crust makes your hand reach for the next piece of delicacy.

So, to cook fillets, you need to stock up on the following foods:

  • 100 g flour;
  • 500 g fillet;
  • ½ l beer;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Salt and black pepper (ground).

Cooking process:

  • Fish fillet wash, then cut into small pieces;
  • Salt and pepper the meat, and then refrigerate for 10 minutes;
  • Pour beer into the sifted flour and mix everything thoroughly;
  • Then put the batter in the refrigerator for 60 minutes;
  • Then heat the pan by adding a small amount of vegetable oil;
  • First roll the pollock pieces in flour, and then < span class = "italic"> "bathe"

in batter and throw in a frying pan;
  • Remove the fish from the heat when on the surface of the pieces a golden crust is formed;
  • Then transfer the pieces to a paper towel to absorb the excess oil;
  • Serve preferably with a vegetable side dish.
  • Fish in cheese batter

    How can you cook pollock in cheese batter in a frying pan? Fillet in a cheese "jacket" is eaten almost instantly. Therefore, if you want to make your loved ones experience "gastronomic shock" , this recipe is perfect for this.

    For cooking you need to take the following ingredients:

    • 1 kg fillet;
    • 200 g hard cheese;
    • 3 chicken eggs;
    • Salt and ground pepper;
    • 200 g flour;
    • Olive oil.

    Cooking process :

    Pollock in batter
    • In a separate bowl, stir the eggs until a homogeneous consistency;
    • Then grate on a medium-sized grater cheese and send it to a container with eggs;
    • Next, cut the fillet, cut it into small pieces;
    • Zip the fish in flour and dip in the cheese and egg mixture;
    • < li> Pour a small amount into a preheated pano olive oil;
  • Fry the fish in a pan on both sides.
  • The fish is fried on each side for no more than 5-6 minutes, so you have it will take a maximum of 20 minutes.

    How to cook fish in the oven?

    In fact, the first stage of cooking is very similar to the previous options: the pieces of fish are breaded in flour , after which it is dipped in the egg mixture and sent to the pan, but for only 3-4 minutes. But at the second stage of cooking, a semi-finished dish is baked in the oven.

    So, to bake pollock in the oven, you need to take the following products:

    • 500 g fillet;
    • 1 cup flour;
    • 2 tbsp. l. ketchup;
    • 2 tbsp. l. mayonnaise;
    • 3 cloves of garlic;
    • 1 pickled cucumber;
    • Vegetable oil;
    • 12 lemons;
    • 2 tbsp. l. heavy cream;
    • 3 chicken eggs;
    • Spices.

    Cooking process:

    Pollock in batter
    • Cut the pollock into small pieces, preferably at least 8-10 cm thick;
    • Prepare the marinade from lemon juice and spices, then soak the meat in it for 20 minutes;
    • Then in a separate bowl, mix the cream, eggs, spices, mix everything thoroughly;
    • Then add the flour and that's it mix thoroughly so that no lumps form;
    • Pour some oil into a preheated pan;
    • Dip pollock in the egg mixture and fry on each side for 2-3 minutes;
    • < li> Next, you need to prepare the sauce for baking the fish;

  • Put the pickled cucumber, garlic, ketchup and mayonnaise into the blender bowl. Chop everything;
  • Transfer the fried pieces to a greased dish, then pour over the sauce;
  • Send the dish to the oven for 15-20 minutes.
  • < p> Pollock in batter, cooked in the oven, tastes fantastic. But it takes a lot of time to cook. In addition, this recipe is also suitable for a multicooker. At the first stage, the process is repeated exactly as in the method described above, up to point 7. And then the half-finished fish is put into a slow cooker and poured with sauce. Cook for 10-15 minutes, no more.

    What to use as a side dish?

    Usually there are no special problems with cooking fish, but with many novice cooks are faced with the right choice of side dish. What is the best way to serve pollock in "uniform" ?

    The following types of side dishes are the best choice:

    • Sliced ​​boiled carrots, potatoes and fresh herbs;
    • Boiled cauliflower in egg batter;
    • Squash pancakes;
    • Boiled wild rice.

    As you can see, there are many recipes for cooking pollock fillets in batter, but most of them are basic, so chefs have ample opportunities for experimentation. For example, in the batter recipe, you can include not onlynot only eggs or flour, but also sesame seeds, nutmeg, oriental spices and many other ingredients. Thanks to such additives, the dish takes on a completely different taste.

    Good luck with your culinary experiments and bon appetit!