Pollock marinated with carrots and onions: methods of cooking delicious fish dishes

Fish dishes are desirable on any table - both festive and everyday. Despite the fact that the main food product is tasty, nutritious and satisfying in itself, the dishes become even more delicious when combined with other ingredients. This also applies to pollock, which under the marinade made from carrots and onions, gets even more delicious taste.

This type of fish has a mild, delicate taste. Its ridge is perfectly separated from the pulp after heat treatment, and there are very few small bones in it.

The product is able to saturate the body with many useful substances and vitamins, so check out the recipes for pollock with gravy.

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Pollock in the marinade

This cooking method will make the food soft and tender.

If you are cooking pollock marinated with onions and carrots, you will need simple set of products:

  1. Carrots - 2 pcs.;
  2. Sweet Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc .;
  3. Pollock - 1 kg;
  4. Vegetable oil;
  5. Spices;
  6. Flour - 100 g.


Pollock marinated with carrots and onions: methods of cooking delicious fish dishes
  • Fish fillets must be washed thoroughly and salted. Then we divide it into pieces and fry, roll each in an egg, flour. The fire should be strong during frying, and when the fillet has a pink crust, set it aside and prepare the vegetables;
  • They must first be washed and peeled. Three carrots with a grater, chop the onion in half rings, and cut the pepper into cubes. Put all these ingredients in a frying pan with butter, sauté for about 10 minutes, making medium heat. You can fry vegetables with the addition of tomato paste or mashed tomatoes in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. Now let's add the spices. Don't ignore the bay leaf - it will give the pollock a unique flavor;
  • Back to fish. We spread it on a baking sheet or other form in which you bake dishes. Cover the fish with vegetables, send to bake for 10 minutes.

Fish served marinated with onions and carrots, with slices of lemon and herbs.

If you want to the dish had an even richer taste, add dried herbs from the very beginning when sautéing vegetables. Lovers of a sour taste can put lemon slices on top of the pollock before sending it to the oven, and on top, as indicated in the recipe, lay out browned vegetables.

Some housewivesthey prefer not to fry the pollock and put it raw in a mold. Then it turns out to be even softer, and to make the taste of the fish even more delicate, spread sour cream on top of the vegetables.

Pollock in a slow cooker

This device is in arsenal of almost any hostess. It is in it that you can cook a culinary masterpiece.

Let's take a list of necessary products from the previous recipe.

Cooking like this:

Pollock marinated with carrots and onions: methods of cooking delicious fish dishes
  • The washed fish should be dried and wiped off with a paper towel or towel. Now we divide it into equal pieces, fill it with spices in the right amount. Pour oil into a multicooker, heat it up, fry pollock in it. You can select one of the following modes for the process, such as "Fry" or "Bake" . When the pollock is ready, put it in a container;
  • Next, prepare the carrot and onion marinade. We peel the vegetables, chop them, add oil to the multicooker, heat it up in the same mode, add carrots and onions there, fry until a pinkish crust forms on them. Stir the gravy periodically;
  • After adding tomato paste to it, continue cooking for another 10 minutes;
  • When marinade for fish from tomato paste, onions and carrots is ready, we put pre-fried fish to it. Add some more salt, black pepper and other spices to the meal;
  • Mix all the ingredients, add hot water to them in the amount of 1 multi-glass;
  • Select the "Braising" , cooking time - 2 hours;
  • Fish marinated with onions and carrots goes well with vegetable side dishes, the best of which is potatoes.

Pollock marinated with cheese

Fish and this ingredient are a great combination. For the festive table, you can serve a dish that does not take long to cook, but it will bring great pleasure.


  1. Pieces 1 kg of pollock;
  2. Sour cream - 250 g;
  3. Cheese (to taste) - 250 g;
  4. Carrots - 200 g;
  5. Eggs - 3;
  6. Onions - 2

Here's how to make pollock marinated with onions and carrots and cheese :

Pollock marinated with carrots and onions: methods of cooking delicious fish dishes
  • Fry the peeled and chopped vegetables. Combine sour cream, beaten eggs, grated cheese;
  • Put the pieces of fish on a baking sheet, cover with vegetable marinade, and then the mixture with cheese;
  • Send the food to the preheated oven for about half an hour;
  • You can serve your meal with fresh herbs;
  • Cod is no less tasty with carrot and onion gravy.

Cod in white wine

This recipe will take about 1 hour to cook.


    < li> Cod - 0, 5 kg;
  • Carrots - 2 pcs .;
  • White table wine - 100 ml;
  • Sugar - 1 tsp;
  • Dairy cream - 30 ml;
  • Fresh herbs;
  • Butter;
  • Spices (cloves, bay leaves, fennel, black peppercorns, coriander, anise).
  • How to cook the food:

    Pollock marinated with carrots and onions: methods of cooking delicious fish dishes
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  • Peel the carrots, chop them into medium-sized strips, and chop the herbs coarsely enough;
  • Grease the form with butter and put vegetables and herbs on it. Put slices of cod on top of this layer, send the mold to the oven, covering the first with foil. The cabinet temperature should be about 190 degrees. Let the ingredients stew for about a quarter of an hour;
  • Pour wine into a small deep container, put sugar, spices, cream, bring to a boil;
  • When the fish is half ready, pour the resulting marinade into a mold with a bang. Next, bake the cod in the marinade with wine and carrots for about a quarter of an hour.
  • The finished dish is served with potatoes, rice or other side dish to taste.

    Cod under tomato marinade

    This dish will turn out to be spicy, suitable for any table.


    1. Cod (fillet) - 1.5 kg;
    2. Carrots - 3 pcs .;
    3. Tomato paste - 1 tbsp. l .;
    4. Vinegar;
    5. Flour - 100 g;
    6. Spices, herbs;
    7. Vegetable oil;
    8. < li> Onions - 3 pcs.


    Pollock marinated with carrots and onions: methods of cooking delicious fish dishes
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  • Cut the cod into slices and fry a little. Now the pulp easily lags behind the bones, so we separate the fillets;
  • Next, you need to chop the onion and grate the second vegetable for the gravy with a grater. Fry vegetables in spices, add tomato paste and a little vinegar to them;
  • Add a little water to the components, mix them well and simmer until cooked with herbs;
  • Put half of the finished gravy on the bottom of a deep saucepan, spread the cod on it, close it on top with the remaining gravy. We simmer all the ingredients for another 10 minutes;
  • If you want the food to be thoroughly soaked, put the pan with it in a cold place for a few hours.
  • From these recipes for cooking fish you will surely be able to choose the most suitable for you.

    Now you know how to diversify your table with fish dishes. Bon appetit to you and your loved ones!