Postroynet how effortlessly? Use boiled vegetables for weight loss!

To provide your organism with the necessary supply of vitamins and minerals, you should eat fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Of course, it is best to eat these foods in fresh form, however, boiled and steamed vegetables also contain a lot of valuable substances and usefulness for the human body.

Besides, if you regularly eat such foods and meals made from them, can significantly postroynet. Boiled vegetables for weight loss used for a long time and are the basis of many diets and different methods of getting rid of excess weight.

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Cooked vegetables – table calorie

All boiled vegetables, without exception, are easily digested in the gastrointestinal tract, quickly saturate the body, but despite this, remain quite low calorie. So, 100 grams of beet, the last heat treatment, contains only 44 calories. In boiled carrots, and even less – about 19 calories.

Postroynet how effortlessly? Use boiled vegetables for weight loss!

Low calorie distinguishes the different types of cabbage – 100 grams of cooked Brussels sprouts contains about 18 calories of cabbage – about 15, and the color – only 9 calories.

The caloric value of boiled potato just above – it contains about 80 kcal.

However, this value is much lower than for fried potatoes and especially chips or fries.

Low calorie allows you to use dishes based on cooked vegetables for a regular diet and extra weight loss. Meanwhile, for the efficient organization of the diet, you should also consider for how long are cooked vegetables in the refrigerator.

The shelf life of such products is very short – ready-made, for example, boiled onions or carrots can be stored in the refrigerator no more than 24 hours. That is why is better to be prepared immediately before use, and if there is an urgent need to keep cooked foods do it best in the freezer.

Dish of boiled vegetables – recipes

If you decide to use a boiled vegetables for weight loss, it does not mean that you have to constantly eat only them. In fact, of these products subjected to heat treatment, can be cooked many delicious and healthy dishes that will satisfy your hunger and will promote effective weight loss.

Cooking of boiled vegetables is a simple process, but fascinating. They can be differently combined with each other, combined with a variety of spices, spices and herbs to get unexpected and interesting tastes. The only condition that must be followed by all dieters, the dish of boiled vegetables do not add too much salt, and it is better to abandon its use.

To cook delicious and healthy meals that will contribute to the reduction of weight and burning extra pounds, you will help the following recipes:

Postroynet how effortlessly? Use boiled vegetables for weight loss!
  • "Bon soup". Pour into a saucepan 1.5 liters of water and put on fire. Onion cut into rings and lightly fry in olive oil. Add 3-4 cloves fresh garlic, crushed in any way, 1 tablespoon of cumin and the same amount of curry powder. A little to sauté the mixture, constantly stirring, then cast into boiling water. There also put chopped 0.5 kg of cabbage, 300 grams of tomatoes and the same amount of cauliflower, 150 grams of green onions, 170 grams of carrots and the same of celery. Also in the water you must put 1 tablespoon of crushed coriander, 200 grams of tomato paste and 1 teaspoon of soy sauce. In addition, to enhance the taste if desired, add a few Bay leaves, 1-2 dried pod of red pepper and some ginger, cilantro and parsley. Adding all the right ingredients, soup, stir, wait until the water boils again, then cover the pan with a lid and cook until tender. "Bon soup" turns out not only delicious, but also healthy and nutritious;
  • risotto or Italian rice with vegetables. 200 grams of rice, rinse thoroughly, place in a saucepan, pour in enough cold water and place on fire. After the water comes to a boil, reduce heat and leave for 10 minutes. Rice not salt! 1 onion cut into half rings and place in a deep pan. There also add 1 medium size carrots, cut into small cubes or grated on a coarse grater. Lightly fry in a little olive oil. Then add to the onions and carrots 200 grams bell peppers, cut into small pieces, 150 grams of canned corn and cooked rice. Pour the ingredients with water, cover the pan with a lid and let rice with vegetables out at least 20-30 minutes. Cooked rice, lightly drizzle with soy sauce and garnish with fresh herbs.

In addition, there are many recipes of salads, which are cooked vegetables. They are very easy to prepare, permanently satisfy your hunger and besides being extraordinarily delicious and healthy.

Recipes of salads from boiled vegetables

To prepare tasty, light and healthy salads will help you with the following recipes:

  • salad with potatoes. Mix 30 grams of boiled potatoes, 15 g of carrots 25 grams of cucumber, 10 grams green onions and 10 grams of canned green peas. Season the salad with olive oil;
  • vinaigrette – a salad that can be prepared using many different recipes. For example, so – finely chop 200 grams of white cabbage and add Apple, grated on a coarse grater. Add chopped boiled potatoes, beets and carrots about 150 grams, and onions. Season the salad with lemon juice and add 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • the bean salad. Combine boiled onions and carrots in all proportions to taste. Add the canned red beans and season with olive oil.

Include in your diet, these delicious and healthy meals and extra pounds will begin to melt before our eyes!

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