Prepare culinary masterpieces from beef udder

Many do not even suspect that of the bovine udder to make a tasty dish. After proper heat treatment, this product is soft and very tender. Besides, it is worth noting his favor, because it is composed of essential vitamins and minerals for the body.

Prepare culinary masterpieces from beef udder

The product is high in calories, so the dishes prepared on its basis, you can eat while losing weight. Consider some recipes for tasty and affordable meals.

This by-product must be prepared. For a start it is thoroughly washed in running water, and then pour warm water and leave for 10 hours, from time to time changing the fluid. If you want to still taste of milk, the time of soaking, 12 hours, and if you want to get rid of it, it is necessary to extend the process for a day.

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Fried variant in Mexican style

I don't know what delicious to cook from beef udder, then pay attention to this recipe. By-product turns out very tasty and spicy. Thanks to the original recipe turns out a beer snack or addition to any garnish.

For this recipe you should take the following products: cow udder, spices, garlic, lemon, chilli, light rum and pork fat.

Scheme of the preparation:

  1. pre-soak a byproduct, and then, put it in water, add spices and cook until tender. Then cut it into large pieces;
  2. to prepare the marinade, garlic skip through the press, add the finely chopped Chile, from which you should remove seeds, and salt. All good grind, for example, a mortar, to drain juice. After cooking, add lemon juice, all mix well and leave for 40 minutes, Strain the mixture to prevent them from burning pieces pepper and garlic;
  3. in the marinade put the product, mix well all hands to pieces from all sides are covered with mixture. Leave on for at least 2 hours, to thoroughly marinated. Next step – remove the by-product and Pat dry on all sides. In hot oil in a frying pan lightly fry on all sides. After that, all you need is flamborough, to do this, pour a little rum and ignite. Be careful, because the flame flare high. Serve with any garnish.

How to cook beef udder soup?

There are different recipes of first courses, we suggest to stop on the bag. To cook all of the traditional pattern, but just use different products. The taste of this first dish will satisfy even the demanding gourmets.

You need to take the following products: 100 g of boiled offal (heart, tongue, liver and udder), 200 g of meat on the bone, smoked 3 rib, onion, pickled cucumber, 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, 7 olives, 2 tablespoons butter, lemon, sour cream, parsley, a Bay leaf, peppercorns and salt.

Scheme of the preparation:

Prepare culinary masterpieces from beef udder
  1. By-products must be properly cooked, pre-soak them in cold water. After that, cut the same cubes. In the broth add the meat, ribs, Laurel and peppercorns. Put on the stove and cook on medium heat;
  2. peeled onions cut into cubes and then fry it in oil. When it becomes Golden, add the tomato paste and shredded cucumber. Remove the meat and separate it from the bones, and then cut into cubes. Meat put into the broth;
  3. the hodgepodge put the fried olives, cut into rings. Boil for a couple of minutes, turn off the heat and leave the lid to infuse. Let's with sour cream, chopped herbs and a slice of lemon.

Recipe braised beef udder

By-product turns out very tasty and tender. Sour cream adds a nice creamy taste, which complements the dish. Prepared food enough for about 6 servings.

For cooking you should take the following products: 1.5 kg udder, 100 g of sour cream, 75 butter, large onion, 3 cloves of garlic, couple Bay leaves, salt and pepper.

Scheme of the preparation:

  1. prepare the by-product is, as mentioned earlier, and cut it into small pieces, pour Water in pan on stove. After boiling, put Laurel, salt and sliced garlic cloves. Add pieces of the main ingredient and cook on minimum heat for 2 hours from Time to time it is necessary to remove the formed foam. When the product will become soft, remove and let cool;
  2. peeled and sliced onion half rings, fry in butter. Separately, fry the pieces by-product and then add already prepared onion and pepper. After a couple of minutes pour in the cream and simmer on low heat under cover for 10 minutes after the time the dish is ready. Serve it with any garnish.

Recipe of cutlets from the udder

To cook a delicious and juicy burgers not only from meat but also from a cheaper product. The dish is prepared by well-known scheme, but there are some differences.

Prepare the following products: 1 kg of by-product, 2 eggs, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, pulp of bread and crackers for breading.

Scheme of the preparation:

Prepare culinary masterpieces from beef udder
  1. the udder pre-soaked blot paper towel and put it in the freezer to slightly firm. If you want, a by-product can pre-cook and then use it for stuffing. After that, cut it into pieces and grind in a meat grinder. Through her miss fruit loaf, onion and garlic to taste. Stir the stuffing and put in the eggs, salt and pepper. A homogeneous mass, put on some time in the fridge;
  2. garlic skip through the press and add crackers for breading. Remove the frozen stuffing and quickly make their burgers, the mass had melted and were not floated. Roll them in a mixture of crackers and fry on both sides in hot oil until it will turn brown. To bring the burgers until cooked, cover the pan with a lid.

How to cook salad with nuts and cheese?

Delicious dish suitable for both daily and festive menus. This salad unusual appearance and original taste. Preparing everything is very simple.

The set includes the following products: 0,5 kg of by-product, 1 tbsp. shelled walnuts 225 g of hard cheese, 5 cloves of garlic, 100 g of mayonnaise, salt and spices.

Scheme of preparation: soak the Udder and boil until tender, adding water, salt and spices. After that, dry it and dice it. Cheese chop on a large grater, and the first nuts dry on a dry pan and then chop. Connect all the ingredients, put the chopped garlic and season the salad with mayonnaise.

Goulash from beef udder

Goulash is the most popular meat addition to delicious side dishes and a separate dish. You can cook it, not only from pulp but also from byproducts. Now you will see for yourself.

For this recipe you should prepare the following products: 0,5 kg udder, 1 tbsp. spoon flour, vegetable oil and tomato paste, onion, Bay leaf, salt and spices.

Scheme of the preparation:

Prepare culinary masterpieces from beef udder
  1. bovine udder soak in cold water for 3 hours, after making surface incisions. After a time drain, and cut into small pieces. Add to the by-product salt and spices:
  2. peeled onions cut into cubes and fry it in hot oil along with the udder until Golden. Then put the flour, stir and cook for a couple minutes. Put in a pot and pour hot water to cover the contents level. Even put Laurel and pasta. Simmer, covered over low heat for a couple of hours. If necessary, add more water.

All discussed in this publication, the recipes are simple and if you follow the suggested instructions to prepare a dish can even a beginner cook.

We are sure that a taste of the udder at least once, you certainly will often prepare his culinary masterpieces.

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