Prepare vegetable stew with chicken

At the present time more and more people become committed to proper nutrition. This is not surprising — with the increasing number of preservatives and harmful additives is much harder to pick up a dish would be as tasty and useful.

Prepare vegetable stew with chicken

So now more and more Housewives seek to treat loved those dishes, which would carry the most use. One of these recipes is the vegetable stew with chicken.

It's the same dish, the taste of which is familiar to everyone since childhood. It has a rich taste and aroma, even with a minimum of ingredients.

The dish turns out very easy and at the same time helps to get enough of without harm to the figures.

Vegetable stew with chicken — quite a popular dish, it is cooked in many countries of the world. One of those recipes is a Georgian chakhokhbili — traditionally it is made with pheasant but now to make it active use of domestic chicken fillets.

Jewish tsimes is another interesting variation of the chicken stew that incorporates dried fruits and can be sweet. To select the most suitable recipe, you need to focus on the list of products that are available.

The content of the article

Easy chicken stew in the oven

  • Chicken fillet — 0.8 kg;
  • Potatoes — 2-3 potatoes;
  • Eggplant — 1 piece;
  • Bulgarian pepper — 1 piece;
  • Fresh tomatoes — 2-3 pieces (you can substitute cherry from the calculation of 2.5 units for one medium tomato);
  • Onions — 2-3 onions;
  • Garlic — 4-5 cloves;
  • Sauce — 2 tbsp (you can substitute ketchup);
  • A mixture of grass — 5 g;
  • Salt and spices.

Oven baked vegetables with chicken retain the maximum of useful properties. It when baking the vitamins and minerals in the composition of vegetables are not destroyed.

And oven baked tomatoes even increase its beneficial qualities.

Prepare vegetable stew with chicken
  1. Vegetables thoroughly wash and clean the potatoes from the skin.
  2. In a form that is suitable for baking, laid out the first layer — sliced eggplant.
  3. On top of the eggplants need to put bell peppers. He cut into strips.
  4. The next layer — chopped tomato.
  5. Tomatoes laid out onion rings.
  6. Top added the potatoes, cut into small pieces. It is important to make the slices less than 0.5 cm thick, but no more than 1.5 cm In the first case, the potatoes can dry up, and the second — not to topicsa.
  7. Thoroughly salt the vegetables.
  8. Chicken or filet cut into pieces and arrange on the vegetables.
  9. The chicken on top, sprinkle with chopped garlic, smear the sauce and season with salt.
  10. All the stew sprinkle with chopped herbs and add the oil.
  11. Baking oven is heated to 180 0C. it is Possible to bake without foil, then it turns out the crust, but may start to burn the potatoes. The best option is to cover initially with foil for 30 minutes and the last 10-15 minutes remove foil. So the dish will be baked and the top will have time to form a fragrant crust.
  12. After turning off the fire in the oven stew may have some time to stand up — so the crust will be a little tighter, and the meat is better potomitsya. And all — tasty and healthy stew is ready!

Vegetable stew with chicken and zucchini

  • Chicken legs — 3 PCs (more dietary option can be replaced by 3 halves of the fillet);
  • Potatoes — 5-6 potatoes;
  • Zucchini — 1 piece;
  • Tomatoes — 2-3 pieces;
  • Carrots — 2 PCs;
  • Onion — 1 piece;
  • White cabbage — 0,5 plug;
  • Sour cream — 400 g;
  • Fresh herbs, salt, spices.

This recipe for stew with chicken and zucchini, you can cook on the stove.

Products are available for purchase in season and I do not deny the pleasure to pamper yourself and loved ones a delicious and flavorful dish.

  1. Chicken cut into portions. Processed salt, spices.
  2. Cut onion rings or smaller (to taste).
  3. Carrots rubbed on a coarse grater.
  4. Zucchini, potatoes and tomatoes cut into cubes.
  5. Cabbage cinqueda.
  6. At the bottom of a pan, greased, are laid out with layers of ingredients: onion — chicken — carrots — tomatoes — squash — cabbage — potatoes.
  7. Between the layers, if desired, can be sprinkled with finely chopped greens.
  8. The stew is filled with salt water and put on fire. Simmer for 30 minutes.
  9. After half an hour of stewing is laid on top of sour cream. So it is not caked with a crust on top, use fork to make some grooves, through which it can drain down. Like this stew stewed until ready.
  10. After turning off the fire it is necessary to give the stew a "walk" for about 15-20 minutes under closed lid. So the taste will become more rich and vivid.

Recipe in a slow cooker

Prepare vegetable stew with chicken
  • Chicken fillet — 0,6 kg;
  • Potatoes — 3 potatoes;
  • Tomato — 3 PCs;
  • Carrots — 3 PCs;
  • Onions — 3 PCs;
  • Bulgarian pepper — 1 piece;
  • Vegetable oil, spices, salt, herbs.

Vegetable stew with chicken in a slow cooker is the perfect recipe for those who are attentive to your diet.

Cooked in a slow cooker, food retains more of its beneficial properties, than cooked on the stove.

In addition, it turns out more fragrant and delicious as it may be cooked in their own juice.

  1. The meat should be rinsed, and cut into serving pieces. If it's fillet, it first needs work. with spices, so it was more gentle.
  2. In the mode of"Frying" or "Baking" in vegetable oil the chicken is fried until crisp. This is usually 10-15 minutes with the lid open.
  3. While the chicken is fried, you need to wash and chop the vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes — diced, carrot, sweet pepper — julienne. Onion cut into rings or smaller pieces (depending on preference).
  4. To the chicken in the frying mode added carrots and onions. Fry everything together takes about 5 minutes.
  5. After roasting added the rest of the vegetables, stir everything thoroughly and filled with salt water. The amount of water is determined by the wishes of the consistency: some people like to stew it liquid, then it is necessary to cover the vegetables completely. If you need to get a stew, more like hot water poured on 2/3 of the vegetables.
  6. Close the slow cooker lid, set the mode "Stewing" for half an hour.
  7. 5 minutes before end of cooking, sprinkle stew with herbs and spices.
  8. After turning off the slow cooker usually automatically go into heating mode. Giving vegetable stew to stand on the heating for 20-30 minutes, you can greatly improve its taste.

A few secrets in cooking

Prepare vegetable stew with chicken
  • Meat can be pre-marinated. This is especially true of fillet, because it is usually drier. A great marinade will be a simple mustard — it will make the meat more tender and softer. Don't worry about the bitterness, it is felt will not.
  • To cook a stew under the lid, and without it. Without cover it will get more saturated, will contain less fluid, the color will be brighter. But cooked in a stew under the lid will retain much more useful components.
  • In a slow cooker, you can try to add any ingredients. Most often used for soft sour cream. But it in a slow cooker can give a foam, which is hammered into the valve and then very hard to remove. Therefore, in order to prepare the stew with sour cream in a slow cooker, it is better to take the purchase of low-fat sour cream.
  • The thyme perfectly accentuate the taste of tomatoes in the stew.
  • When roasting vegetables for a vegetable stew can be used as a pure sunflower oil and olive oil. You need to refrain from using oil grade Extra Virgin oil is cold pressed, which has a characteristic bitter taste and aroma. It is suitable for salads, and for stews it is better to use the grade Pure.
  • Before you cook a stew with tomatoes, they must be cleaned from the skin. This will help to make the dish more enjoyable. To clean them you can use regular boiling water, in which the tomato is lowered to 20-30 seconds. The peel is then removed very easily.

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