Prevention and treatment of lactose

You often hear how breastfeeding women are warned about the dangers of hypothermia chest saying, "colds the chest, and there is not far to mastitis". Is it possible hypothermia in the chill chest?

Let's try to understand the issue, which, unfortunately, are relevant to many young mothers.

Hypothermia is really able to cause some harm to women's health in the period of breastfeeding of the child, but the point here is not "cold", and in condition of lactose — milk stagnation in the ducts of the mammary glands.

Prevention and treatment of lactose

Each mammary gland consists of about 15-25 acini connected by ducts with the nipple: if at least one of the ducts for any reason, pinched, acinus is not released from the milk that it produces. The channel is formed in the milk tube, and if it is not addressed, commonplace, but not safe stagnation of milk can go into uninfected mastitis inflammation of the mammary gland. Prolonged exposure to low temperature often causes spasm of the milk ducts, causing them to clog.

Lactose can be caused by other factors:

  • close the bra;
  • predisposition to stagnation of milk (the narrowness of the ducts);
  • irregular or insufficient emptying of the breast;
  • severe injuries or bruises in the chest area;
  • excessive build-up of milk glands;
  • dehydration (milk becomes thicker and faster forming plugs);
  • sleep deprivation and stress.
  • strong physical exertion.

The main measure to prevent lactostasis is providing a breastfeeding woman the normal temperature in combination with the control of the emptying of the mammary glands and proper care for them. Pick comfortable clothes, avoid the formation of cracks on the nipple and watch the fluid intake.

When feeding, avoid holding the breast between two fingers ("scissors") that is not mechanically pinch the ducts. Common cause of the stagnation of milk — poor attachment baby to the breast: baby should take a correct posture during feeding, pressing her stomach to the mother's abdomen fully and capturing a nipple with my mouth. Better to feed the child when he is in a good and cheerful mood: restless and lethargic infants are not in a hurry to satisfy your hunger.

In this case the mammary gland is emptied bad, as with rare irregular feeding. However, to keep track of absolutely all sometimes simply impossible. What to do if a woman prostudio chest, and she's already hurt? To begin to understand that we are talking about the lactose, not some other condition or disease. To determine what people have to deal with, understand key signs of cold of the chest and memorize them.

The main symptoms of lactose

Characteristic symptoms of this condition — pain in the breast in combination with a pronounced discomfort during her bowel movements. Sometimes it really hurts, it may appear redness (mainly in the areas of skin located over the affected milk ducts).

Prevention and treatment of lactose

The increase in body temperature is not always observed, as it is not always possible to probe small seal in the breast (although many women find them almost immediately after the occurrence of painful sensations). To confirm the diagnosis should immediately consult a doctor, especially if a painful condition is accompanied by chills, weakness, irregular temperature and severe pain. Perhaps it is not a simple stagnation of milk, and about the beginning of mastitis, which in 86% of cases begins with the lactose.

Breastfeeding lactose

The woman, "prostodushie" chest, have a hard time when feeding, but to stop it it is impossible — even in spite of the pain and discomfort. The more active the child eats, the higher the probability of a quick and complete resorption of the milk tubes. Normally, when lactose hurts some one iron to avoid feeding this breast is not necessary, even if significant stagnation of milk the baby cannot take it.

In such cases, first, just decant a small portion of milk. As a result of this simple manipulation voltage peripapillary region subsides, and the child gets able without much difficulty to capture a nipple with my mouth. Relieves and simple massage, if it is done regularly: the Breasts should be massaged in a circular motion, guiding the hand from the periphery of the gland to its center. Impact on prostate massage should not be too aggressive.

If it becomes clear that the child is unable to cope with the arriving amount of milk, even after feeding breast lump persist and cause discomfort, resort to pumping. Unfortunately, this procedure is pleasant to name difficult, but it should be done.

Self-pumping at lactose can be extremely painful, so it is better to entrust it to a specialist — for example, a midwife with experience.

Prevention and treatment of lactose

Alternatively, apply hardware pumping on the effectiveness of practically nothing inferior to the manual, but the procedure will still have to work with his hands, massaging the affected breast.

In some cases, the doctor may prescribe ultrasonic massage or intramuscular injections of oxytocin, after which the ducts of the mammary glands are reduced and the outflow of milk is significantly improved.

What to do to the woman if she "prostudio Breasts" far from civilization, and quick to get an appointment to the doctor doesn't work?

Self-treatment at stagnation of milk to engage in unsafe although people are popular individual tested by generations of recipes warming compresses with camphor or vaseline oil, Vishnevsky ointment, diluted medical alcohol. On top of the compress is placed an insulating layer (e.g., solid plastic) that does not allow liquid to evaporate and the temperature under it to decline. Keep the compresses on the breast too long (more than 7-8 hours) is not recommended.

Such procedures can only be done after a full pumping and with extreme caution, preventing the worsening of symptoms not to miss beginning mastitis. If active warming to the existing issue associated infection, the compress creates an optimal environment for the development, and the disease occurs very rapidly, and the patient's condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Usually enough for three or four days to undertreated lactose, which had not paid enough attention, moved to mastitis, which has to treat much more serious measures, including antibiotics.