Recipes delicious beef goulash with gravy

A hearty and tasty dish for lunch or dinner, popular in many countries, is prepared with lean meat and is known under the name "beef Goulash with gravy".

Recipes of this dish a lot, each family has its own secret enhancements to the taste, but the basis of all options is a classic stew of beef or veal.

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Meat stew with a taste of childhood

For many memorable childhood dish that is often served for lunch in kindergarten, is a delicious stew of beef with gravy. A hearty and delicious main dish blends seamlessly with any side dish, even with the unloved kids porridge.

In order to prepare a delicious and easy stew, you should be ingredients:

  • 600 gr of beef;
  • one large onion;
  • medium size carrots;
  • 50 grams of flour;
  • 30 g of tomato paste;
  • salt to taste, a small Bay leaf.

A delicious meat dish can be done in the sequence:

Recipes delicious beef goulash with gravy
  1. Beef washed, cleaned of tendons, cut into small cubes.
  2. The pan heated on medium heat, fry until the meat is half-cooked in sunflower oil.
  3. Chopped onion add the meat, stew a few minutes.
  4. Carrots, shredded on a fine grater, add to the meat with the onion and fry for several minutes until the vegetables are tender.
  5. On a dry pan fry the flour until brown.
  6. The flour and tomato paste add beef with vegetables, stir fry for a few minutes.
  7. The mixture add some salt and add a quart of water or broth, constantly stirring the mixture.
  8. Prosushivayut another quarter of an hour, for a couple of minutes until cooked add the Bay leaf.

Beef is different hardness, so before cooking goulash recommended too rigid meat a little boil in salted water. The broth left after boiling, can be used for making gravy. The second option for fighting hard beef – the slow cooker. It place the ingredients and set the desired mode.

Simple recipe for goulash

Meat cooked in this recipe, has a soft texture and delicate taste. Willing to eat children and old people, besides, to make this beef is simple: you can cook using a slow cooker, on the stove.

For a tender stew with gravy the ingredients:

  • about a pound of lean beef;
  • fresh tomatoes – 4 PCs.;
  • one onion of medium size;
  • 150 ml of sour cream of any fat content;
  • salt, pepper.

To make a tasty dish, observing the following sequence:

  1. Onion shredded knife, cut the meat into small cubes.
  2. Mix beef with onion put in a container for cooking goulash, add sunflower oil.
  3. Stir fry over high heat, stirring constantly, about 10 minutes.
  4. Scalded with boiling water tomatoes remove the peel, crush and add to meat with onions, add salt and pepper.
  5. The mixture was stirred, cover with lid, prosushivayut on low heat for 40 minutes, stirring regularly.
  6. If the beef is cooked in a slow cooker, the ingredients lay at the same time and in the mode "quenching" cook for 40 minutes. At the end multivarka will signal about readiness.
  7. Add sour cream, stir, bring to a boil and immediately turn off. The finished dish should stand under cover for 5 minutes. When cooking in a slow cooker add the sour cream just before serving.

Chefs recommend to serve this meat dish with gravy to the side dish of pasta and crispy cereals. A delicious combination and such meat with a side dish of mushrooms.

Recipe of goulash with sweet peppers

Spicy and tasty meat dish is considered a must-have addition not only for everyday lunch, but diversifies and festive table.

To make a spicy meat stew, prepare the ingredients:

  • a pound of beef;
  • sweet Bulgarian pepper – 3 pieces;
  • a pair of bulbs;
  • a couple of tablespoons of red pepper;
  • 60 ml tomato paste;
  • a glass of red dry wine;
  • 60 grams of sour cream;
  • salt, pepper, olive oil.

The sequence of preparation:

Recipes delicious beef goulash with gravy
  1. Beef cut into small cubes, onion – thin half-rings, pepper – thin strips.
  2. In a preheated pan add oil, meat, fry until soft, salt and pepper.
  3. Add the onion, peppers, stir fry a few minutes, introduce the tomato paste, wine and half a Cup of boiling water.
  4. Mix cover with a lid and stew over low heat for an hour or hour and a half, depending on the hardness of the beef.
  5. For a quarter of an hour before end of cooking, add sour cream.

To cook spicy beef with gravy can be in the slow cooker. Make it easy: all the ingredients just put in a bowl multivarki, set the mode "meat" and "fighting", cooking time – an hour and a half. The sour cream in this dish to add is not necessary, it can be put in the hot stew before serving.

Recipe of beef with apples

Sweet and sour delicious goulash with gravy cooked on the classic recipe with the addition of apples.

List of foods for delicious meat dishes:

  • half a kilo of beef;
  • Apple of medium size – 3 PCs;
  • a pair of bulbs;
  • carrots – 2 PCs;
  • salt, pepper.


  1. The beef is cleaned from films and sinews, cut into small cubes, salt, pepper.
  2. Fry in sunflower oil until Golden brown, put in the pot or bowl multivarki.
  3. Apples are cleaned from skin and core, cut into cubes, onion – small rings, carrot RUB on a coarse grater.
  4. The fruit and vegetable mixture stir fry until soft, add a couple tablespoons of tomato paste, one tablespoon of flour, mix.
  5. Roasted blend shift in a pot or slow cooker, add water or a little broth for gravy, salt, spices, Bay leaf.
  6. To prepare this tasty stew can be for hours on low heat or in a slow cooker , braising.

Beef goulash with gravy in slow cooker is cooked for about an hour, while be sure to consider recommendations for cooking meat specified in the instructions.

Delicious goulash on white wine

Gourmets prefer meat recipes with addition of different wines: white, red, dry or sweet. Recipes for such delicacies a lot, especially popular beef goulash with white wine, which is prepared in the traditional way or in a slow cooker.

For this dish you should cook ingredients:

  • a pound of beef or veal;
  • a pound of carrots;
  • 30 g butter;
  • 10 grams of flour;
  • a pair of bulbs;
  • 30 g low fat sour cream;
  • salt, spices, a bunch of parsley.


Recipes delicious beef goulash with gravy
  1. Cut the meat into small cubes, placed in a container for fire, pour a small amount of water .
  2. Add salt, onion, cut into rings. Over medium heat prosushivayut until soft.
  3. The second crushed onion, carrots rubbed on a medium grater, prosushivayut until soft, pour dry white wine, add sour cream.
  4. Sauce bring to the boil, pour the meat, heated on a slow fire for a quarter of an hour.
  5. Finely chopped herbs are added before serving.

Calorie content of this second course are high, as when cooking use small amount of fats and oils. Prepare this delicious goulash in the slow cooker, adding the prepared meat and sauce in a bowl multivarki. Further cooking takes a little time: enough to put a mode "heating" for a quarter of an hour.

Saturated fragrant meat sauce, after the signal of readiness immediately to open the slow cooker it is better to wait another quarter of an hour.

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