Recipes for suckling pig whole in the oven

Milk is considered to be the pig, who turned three months and he still sucks the uterus. This animal is very tender and flavorful meat that cannot be compared to anything. Appetizing carcass baked whole with a stuffing and without it, and cooked on a spit.

Let's look at the detailed instructions for the preparation of the festive meals that were served at the table of the kings.

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Suckling pig on a spit

This dish has its own quirks that you need to consider to make a truly delicious dish with a tasty crust and tender flesh. It is best to use birch coals that give the meat a wonderful flavor. In General, the prepared ingredients are enough for 8 servings.

For cooking you should take the pig.

  1. for the brine: 2.5 liters of water, 0.5 tbsp sea salt and 1 tablespoon of spices;
  2. for the marinade: 4 tbsp. vinegar, 2 tbsp. spoons of sea salt and allspice, 1 teaspoon of red pepper, 3 onions and 2 bitter pepper.

Manual preparation:

Recipes for suckling pig whole in the oven
  1. the pig carcass shall be thoroughly washed both outside and inside. Then, using paper towels, Pat dry it. To prepare the brine, mix the salt with spices, and then dissolve the mixture in water. So good to proselyte meat on all sides, it is necessary to take a large syringe and prepared to cut away the brine the carcass, missing legs, heads, etc.;
  2. prepared pig tie tightly on all sides with fishing line. In that case, if there are special clips to the carcass, then use them. It's time to plant a pig on a spit and set it over the fire. Constantly flip the chicken to cook evenly;
  3. you need to make a marinade for roasting, clean the vegetables and cut them in thin rings. Connect in a separate container and add the remaining ingredients. Now you need to grease with marinade carcass from all sides. Repeat this procedure every 40 mins, a Similar procedure will help to get a beautiful and flavorful crust. On average, meat will be prepared 4-5 hours to test the readiness, you need a deep puncture the carcass at its thickest point and of holes must be allocated clear juice. Left to take the pig, garnish and serve.

suckling pig in a wine marinade

It is believed that the best marinade for pork is a wine that makes meat juicy, tender and very tasty. To serve the dish, you need hot to easy garnish, such as vegetables. Prepared ingredients are enough for about 8 servings.

In the recipe for this suckling pig includes the following products: pig weighing 2.5 kg of celery, 0.5 glass of dry red wine, 2 tbsp. spoon of mustard seeds, balsamic and soy sauce, and vegetable and butter, 0.5 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, 1 teaspoon paprika and peppercorns, salt, nutmeg and dry Basil.

Manual cooking meat in a wine marinade:

Recipes for suckling pig whole in the oven
  1. as we will cook in the marinade, it is necessary to begin. In a mortar, combine the Basil and other spices. Good do to reveal aromas of spices used. Place them in a bowl, add salt and then pour in the wine and soy sauce. Mix everything and after put the mustard, oil and vinegar. Again mix and leave for a while to mix the real thing;
  2. now go to the body, which needs a good wash and dry, both outside and inside. Then make incisions along, but should not be punctured too deeply. Such manipulation will allow a good promarinovatsya meat. Thoroughly lubricate the carcass from all sides with the prepared marinade. Take a bottle and wrap it with foil and then put in to the pig kept its shape;
  3. take a baking dish and place on the bottom of the celery and place the carcass. Leave it for 45 minutes for pork soaked fragrant mixture. Then prepared with butter, brush the tail, ears and heels, and then, these places wrap in foil. This will prevent the erosion of these delicate parts of the carcass. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Put the form and bake for 1.5 hours Serve garnished with the vegetables and herbs.

Stuffed suckling pig with liver

We propose to consider the original recipe, which is perfect for the holiday table. Unusual filling makes the dish very tasty and hearty. It is possible to apply just a light salad or snack.

For this recipe suckling pig whole should take: pigs weighing approximately 5 kg, 385 ml of white wine and broth, 1 tbsp. buckwheat 2 cloves garlic, 255 g of liver chicken and beef, a couple of bulbs, 55 g of dried mushrooms and lard, two eggs, 125 ml brandy, salt, pepper, 2,5 tbsp. butter and 1 tbsp vegetable oil, and 175 g of bacon.

How to cook stuffed whole suckling pig in the oven:

Recipes for suckling pig whole in the oven
  1. for starters, the carcass should be pour boiling water, scrape it, and then, with the torch sear. Thereafter, it should be a good wash inside and out and dry. The next step is cutting with a sharp knife carcass from the ribs, remove the bones, leaving only the legs. Then RUB inside and out with salt and pepper. To cook the pig whole, and must be carefully sewn with fishing line, but not to the end, to be able to fill the stomach with stuffing. Put the blank into the form, brush on all sides of brandy and leave in the cold for 10 h;
  2. to prepare the filling, you need the mushrooms, pour a couple of cups of boiling water and leave for 25 minutes then put them on the stove, boil and tilt in a colander. Mushrooms wash and cut into pieces. Take the saucepan with a thick bottom, heat the oil and fry it buckwheat and then pour the strained broth left over after cooking the mushrooms. After boiling, put the pepper and salt. Cook for 20 minutes at low heat;
  3. now go to the liver to be cleaned, to remove all the excess and cut into slices. Peel the onion with the garlic and finely chop them. Chop the bacon and sauté it in butter until Golden. Then add the liver and cook for another 5 minutes expiry time put everything in a separate bowl. In the same oil fry onions until zolotisty, then put the garlic and mushrooms. Cook everything for 3 minutes then pour 0,5 glass of wine and cook until it has evaporated;
  4. it's time to pour the broth and after boiling, simmer everything for about 6 minutes over high heat. Add the bacon with the liver and again boil. Then, remove the container with a plate and let cool. To the liver put buckwheat and pre-beaten eggs and put salt and pepper. All mix well so ingredients are evenly distributed;
  5. now take the pig and fill it tightly with prepared stuffing and sew the slit completely. Put the carcass in the form, seam side down, grease it with lard and wrap with foil. Bake in the oven you want to preheat to 200 degrees. Cooking time – 1.5 hours then remove the foil and wrap it only the ears, snout and tail. Drench the pig with the remaining wine and cook for a further 1 h.

We have offered the most popular options for cooking suckling pig, and whichever recipe you choose, the dish will turn out very beautiful and delicious.

Using the recipe for stuffed pigs, can experiment with fillings, for example, put fruits, prunes, greens, vegetables, etc.

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