Recognize a lover without words: how to understand the sympathy of the men on the non-verbal signals?

Sometimes we desperately want to know, interested in us any we man. Unfortunately, the myth that men in the truest sense of the word "take by force", is greatly exaggerated. We are all different, regardless of gender, and where one might Express his sympathy, the other will fall into a stupor at the sight of the object of his adoration.

Therefore, to equate the actions of every man to the only true and "put" is impossible.

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How to identify a man in love?

Recognize a lover without words: how to understand the sympathy of the men on the non-verbal signals?

Needless to say that many of them just can't Express his affection verbally, due to certain circumstances?

However, there are non-verbal manifestations of sympathy and interest on the part of man that is easily "count", knowing exactly what they mean. Gestures of sympathy from men to women is diverse, and if you want to know everything about them, we will tell you how to identify a lover "male" in the company!

Common known that the symptoms of female love pretty colorful beautiful lady literally "bloom", on her cheeks a slight blush, and her eyes Shine with happiness. Some women even lose weight quickly in a period of love and passion in a certain man. And what is men's sympathy for the external symptoms?

It turns out that the passion men can also manifest externally, and quite clearly and specific, which it is impossible not to notice with due attention. If you have a suspicion that someone fell in love with you or want to recognize it from a certain person, we will be happy to tell you about the non-verbal signs of liking male to female!

Gestures, looks, facial expressions

Lover man it's kind of hard to hide their sympathy, and it for anybody not a secret. When we feel that we are someone much like we experience a sort of euphoria, elation, inner harmony. Of course, all this is difficult to"mask" away from prying eyes. Men behave almost exactly the same as we are. Therefore, there are many signs of sympathy on the part of men that are easily recognized "the naked eye".

Which can give the interested in your person's attention?

Recognize a lover without words: how to understand the sympathy of the men on the non-verbal signals?
  • Look. A man in love always in a special way looks at his newfound passion. Be among a crowd of pretty girls, it allocates it. Often his eyes become particularly close, even, I may say, "fixated". When you respond in kind, the man usually looks away to the side. When a man in love looks at you, his eyes like glowin them you can see those "sparks", which are written in women's magazines. Due to their innate intuition, the woman simply can not miss that;
  • Gait. Another change happens to the gait. It becomes easy, like flying, or even those present at the dances. Often the man begins to hum tunes and primitivity. Which will agree, quite unusual for the typical representatives of the stronger sex in the normal life;
  • Worldview and Outlook. Love the guy changes radically in the eyes of others. He becomes more cheerful, frisky,and "easy going". He dominates the mood and cheerful spirit. They say that in this state he is able to"move mountains", and this statement is fully justified. By the way, it was during love men often make adventurous and reckless acts, quite unexpected for them. They can go into specific exploits, causing great surprise and bewilderment on the part of other people;
  • Gestures. In the children's "encyclopedias for girls" it was said that the interested young man always puts a toe in the direction of the object of desire. And this is true – the man always turns his leg back where there is love. And here it is important not to make mistakes – if you become a witness to other characteristics of the latent sympathy of man to woman, but the sock is not directed in your direction, accordingly, he sends them not you. Colliding with you, he's trying to get dolled up – touches the hair, straightens his tie, shakes off the"invisible dust" with the clothes. Another important "symptom" strong interest is laying thumbs over the belt of pants in front of, if a man's going to bare her. Moreover, this gesture is purely instinctive and uncontrolled, because in nature the male is always trying to show the female his genitals to indicate their clear superiority over rivals. One such "natural" gesture – putting hands in Trouser pockets with the thumbs up. Thus, the man tries to show his determination, will, strength of character;
  • Posture. If a man is in love, he tries to show the object of sympathy of all his "power" and "strength"which was given to him by nature. He is straight, straightens his shoulders, as if trying to show the width of the back. Often keep hands on hips and widely spreads legs, if showing the physical data. In conversation he turns to his beloved and his whole body listens very carefully to what she says.

Unlike the women's signs of sympathy for the man, the second expresses the location of more than "caution". If a woman is in the presence of his newfound hero often begins to falter, say the wrong thing and just be Frank nonsense, the man tries it to be more balanced, strong and smart. Because by its nature it is the male, and therefore, it does not have such weaknesses!

Colleague: how to recognize the signs of it's location to you?

It happens that the team has a lone, young, promising, and besides, a very nice employee who immediately becomes a target for women. Case often ends with "service novel", if some girl time to recognize the signals his sympathy towards her.

Male colleague: what are the signs of liking you?

Recognize a lover without words: how to understand the sympathy of the men on the non-verbal signals?
  • It distinguishes you among all. And can do it openly, for example, to praise you for a job well done, to set an example, admire your experience, skills and knowledge. He tries to be closer to you and interested in conversations with you. He often appears in places where it may "accidentally" meet up with you, even if its location they are totally inappropriate;
  • He looks at you. A closer look is always the sign of passion. However, it can be directed not only at you. Interested representative of the stronger sex can often draw their attention to where your aims. If a man stares at your lips, it signals sexual interest. In psychology often refers to "the devouring eyes", i.e. a detailed look at your entire body with the aim of remembering the details of an image;
  • He "undresses". No, of course not completely! However, if a man wants to give you a signal in your presence he can remove a jacket or vest, loosen his tie, unbutton the strap. All it says is that he wants to draw attention to yourself;
  • He invades your personal space, and in the truest sense of the word. Every person has so-called intimate zone located within the distance of an outstretched hand. We usually only allow family and familiar people. If a man wants to be in it – that's a great sign, it shows that he wants to get closer and start a relationship with you;
  • He tries to create tactile contact. Your colleague is constantly trying to touch you, to put his arm around her waist, placing a hand on a chair or stool where you are sitting? It speaks about serious interest. And thus, he instinctively shows other "males"that you are his territory, which can not infringe;
  • He shines in society. If a young person is constantly trying to demonstrate your wit or sense of humor in your presence, you're sure he really likes me. However, this signal should be seen as a package since it can be directed towards a completely different lady.

Signs of sympathy multifaceted and diverse, and in your case it is important to evaluate them in combination. You cannot rely only on one signal, considering it the only true. And then, do not forget that the guy theoretically can be other objects of attention, interest in which he involuntarily had to Express in your society.

Be wise and weigh all of neverbalfurther signs of sympathy right!