Red bag? And why not!

Probably no woman will dare to argue with this statement, especially if you will appreciate your own collection of clutches, shoulder bags, daypacks, sports pet, shoppers and God knows what.

Most interesting is that each new fashion season brings new models of accessories, and need to buy them will be able to withstand not every one of us. But among all the proposed splendor there is one product that should be in the wardrobe of every lady, irrespective of age or social status is a red bag. Worried that you have nothing to wear? In vain, and this article is the fact absolute proof.

The content of the article

What colors can be combined?

The advantageous of all, the red canvas, leather or leatherette bag looks with things of all shades:

Red bag? And why not!
  • black and white;
  • beige and grey;
  • grey and blue;
  • green and yellow.

How do you understand the problems with what to wear a flashy accessory, simply can not be.

For the statement of this fact given visual examples of what bag will be appropriate at any time of the year.

How to dress in the summer?

If you are going to walk, consider opportunity to compose a bow out of her short denim shorts or skirts green, yellow or blue hue, striped black and white top and neutral footwear.

The latter, incidentally, can also be red, and a couple of thin bracelets, earrings-studs or pendants.

Another version of what is acceptable to wear open-toed the bag, suggests the presence of light blue jeans, red top and blue small ornaments. The makeup must be scarlet lipstick, and nose is to hoist the huge sunglasses, again, with the red piping.

How to be appropriate in the office?

Women's dress codes are not as stringent as men's, but because, in the presence of imagination, even boring work, the bow can make a stylish, bright and emotional. To do this, try to combine a black skirt permitted length (corporal cropped pants) with black, white or red shirt/a shirt.

From jewelry and fashion jewelry permissible to wear concise and low-key chains and earrings made of gold or silver. On the feet will look good varnished shoes black on elegant heels, although you can use composite (red and black) sandals, of course, not at the expense of corporate rules.

In addition, "fire" bag goes great with a classic Trouser suit in white, under a jacket or vest which will be a red blouse or shirt. In this case, there is no need for decorations because the look and so get expressive and catchy to the eye.

Color autumn

Red bag? And why not!

Red big bag or small clutch in the same color – an autumn must-have, the best way looking at the background of brown-red-yellow warm clothing.

So, in the cool of the day women's shoulders can warm cloak leopard, under which it makes sense to wear a black blouse or top.

Feet be dressed in classic black pants (can be shortened), and spotted ankle boots. Naturally, the hands must be either a chic suede bag in shocking scarlet hue, or the same coloring shopper (guided by circumstances).

Fashion experts claim that such a bow can be worn even to the office, not to mention the urban Proms.

If you are going specifically for work, expressive clutch-the Ouija Board is allowed to combine with beige or classic black suit, simple shoes the same color and minimal jewelry.

If you are not afraid to experiment, the bag or clutch can be arranged with dark green clothing warm knit, for example.

How to stand out gray in the winter?

Adherents of the classical style can be recommended to wear a scarlet bag or clutch with grey bottomed-trousers, grey, beige or black coat, warm boots or high boots of black color.

Fans of the bizarre will love to wear a scarlet bag or clutch, in company with blue pants, a black coat with real fur blue warm shoes color of ripe cherries. As for footwear, in this case, you can wear beige or just black boots, and the accessory can be freely thrown over the shoulder.

In a restaurant or at a party

Red bag? And why not!

It all depends on what is supposed to be the final image. If women's fantasies paint it romantic and gentle, the clutch bag or dress up bag along with a short white dress with lace trim, patent leather shoes or sandals of white color with red decorative elements, white coat and a minimal set of jewelry with hints of cherry.

Clutch or handbag in a fateful way should be combined with a short black dress in the style of Coco Chanel, the Golden neck chain, red shoes or sandals. In the absence of such can be worn and black shoes. Teach that the image of lady vamp does not accept wearing the accessory over the shoulder!

Spring Rhapsody

In the spring of the desire to wear bright clothes and accessories becomes unbearable that pushes women's minds on the creation of absolutely incredible bows.

Not to join the army funny and ridiculous-looking fashionistas, try wearing a scarlet bag with things like:

  • Beige blouse, red pants, Nude shoes or ankle boots. Do not forget about stylish and low-key jewelry, large sunglasses beige optics;
  • Denim shorts and thick tights, grey or white shirt or a cardigan with fur trim and beige ankle boots. This look more urban than the previous one, because the accessory can be draped over a shoulder.

Recommendations of stylists

Women's masters of beauty advise to take large bags with short handles those girls whose height reaches the standard model. Low more compact fit or sport variation with a short handle, visually make their possessor more below.

Bag should not swim spontaneously, it should be measured, inspect for functionality, study the tone and General usability.

Note that the expensive accessories extremely ridiculous in combination with a budget wardrobe, and Vice versa.

A good and stylish you way!