Relief during pregnancy: how to use the drug

During pregnancy the body of the mother changes a lot, and not always in a positive way. One of the most unpleasant problems is hemorrhoids. In the process of development of the fetus increase the size of the uterus so it begins to compress the blood vessels of the pelvis. Relief – effective tool, which will help to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of hemorrhoids. Instructions for use of the drug for pregnant women — in our article.

When carrying a child is often the first signs of hemorrhoids are: bleeding, swelling of the anus, difficult bowel movements, burning, and itching. The disease brings a lot of discomfort. Mothers, the question arises whether relief during pregnancy without harm to themselves and the fetus, because the drug has potent analgesic and hemostatic effect.

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Relief during pregnancy: how to use the drug

Due to the natural composition of the relief is completely safe. It causes the minimum number of responses of an organism. Therefore, manufacturers argue that rectal suppositories or ointment can be safely used during pregnancy, after childbirth and during breastfeeding.

Ointment and candles relif are similar in composition. The main component is the oil, made from shark liver, which accelerates the healing process and reduces the chances of possible inflammation.

Besides it, the drug comprises phenylephrine, which constricts blood vessels in the anal area, reducing puffiness.

The preparation also contains excipients:

  • cocoa butter, softening their introduction and facilitate their rapid dissolution;
  • vaseline, which not only softens the mucous membrane, but also has anti-inflammatory effects;
  • zinc sulfate leads to a rapid healing of microcracks and wounds in the mucous gland.

However, for all the benefits in the instructions for use to Relish is marked: "apply With caution during pregnancy and lactation".

Some doctors do not recommend this drug during pregnancy: according to them, it is unknown how relief can affect the fetus.

Forms of release of the drug

Relief during pregnancy: how to use the drug

Pharmacies relief is presented in several forms:

  • rectal suppositories and ointment relif,
  • rectal suppositories and ointment relief advance,
  • rectal suppositories relief Ultra.

Each applies in certain forms of the disease. Therefore, the choice of means must be correct that the treatment lasted as efficiently as possible and less time.

During pregnancy it is recommended to use candles or ointment relief or relief advance if hemorrhoids are accompanied by severe pain, bleeding and itching.

Part of relif-Ultra is hydrocortisone is a hormonal component which can adversely affect the course of pregnancy, getting from the mother's blood into the baby's blood. Be careful when buying medications.

Indications for use

  • Hemorrhoids at different stages;
  • micro - and macrocrack in the anus;
  • proctitis;
  • frequent constipation;
  • eczema.

Before applying the ointment or enter candles relif, should carry out hygienic procedures. The results from the use of drugs have to be involved for regular use and after the full course of therapy.

Instructions for use for pregnant women

Relief during pregnancy: how to use the drug

The statement pointed out that the use of drugs can be up to 4 times a day. Your doctor may prescribe a lower frequency of applying ointments.

Apply the ointment needs to dry and clean skin.

In the evening to enter the candle can be in different time as before to do this, it is recommended to go to the toilet.

The body of a pregnant woman is particularly sensitive, so you can receive the response to the medication. So all the time you need to observe your sensations. If there is itching, rash, burning, it is necessary to discontinue Relife and to report any discomfort to your doctor.

In addition, the statement pointed out that it is better to use only the ointments, as the candles relif during pregnancy have lots of side effects.


If it is correct to apply the medicine in accordance with doctor's orders and instructions, relif well tolerated.

However, if you happen to overdose on medication, you can cause complications of the cardiovascular system. In pregnant women can significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Due to overdose liver oil shark impair the clotting of blood will form clots.

There are also individual intolerance of the drug relief.

Careful should be persons suffering from permanent hypertension or arrhythmia.

Side effects

Relief during pregnancy: how to use the drug

Strictly observing the instructions for use, side effects appear very rarely. Moreover, the response of the body manifests these symptoms: allergies, accompanied by severe itching and redness of the skin in the anal area. Very rarely an allergic reaction spreading to other parts of the body. When using candles itching may spread to the inner part of the anus, so to eliminate it would be extremely difficult.

To quickly relieve Allergy symptoms, it is recommended to take a warm shower, washing thoroughly damaged skin. The top should be dusted with starch or baby powder. You can also drink medications, allergies, consultation with a doctor and read the instructions.

Thus, relief is an effective treatment for hemorrhoids that is used during pregnancy. But it should be done as carefully as possible, following the dosage and follow the instructions.