Removal of pigment spots on the face

In order to understand how to get rid of age spots, let's first deal with the causes. Such reasons there is quite a lot.

But we consider the main faced by most women of different age groups:

Removal of pigment spots on the face
  1. The ultraviolet radiation. This is the most common "provocateur" of dishromii. Excessive love "to sunbathe" or just a bright Sunny weather in the summer and spring cause in the skin increased production of the pigment melanin, which protects us from UV rays. If for some reason the body unevenly distributes the tan, then you have the so-called freckle – point fragments of hyperpigmentation located on the face, chest and hands;
  2. Diseases of internal organs. Often liver pathology cause of the question "how to remove age spots";
  3. Endocrinological changes, including pregnancy, can also cause dyschromia;
  4. Prolonged stress and vitamin deficiency.
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Methods of treatment

Before to treat dyschromia, the patient should consult and, if necessary, be examined by a physician, gynecologist and endocrinologist.

Some endogenous causes of hyperpigmentation, if not eliminate them, stop the process of irregular distribution of melanin.

Another important factor is to prevent this disease. All patients with this disorder should always use sunscreen means.

Folk remedies

The removal of small pigment spots on the face such as freckles, perhaps with the help of traditional medicine:

  1. A paste of grated cucumber apply on face and leave for about thirty minutes;
  2. Mix a tablespoon of yeast and one and a half teaspoons of lemon juice. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water;
  3. Mix three milk volume with one volume of vodka. Wipe bedtime this mixture face;
  4. Two tablespoons of chopped parsley, pour a half Cup of water. Infuse 60 min. Strain and add half a Cup of milk. Wipe this lotion face twice a day;
  5. Mix 10 grams of rice flour, 5 g of vinegar and 5 grams of honey until mushy state. Apply this mask 1 time a day for half an hour.

Beauty treatments

You can use special creams. They include a set of chemical and physical filters, so reliable, allowing even the hottest summer to apply active whitening products with hydroquinone, retinol and acids. They are not too thick and they are very comfortable to daily use.

Cosmetic procedures may also facilitate the removal of hyperpigmentation:

Removal of pigment spots on the face
  • It can be pilling – cosmetic procedures are actually "sanded" skin. Used in this procedure fruit ingredients help whiten updated after the procedure the skin. Depending on the complexity of the applied surface (with hydroquinone and kojic acid), median (phenolic) or deep peeling. But, this procedure has several disadvantages – the skin is restored for a long time, there can be scarring;
  • Mesotherapy – injecting use of whitening products directly to the area of hyperpigmentation. This procedure can be used before to treat deep pigmented spots with a laser, or after treatments to consolidate the effect;
  • Whitening mask, scrubs with fruit acids and vitamin C.

Removal for medical reasons

Some types of age spots can increase in size. Quite often this happens with nevi. On the one hand, this is a cosmetic problem, and with another – this may be the beginning of cancer in the skin.

In this situation, doctors recommend the removal of pigment spots. Quite often for these purposes in cosmetology used cryotherapy and surgical diathermy. Area of hyperpigmentation is treated with liquid nitrogen or cut coagulator.

With extensive lesions also used a skin graft. Surgically excised the affected tissue with all the deep structures, and in its place sits a healthy.

Laser removal

Removal of pigment spots by laser – a separate group therapeutic methods. They can help the patients even with dichromate in the deeper layers of the skin. The easiest way of treatment with laser photorejuvenation. Light energy is absorbed by pigment in the upper layers of the skin without damaging healthy tissues. Within a few days the stain completely disappears.

Removal of pigment spots on the face

Deeper damage to the cells allows the laser to remove pilling.

This high-precision procedure to remove the damaged pigment cells from the epidermis to the proper depth. The recovery period after such a scrub 3-4 days. And the complex version of the laser treatment is a fractional rejuvenation hyperpigmentation. If a pigment stain is localized in the very deep layers of the skin, treatment by other methods does not give the desired effect.

This procedure generates the micro canals in the skin through which, at the expense of macropanesthia, deleted the pigment. To summarize, we can say that the problem of hyperpigmentation in the moment, is quite treatable. It is important that the patient before you start to treat dyschromia turned to the experts.

After receiving adequate therapy for somatic diseases, it's easy to remove age spots on the face and other areas of the skin.