Remove the stomach and sides

The root cause of fatty deposits on the sides and belly is extra weight. Rigid diet will not help get rid of the problem, and will only lead to stress of the body and undermine the immune system. And then the question arises: how to remove belly and flanks? It's simple – we need to start eating right!

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Right and wrong food – what's the difference?

Remove the stomach and sides

Proper nutrition starts with common varied diet in small doses. You should think about limiting the consumption of products high in calories, as well as to exclude from the diet fried and fatty foods, sweets and pastries.

Proper nutrition requires mandatory consumption of large amounts of water, safe drinking, not teas, juices and coffee. To prevent swelling, you should drink infusions of diuretic herbs.

Necessarily, in parallel with the establishment of the process of your food build yourself the correct mode. Adherence is the basis of healthy lifestyle. Food should be taken at a certain time, approximately three to five hours.

Such a power schedule contributes to smooth change in blood sugar levels, as frequent erratic eating causes the sugar to rise, then drop sharply, which can lead to exhaustion of the pancreas which produce insulin. The result – diabetes.

One of the main rules of correct food intake is to refuse watching movies, reading books while eating. This leads to overeating, accordingly, there is a problem: how to remove fat from the abdomen.

Should be removed from the dining room or the zone diet, the TV, the computer should turn on some light music and plenty of delicious and healthy food. Chew your food costs carefully, it will help the brain time to signal satiety.

Remove the stomach and sides

The body should not experience lack of fluid. Try to train yourself for half an hour before meals drink a glass of water, which will allow you to eat without experiencing this period of famine. Water will help not to eat an extra serving and deprive the body of excess calories.

Good nutrition allows you to not give up bread, pasta, potatoes. Just keep in mind that they can eat before dinner, because this Trinity is the source of carbohydrates that without active motion of the body can develop in the folds of fat while you sleep and rest.

The Breakfast lasts the whole day, lunch will support the energy, but dinner should be given to the foe – let him swim Zhirkov! It is worth remembering that to remove belly fat and sides fast not work, because it is work steady but productive.

Generated diet

Weight loss help fiber, which contains the whole grain and durum wheat. And rich in fiber fruit and vegetables will contribute to filling the body with vitamins and will help move the bowels.

By the way – fruits provide vitamins, minerals, quick sugar giving energy. So if you are hungry – do not rush to buy a chocolate, eat an Apple or grapes, which will help to quickly restore energy reserves.

One should not lose sight of the proteins contained in cheese, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and cheese. In tandem with the fruits and vegetables they will help to remove fat from the abdomen and obviousa side. Proteins prevent the loss of muscle mass, speeds up the breakdown of fat layers.

Remove the stomach and sides

Do not exclude fats from a diet, not all are harmful. The skin requires them to maintain flexibility, the reproductive function of the woman needs them. The "right" fats can provide vegetable oil, nuts, seeds, fatty fish varieties. But without excessive fanaticism.

Proper intestinal function is an important factor in maintaining great form. Dairy products with a little fat will help the immune system to stay at the appropriate level and stabilize the bowels.

Yogurt home-made is a great helper in the struggle with the folds of body fat. But carbohydrates should be reduced to a minimum, but only reduce, not eliminate. Observing these recommendations, you can observe the reduction of the tummy and sides by the end of the first week proper diet and lifestyle.



For greater efficiency is to do intense physical activity. It will have to select themselves on the basis of individual preferences and body features: you can run, ride a bike, to swim, just walk a lot to visit the gym, shaping, aerobics. Designed for active movement is huge, you only need the desire.

High-intensity exercise that helps remove belly and flanks, will be helpers in this difficult matter. These exercises cause the greatest possible number of muscles to work during their execution in this period there is a consumption limit of the amount of energy.

Remove the stomach and sides

Exercises with a barbell, running on the treadmill, jumping rope, presidene with the load. All classes must happen in the company with the right regime and under the guidance of a coach, otherwise the result will be.

Also need to do the right thing. The exercise regimen is simple: to maintain high pace and minimal rest intervals (no more than 1 minute) to start the fat burning mechanism.

In the gym do not pursue a large weight shells, you don't need mounds of muscles and relief of the body and the lack of ironically.

And Jogging trails, taking you on a 15-20 minute jog at a moderate pace, will have no less effect than strength exercises.

Get rid of the extra "passengers"

The last great component of the tummy and smooth curves of the sides is the cleansing of the body. Body fat on the body is a consequence of a protective reaction of the body to increase the toxins and highlighting their harmful substances. Body cleansing must occur in a timely manner.

Funds for this procedure, offers a lot, ranging from cleansing enemas and ending with decoctions of herbs and pharmaceutical drugs. Even better – use the services of purification in sanatoria, boarding houses and day hospitals, which are held under the supervision of skilled professionals.

Remove the stomach and sides

Sleep is the best medicine. However, this expression is applicable only to ill people, and for losing weight women lack of sleep (up to seven hours of sleep) and oversleeping (more than eight hours of sleep) that contribute to body fat, which for our purpose is strictly not suitable.

So – get enough sleep! Stressful situation one to discourage the appetite, while others can increase it.

For a comfortable rid of excess fat stores avoid stress.

By following these rules, you will achieve real success:

  • Lose weight;
  • destroy the hated fat on the abdomen and bulging flanks;
  • acquire stunning skin color;
  • Will be the owner of a flat tummy!

Getting rid of excess weight is a treatment, and are Amateur to anything good will not.

All treatments – diet, cleansing, exercise should be supervised by a specialist. Lose weight correctly and your favorite jeans will sit on you perfectly!