Rid of cellulite

Is it possible to get rid of cellulite, which is complicated by excess weight and the almost complete lack of muscles? What if you don't want to drop the fat while your bones won't stick out, and dreaming of a toned, beautiful figure of a blossoming woman?

You need to begin your anti-cellulite exercise program to strengthen leg muscles and buttocks, and to stop the growth of body fat.


To get rid of cellulite in a week as promised by the master apparatus massage or sellers of body wraps and creams, really only those lucky women who saw their cellulite with a microscope, but still strongly pressed against the skin, that is, only at a very early stage.

Exercise and nutrition recommendations, which you will read below, is addressed to those who, soberly assessing his body with disbelief, glancing at the tube of cream, realizing that the problem went much further.

Recall the reasons for which most often occurs cellulite:

  • excess calories in the diet that are "deposited" in the form of fat cells;
  • the lack of muscles in the problem areas;
  • insufficient circulation as a result of a sedentary lifestyle;
  • the accumulation in the cells of the body of toxins;
  • a slow metabolism;
  • dehydration in the tissues of the skin and muscles;
  • narrowed hard the capillaries of the dermis.

Healthy habits will not leave the cellulite chances

If you do not eliminate the causes of the skin condition does not improve, and any cream will be powerless before the problem. Of course, those who have the opportunity to visit beauty salons and to place there hardware cellulite treatment, you can think that without much effort, just lying on the table of a beautician or masseur will return the skin a healthy and attractive appearance.

But any expert will confirm that a salon can only accelerate the result of your own efforts.

Hold your desire to obtain the perfect body develop new healthy habits:

  • drink clean cool water (non-carbonated) not less than 1.5 liters per day, preferably in the morning;
  • revise your diet, go for meat, fish, cheese, egg whites and vegetables instead of sausages, sausages, smoked meats, pasta and bread;
  • calculate how many calories a day actually requires your body, and do not exceed my quota;
  • perform daily exercises for the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen, hands for at least 30 minutes;
  • give up Smoking, choose a multivitamin and minerals and take them as means of accumulation of toxins (many vitamins are antioxidants and increase the ability of cells to eliminate toxins);
  • be aware of how much time you spend without moving and make it a quick walk or workout 1-2 times a day;
  • intensively cares for the skin — peeling, rubbing, contrast showers improve the functioning of the capillaries and fight with your cellulite.

A simple set of exercises cellulite

So, to get rid of cellulite on legs, load the muscles, which in everyday life are weakened from disuse, and give place to fatty tissue. Last grow under the influence of the above factors, is gradually degraded, and there is orange peel effect.

Power loading and protein diet will quickly create you muscle relief, and after some time, fat tissue "surrender", and the cellulite will disappear forever. You definitely need a tape-expander and dumbbells or weight (ask a loved one, take time with friends, buy in-store sports equipment — the cost will justify itself).


The fact is that to develop muscles only by with the weights and exercises based on the work of its own weight (like push-UPS or crunches) will be of little avail. Choose expander medium-hardness and dumbbell weighing at least 7 kg.

By the way, the tape-expander can simultaneously load the legs and the press, so it's a great way to get rid of belly cellulite. In an hour after a meal, necessarily consisting of servings of meat (150-200 g), start the training.

If you do it on an empty stomach, your body will take energy from muscle tissue (not fat as many think) and you will get the opposite effect — flabby body.

Enjoy and go!

1. Gluteus Medius muscle. Secure the tape on the ankles. Lying on side, lift leg, which turned out to be the top hip up. 3 × 10 for each leg;

2. The biceps of the legs. Tape at the ankles. Lying on the abdomen, elevate the foot from the knee, feeling how tense the back surface of the hips. 3 × 15 for each leg;

3. The gluteus Maximus muscle. Move, as in the last exercise, only lift the whole leg from the hip, tense your buttocks. 2 × 15 for each leg;

4. The quadriceps femoris. Lying on your side, bend the knee of the leg trapped on top, and set foot near the knee of the outstretched leg. Tape on the feet. Lift straight leg, slightly averting her back. Feel the stress on my inner thigh. 2 × 10 on each leg;

5. The lateral thigh muscles and the biceps of the legs. Tape on the feet. Lying on your back, with a force of dilute legs in different directions. Do not try to breed them wider, your goal is maximum strain. 3 × 10;

6. The muscles of the back, buttocks and the press. Tape at the ankles. Standing, with a force pull straightened leg back but do not bend it at the knee. 2 × 10 on each leg;

7. Quadriceps thigh muscle and press. All as in the last exercise, only lift the leg forward you need. 2 × 10 on each leg.

Rest between sets 2 minutes, at the end of relax, making free kicks. Can be a little portaguese, trying to touch your palms to the floor.

30 minutes after class, eat a slice of lean meat or boiled the whites from two eggs — it helps muscles recover after exercise and grow, displacing the fat.

Squats with weights is another great way to make the cellulite disappear from your thighs.

Remove the house shoes. If you have weak knees, the first time can wear the elastic bandage, not tight. Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell (suitable disk from rod weighing 5-7 kg).

Feet shoulder width apart. The back is smooth. Arch your lower back, lift your head up. Slow and deep squat, trying to do it by the efforts of the buttocks.

Hips in the squat pull back a little, resting on the floor with my heels and not the toes of the feet.


Perform as many sit-UPS in one set as you can, but not less than 5 times. You need to do 3-4 approach.

Subject to the recommendations and the protein diet you will soon notice positive changes: the legs become stronger, puffy, decrease the visible "bumps" of fat, the skin becomes Pinker and warmer to the touch. The more time passing, the more regular your efforts, the slimmer and more beautiful will become the legs, butt and waist.

Will make sure on own experience, that using these workouts to get rid of cellulite at home after 6 months, and a year later bravely posing for beach photos in bikini.

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