Rid of excess weight using protein diet

Today there are a huge number of methods of losing weight, among which I would like to select protein option for women. Scientists have proven that diet on serum helps to develop muscle mass, and it allows you to control the feeling of satiety.

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Than effective protein diet for weight loss?


Protein called protein is derived from milk. This dietary Supplement, but it is not artificial. On absorption the body has to spend more energy than the processing of fats and carbohydrates. Due to this the process of weight loss. Moreover, this substance reduces the level of hormone which regulates appetite. The greater the number of the menu, the longer one feels saturation.

Whey protein also contains minerals, lactose and a small amount of fat.

Today it is sold in powder or cocktail. It is worth saying that the range is quite high, but it is best to choose the option in which low lactose, but the amount of amino acids, on the contrary, increased. Be sure before you buy read the composition, to avoid the drugs, which include chemical additives, and they are known to be harmful to health. As for flavors, there are neutral options, as well as with different flavors.

There are special schemes for getting rid of excess weight, based on the use of supplements, and it's just used in addition to the already known techniques. For example, the protein on the Dukan diet is highly recommended, if you can not eat protein foods.

By the way, this protein method of weight loss is the most popular. Women who follow the Dukan diet, add protein powder in a variety of baked goods to increase protein intake. This option is suitable in case if it is not possible to obtain the necessary amount of conventional products. There are different variants of food additives, soy protein isolate is suitable for vegetarians, and others with a diet Dukan better to lose weight with whey protein.

Diet for weight loss with protein – principles

To achieve results, it is important to make a menu based on existing rules. By the way, nutritionists do not recommend the use specifically proposed menu as to develop them better tailored to individual preferences in food. Otherwise, the result will be not easy to achieve. Another important point – losing weight is not only important to eat right but also exercise regularly.

A protein diet is based on the following principles:

  1. Experts do not recommend to follow this diet more than 10 days. At the end of this period it is important to go on the menu proper nutrition, otherwise, to keep the weight fail. After 2 months. protein days can be repeated;
  2. The basis of the diet – limit consumption of carbohydrates. So, the daily rate is not more than 150 g. it is Important to exclude from the menu of store desserts and sweets as well as pastries. In General, if you want to have a beautiful figure, then, the sweet carbohydrates should be abandoned;
  3. Protein diet for weight loss women, regardless of the number of days is based on a fractional power. The menu includes 5 meals, 2 of which are snacks;
  4. Diet involves maintaining the water balance, so the daily rate is 2 l. it is Recommended that before each meal drink 1 tbsp. of liquid;
  5. Menus for these days it is important to build on the right foods, choose lean meats, fish, dairy, vegetables, etc. In losing weight by this method it is important that the protein on the plate was more than the carbs 2 times;
  6. Diet protein be effective if the first dose consumed in the morning and a second time for a couple of hours before training, and the third one hour after the classes. The protein portion replaces a full meal on the menu.

Protein diet, as well as other methods for weight loss, can harm, if not to take into account existing contraindications. Before developing the menu, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. This technique of weight loss is prohibited to pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as underage people. Protein menu is not suitable for patients with diabetes, cancer, and hepatic and renal failure.

What is best energy diet or protein?

Today, the network often can see the advertising of cocktails for weight loss energy, which are sold with different flavors. This product is a functional food, i.e. it is used to replace a full meal on the menu. In addition to protein, these smoothies contain vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers in a balanced amount. This information which has been offered by the manufacturers.

But what the product actually is?

It is important to know the source of these nutrients and based on the enclosed information, energy is not any unique product and, in fact, is a regular protein-carbohydrate cocktail, which is practically no different from other cocktails for sports nutrition. So to say that it is better this Supplement or protein, focusing on composition, not because it's almost identical powders.

Diet Supplement energy is based on a program that consists of 3 stages:

  1. Start – 3-5 days. The menu includes 5 meal from cocktails and 2 portions of green vegetables. The calories are 1200-1500 kcal;
  2. Stage of weight loss. During this period, instead of 2 receptions cocktails in the menu should be 2 full meals. Give preference to a useful and low-calorie food. The number of days depends on the desired result;
  3. The support point. The menu includes 3 full meals, i.e. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a result, the energy is taken as a snack. Days are calculated individually.

Now you know how to use protein diet to achieve results in weight loss.

Use these tips to develop a menu, and then the result on the scales will not be forthcoming.

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