Ringworm in children. How to deal with it?

Any loving parent who wants your child only benefits and of course health will grieve the sudden illness of the baby. Often parents are not able to be traced and to protect the child from an imminent threat.

Still to be prepared and knowledgeable would not prevent any parent, especially when it comes to fighting for the health of the baby. Now we are talking about one of the nasty infectious diseases – namely, shingles in children.

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Ringworm has its varieties:

Ringworm in children. How to deal with it?

  • Ringworm. The main symptoms of the disease is characterized by red spots are round in shape, occur mostly in the hair, nails and skin. In these places, after the acquisition of the disease, dominated by itching and flaking of the skin. Ringworm is passed to the baby mostly from animals;
  • Shingles. The characteristic features of this species of lichen is a bright spot reddish, located in the intercostal areas of peeling skin or swelling of the skin, vesicular rash, causing, as a consequence, severe pain;
  • Pityriasis versicolor. This kind of lichen is characterized by a variety of colors, stains are yellow, brown and pink. Appear on his chest, his back and shoulders. This lichen does not cause irritation and itching and are not dangerous to people, because it is practically the most harmless to the body;
  • Red lichen. For this kind of characteristic red spots of different sizes, causing intense itching and widespread throughout the body of the baby. It is also known that oral mucosa stains contain liquid;
  • Pityriasis versicolor. The spots have a pale pink hue, appear almost all over the body. If this disease is left untreated, the spots will be finished in yellow-brown shades.

Symptoms of zoster in children

In fact, ringworm is a skin fungus that manifests itself most often in the summer. It can detect spots on parts of the body, in the area of the sweat glands.

Ringworm in children. How to deal with it?

The term "ringworm" can include a whole subset of diseases of the skin, therefore, to define clearly, what he looks like, is simply impossible. We can only assume the development of the disease on the basis of common symptoms that occur in this disease.

Symptoms of lichen appear almost anywhere – abdomen, legs, shoulders and the hairline of the skin. The skin becomes irritable, itchy and scaly. Sometimes the disease becomes more serious, the body temperature rises, about 38-38, become inflamed and increase lymph nodes.

Causes for depriving children

Very often in a kid's body get viruses and fungi that is causing the infection. Usually, the focus of infection of this disease, lies in places of a mass congestion of people – in swimming pools, kindergartens etc. in Addition, the cause of the disease can be interaction with animals (cats, dogs) and birds.

The baby's immune system is extremely weak, which is a cause of depriving. The same causes may lie in genetic predisposition, intolerance of certain drugs, allergies or respiratory diseases.

How to treat ringworm in a child?

Ringworm in children is not recommended to treat at home. The disease to be treated immediately, and only under the supervision of an experienced physician.

If you are lucky, your treatment will be limited to just the hygiene, or perhaps it will not be a strict diet. But in difficult situations will have to resort to ointments and other doctor appointments. In no case do not start the treatment of lichen have children on their own without the supervision of a specialist.

Remember: to accelerate the treatment of lichen, resort to the following methods:

Ringworm in children. How to deal with it?
  • It is necessary to exclude for an indefinite period of time, carpets and soft toys;
  • If your child is ill, then to iron and wash his clothes need to separately;
  • The room of the sick daily need to disinfect, including soft toys, carpets and linen (if you get in on time);
  • Change bed sheets as often as possible;
  • In no case can not bathe the children;
  • To put a sick child in need of cotton clothing, it is breathable and has the ability to absorb excess moisture.

Ringworm requires separate consideration. Treatment of ringworm in children is the use of antifungal ointments, since they are freely available in pharmacies. Treatment of ringworm must appoint a physician.

The treatment uses the same ointment, for treating foot fungus. It is necessary that the ointment contained 1 or 2 percent of miconazole, or clotrimazole. It is important before applying ointments, to pay attention to an allergic reaction of your child to such funds. The ointment is rubbed into the itchy areas of the skin and be sure to around them 2 times a day.

Treatment should also continue for 1-2 weeks after disappearance of the rash. Hands should be thoroughly washed before applying the ointment on the skin. For scalp recommended antifungal shampoo.

Prevention of zoster in children

To prevent disease can a healthy and strong immune system, which needs to be strengthened starting from early childhood and throughout development.

In addition, you must:

Ringworm in children. How to deal with it?
  • to provide the child with adequate nutrition;
  • every day you should do exercises with the child;
  • from an early age need to resort to the procedures of hardening the child's body;
  • in winter and autumn seasons, children especially need vitamins and minerals, then include them in everyday use.

Parents are advised to monitor the environment of the child with whom he is walking, where and how it is played. Need to explain that after interaction with all animals, it is necessary to carefully wash hands with soap and water.

You need to constantly monitor the condition of the skin of your pet. So you can prevent disease in advance and not be allowed to infect your baby.

I should say that any disease, including ringworm in children, cure is much more difficult than to warn her. Beware!