Rottweiler: characteristic of the breed

If you want to get a dedicated advocate, a better candidate than a Rottweiler, you are unlikely to find. Dogs of this breed have a long history of existence, and his career started as watchmen of the sheep and goat herds.


But the universal world fame caught up with Rottweiler only in the middle of the 20th century.

How complex this dog to care for, and will not cause harm whether it is your child? The answers to these and other questions placed below.

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Description of appearance

Chances are that you have already repeatedly met representatives of the breed on the streets of the city. But we don't miss the opportunity to pay attention to conventional standards of appearance.

Thus, the main traits of the Rottweiler's true origin:

  • Males can not be higher than 68 cm, weight 50 kg, while their "ladies" grow up to 63 cm, and should not score more than 42 kg;
  • The life expectancy of a healthy animal, 10-12 years;
  • The body of the dog is strong and muscular. The head is of medium parameters, the muzzle is short and strong;
  • Dark eyes almond-shaped;
  • The average ears are triangular in shape, somewhat lowered down;
  • The neck is of medium length and very strong;
  • Broad and muscular chest;
  • Definitely docked tail;
  • Thick, coarse and short wool.

This description could be called a custom, as the list of distinctive features of the breed used by breeders, is quite extensive and complicated. That is why to buy a Rottweiler without the advice of an experienced breeder is not recommended.

The character of Rottweiler and his socialization

This pet different a difficult temperament, which leads him to attempt to dominate the host. They are able to demonstrate an enviable stubbornness, to test the strength of nerves of the owner and try to indulge in for no reason. But, above all, is the defender and caretaker, with a keenly developed territorial instincts.

Experienced breeders recommend to give a puppy aged between 8 and 12 months, the club of breeders, where he passes obedience school. If to carry back the dog is not possible, invite a specialist at home.

Remember that Golden or brown Rottweiler, not trained, can pose a significant threat to society. Evidence can serve at least the fact that the jaws of the dog link up with a force equal to 22 ATM.

If you want to have such a pet, remember that it:

  • loves children and his family, can not tolerate the loneliness and lack of exercises;
  • very aggressive towards other Pets, particularly newly made. To introduce into the family a new dog or cat to be very careful, simultaneously teaching the Rottweiler to coexist with the new roommate;
  • smart and well trained, but only if you are consistent and firmly minded coach;
  • needs at least two walks a day, one of which can be replaced by training.

This breed is prone to obesity, so their diet must be carefully controlled, dosing portions of food.

What guided the choice of this pet?

Rottweiler puppies are so adorable that you don't want to pay attention to any standards or distinctive traits of individuals of different sexes. But to make it still worth, as well as to purchase an animal from reliable breeders or large kennels.


You definitely should be able to learn pedigree dog, make sure her parents didn't suffer genetic or mental disorders.

Outset, the character of the Rottweiler-"ladies" bole flexible and soft, which in no way affects its guard or utility abilities. Of course, you expect such inconveniences as false pregnancy, romp with puppies or the complexity of the behavior of the female during estrus.

But all this is solved by sterilization or by showing patience. And if you have a family has children, or no experience in keeping dogs in the house, you should buy it girl.

Males, by contrast, tend to assert themselves, to demonstrate independence, isolation and stubbornness. Among their poor manners, I want to note the constant desire to mark territory, to escape and to move on, be linked to a "stranger" and so on. All that you need to strictly prevent.

Advice on maintenance and care

Description of the breed would be incomplete if not to mention that its representatives need a large area for habitation, so in a Studio apartment the Rottweiler will be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Ideally, if the dog will take a separate room or corner in which it will be soft, warm and cozy.

The main thing is to provide your pet long walks and active exercise. If you're a fan of long hikes, the Rottweiler will become your constant and tireless companion.

The diet of an adult dog consists of lean beef in the amount of 600-800 grams per day, boiled fish or chicken without bones, cereals and industrial feed.

In any case, do not overfeed the animal, otherwise health problems can not be avoided. The adult fed twice a day, while puppies under one year need to provide three meals a day.

Regarding hygiene, I want to say the following:

  • Golden Rottweiler should brush your teeth once a week, which is done with raw beef bones or specific toothpastes and brushes that are sold in pet stores;
  • Once a week the dog should clean the ears, using a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide or a weak solution of manganese;
  • Each month is nail clipping, which is best done in a salon;
  • Required regular trips to the veterinarian with a prophylactic purpose. The doctor definitely need to go to the case when the dog's eyes turned red or pus
  • The wiry coat of the pet should be brushed at least 2-3 times a month, which is done through specific brushes or mittens.

The basic rules of life with a Rottweiler

Experience with this species shows that in its relation there are two, completely different opinions. One is that how I live Rottweilers, so they play with the younger members of the family, becoming their protectors and loyal companions. Another proves the opposite. So what are we to believe?

So if your dog is balanced and well-behaved, it will be easy to adore your baby. In other cases, the Rottweiler will treat the child as a rival, so is characteristic of his breed. In this case, it is essential to give your pet the utmost attention and care, that he did not feel slighted.


Ideally, the puppy will not need to buy much sooner than you will be the heir, and after the last extension, it is also better not to. Ideally, when the animal and the baby appears in the house at the same time, instantly becoming members of a single "flock". But even in such a situation to leave a child alone with a dog is not necessary, in order to prevent careless injuries.

The Rottweiler is a very active dog, and the description of this breed is unlikely to be useful soft and emotional people, single women or the disabled.

They require close communication with the owner, long and multiple Proms with active games, proper training and so on. Only in this case, your friendship will not turn into a nightmare.

Rottweiler Personality