Saykova diet: lose weight correctly and effectively

Despite the total rise in food and an abundance of promising diets, the number of people suffering from obesity, not decreases. The reason for this weight, but the main is disbelief in their own strength and inability to withstand significant food restrictions. But there are some diets, which you can safely entrust your body and soul, since their development was engaged successful and experienced physicians.

One of these diets and is a system of eating created by Dr. Saikov, which actively uses the famous singer Larisa Dolina.

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The main rules


Saykova diet was created by doctor strictly purposefully. The doctor tried to help those people who had a maximum of 10 kg of excess weight. Initially it was assumed that these food restrictions will be able per week to lose weight up to 6 kilos.

After seven days polupoltina follows a week of "relaxation"and its length is allowed to eat low-fat milk, fish and meat, but in small quantities.

After the "rest" is followed by a second course of food restriction and relaxation that you need to alternate before the scales you will be fully satisfied.

So that the result is maximally entrenched, it is recommended several times a year to repeat this diet cycle, which assures Saikiv, perfectly normalize a real exchange.

Besides the fact that you have to strictly adhere to the prescribed menu, you will need to adhere to the following tips:

  • To eat you will need 6 times a day, making it every couple of hours. Have Breakfast at 8 am, while the last meal for 18 hours. After this time nothing to eat, and even fat-free yogurt is no exception;
  • Diet Dr. Saykova requires a person to drink a herbal tea 30 minutes before each eating. Tea made from 200 ml of boiling water and following herbal: tea bags of chamomile, one teaspoon of St. John's wort and calendula. Drink take ¼ Cup;
  • The limitation shall be the amount of fluid in the form of water and tea beverages. To fill the deficit of moisture suitable herbal infusion referred to above and a maximum 0.5 l of purified water per day;
  • Before you go to sleep, you should either make a cleansing enema or drink a laxative-type of the Seine;
  • Diet Sykova for up to 5 days does not allow changes in the order of the day consumed with food.

Positive and negative sides


Studying the menu of this way to lose weight, it is possible to note its scarcity, and even austerity as to eat you have to almost one yogurt, sometimes diluting it with added potatoes baked or boiled chicken breast.

Fans of the diet claim that to sit on it, put the number of days it requires no effort, and all efforts are rewarded with noticeable weight loss. But the problem is that if I can maintain these gains in the long run?

In addition, you need to consider the following points:

  • Saikiv did everything for the sake of his diet contained a minimum number of protein and fiber, with the result that it can safely be considered "hungry". This means that observing her you'll have to torture yourself with hunger for seven days, experiencing vertigo, headaches, nausea and weakness. Even St. John's wort, which has a tonic effect on the human body, and is part of the mandatory tea, not able to cover the energy deficit;
  • A diet that promises strong weight loss, it is difficult to maintain if you're not on vacation, because, working, fail to eat the right foods every two hours and always drink fresh and warm broth;
  • Such a diet is banned for 6 months after your confinement;
  • The outcome of this venture will depend not only on whether you observe the strict restrictions for seven days, but also on how well will past next week "vacation". It is recommended to reduce caloric daily intake to 1200 Kcal per day;
  • A diet impossible to combine even the most minimal physical exertion or sports, because your body will have the strength solely on the digestion of food;
  • The brain is not getting enough nutrients.

If you focus on the positive side, the following can be noted:

  • Diet can be regarded as a great method of extra weight loss before a very important event. Because she is "hungry", not to lose a few pounds is simply impossible;
  • There is an acceleration of matter exchange;
  • Removed the effect of stagnation of weight, as such radical dietary framework force body is active to expend fat reserves.

Contraindications and results

On a diet Saykova should not get in such cases:

  • child bearing or breast-feeding;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • violations occurring in the mental background;
  • pathology in the acute stage;
  • chronic diseases of intestine and stomach;
  • if a person has not reached 18 years of age, or its age exceeded 50.

To their own experience to verify the effectiveness of this diet, you need to organize the food for the week "rest", namely every day to Supplement the diet of no more than 120 Calories. It is assumed that 21 days there is a real opportunity to get rid of 10 pounds.

And this is despite the fact that the cycle of dietary restriction can be repeated until, until the mass of your body will not be perfect. Easy, comfortable and effective you weight loss!

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