Secrets of diagnosis of pregnancy using an inkjet test

Before each woman periodically in a particular context, the question of early diagnosis of pregnancy. Someone wants to know, can we see any consequences of reckless night of passion, and someone looking forward to the birth of a new life in your body or even for a long time and unsuccessfully trying to achieve conception.

Secrets of diagnosis of pregnancy using an inkjet test

Today, the efforts of scientists created several types of special devices that allow to capture the characteristic features that accompany the restructuring of the female body in that state.

They are called tests and are sold in pharmacies. Thanks to them, any woman can check if she is pregnant, without the help of the gynecologist and delivery of special analyses.

Some of the existing types of pregnancy tests have to choose depends on the goals you pursue and financial possibilities.

If you need to quickly determine their position with minimal cost, in such case, you can use the usual stripes. They are cheaper, and the result is a defined term has a fairly high reliability.

If thus you are limited conditions in which to do testing, use a more convenient inkjet the pregnancy test. It is a bit expensive, but does not require containers for collection of urine.

In case, when you purposefully plan conception and follow your cycle, you should take some time to spend on reusable digital inkjet test that gives the most reliable results. In addition to reliability, its advantage lies in the fact that it will be useful to you in the future.

Also for multiple use suitable tablet test, which can be described as a miniature laboratory: it consists of a number of cassette-reservoirs with the reagent, pipettes and containers for urine kit. They all work on the same principle, based on the detection of the presence in the urine of pregnant specific hormone — human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

Its concentration starts to increase rapidly in the blood and urine since joining the fertilized egg to the uterus. However, even the most sensitive test can fix it only at a concentration of at least 10 mIU/ml. But this happens only on the seventh day after fertilization. That is, to delay to know for sure, 100 %, whether you are pregnant, using any kind of home testing is impossible, but worth a try.

Now become increasingly popular inkjet tests to determine pregnancy to delay menstruation. It is a plastic case inside which the strip of fibrous material, which, absorbing, a good conductor of urine and which is applied to a reagent with antibodies to GHC.

A strip of reagent is in the information window. On the one side of the body end of the new strip is closed by a removable cover. It's got to get urine flow during the test. In the interaction of the reagent and HCG does the second strip of fibrous based test, which should indicate to you the onset of pregnancy. The first band is a control and indicates that moisture gets to the fibrous base and the test suitable for use.

Secrets of diagnosis of pregnancy using an inkjet test

In digital inkjet tests instead of the strips in the diagnostic window appears the inscription: "pregnant/not pregnant" or "yes/no". Some of these devices are equipped with a USB port through which it can be connected to the computer, which decrypts the result of the test. There is a special program, not only to confirm or deny the pregnancy, but also indicate its term.

Inkjet method of diagnosis is considered highly sensitive.

Its sensitivity is 10 Miu/ml, while the previous generation of tests strips, this figure is 25 mIU/ml.

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When you can do the jet test to determine pregnancy?

To conduct this type of testing is possible at any time of the day or night, just before using a day you need to refrain from fluid intake so as not to dilute the concentration of the hormone in the urine.

Reliable results can be obtained not sooner than the first day of a delay monthly, and even better to wait a couple days, repeat for rechecking of result.

How to use jet a pregnancy test?

To avoid errors and eliminate false results, testing should be performed strictly according to instructions.

Usually it describes the following sequence of actions:

  • carefully remove the device from the packing and remove the protective tip cover;
  • place the end of the fiber under a stream of urine and hold it there for 5-10 seconds;
  • place the test horizontally on a dry surface so that the information window, look up and wait a few minutes (time should be specified in the instructions, this is usually range from 1 to 20 minutes);
  • after you notice that in the diagnostic window like a wave, there should appear one or two bands.
Secrets of diagnosis of pregnancy using an inkjet test

If not a single strip, so the test procedure is carried out incorrectly, or in the test allowed the marriage.

If the jet test showed even a weak second strip, it still indicates elevated levels GHC, though not quite enough for absolute certainty. So you should be sure to check back in a few days — the bar needs to be much brighter.

Weak second strip of cause and other reasons.

If the second stripe is gray, it means that the reagent is for some reason not apparent, or dried out.

The level of HCG is maximum in the first morning urine, so the cause of the weak bands may be selected for diagnosis of the time of day, especially if within two hours before you drank the liquid (not even very much).

Not painted band may be due to the action of agents against renal failure or diuretics.

Poor quality in tests there is not enough reagent that gives a slight color.

If you really want to get pregnant in a certain period of time or just can not achieve conception, no matter how much you try, you may be able to use the jet test for ovulation.

As ovulation occurs once per cycle, and only in ovulation period possible fertilization of the egg, for planning of conception to know about the onset of this period is crucial.

The principle of this diagnostic is based on measurement of specific substances — luteinizing hormone (LH). It peaks about a day before ovulation. It helps to fix the onset of the period favorable for conception.

Now on sale there are many tests that determine the level of the hormone LH in the urine, blood or saliva. Also developed reusable ovulation test. It determines the level of LH in the body temperature. But more affordable and quite efficient jet device for testing the LH level in urine.

How to test for ovulation?

This survey is conducted several times daily, it is better that at certain identical time.

Secrets of diagnosis of pregnancy using an inkjet test

To determine when to start, subtract from the length of your cycle for 17 days.

For example, when the menstrual cycle is 28 days, start to measure the level of LH on the 11th day. As in the case of pregnancy, before these measurements can't drink within three hours.

Whatever the result, neither showed a pregnancy test to confirm it only by a qualified gynecologist on the basis of laboratory tests.

So remember the proverb "trust, but verify", take care of your health and enjoy life in a balanced way!