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The endless struggle against the living space in square meters has spawned such useful and functional trend as the zoning. Zoning the living – the most popular technique among professionals and Amateurs.

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Functional load living room


The so-called "room" usually has sufficient size to clearly demarcate areas inside it. Living standard can include elements of a study, nursery, dining room, hallway and hallway.

The rational use of its space will provide the owners of the house obvious benefits, will make the main part of the dwelling dynamic, comfortable, and optimized object.

The living room is the place where we gather regularly for family holidays, meet guests, hold celebrations and banquets. Of course, the interior of this room should meet all its intended purposes. Some people prefer a combination of working and entertaining area into one space. Others are implementing in their rooms the dining room, a dressing room and an arcade.

Determined by the style

Living room design may not be universally accepted. It is the part of the housing, which can combine weaving styles and fashion trends, in addition, it is almost always spacious enough to be a minimalist solutions.

The living room can be divided into 2-3 zones, you will need to carefully weigh the feasibility of finding each here. If you wish to divide the room into 4 or more parts, I suggest you leave this venture.

This distinction will make the room heavy, chaotic and crowded, which obviously does not add to his comfort and aesthetics. When designing the living room design with zoning, you must consider the integrity of the composition.

Part of the room should not contradict each other. For example, a very bad mix will be service and children's, dining room and gym hall and recreation area. Zoning the living – a kind of art that requires logical thinking, concentration, and the lion's share of attention to every detail.

Despite its name, a living room is meant more for households than for guests. Therefore, when designing your new living room will have to consider the psychological aspect and the aesthetic perception of each family member. Proper delineation of space should be aimed at marking territory.

If the space is too large, it is visually reduced, in order to neutralize the feeling of emptiness and "sterility". If it is small – will have to resort to various tricks for its visual extensions.

Detachable living room from dining room

The ideal solution is to combine room with a dining room. To do this correctly, it is important to consider some details in the interior.

By zoning living room and dining room, follow these simple rules:

  • The area where will be located a large dining table, it is advisable to install near the window. This will ensure the penetration of sunlight in the daytime and magical landscape of the city at night for dinner;
  • Install a small table on the dais. The podium can complement the shag carpet;
  • Area meals it is better to separate from the living room through shelving, plasterboard fragment, screens or false walls;
  • Let in the dining room are "delicious" mural depicting juicy citrus, sweet fruit and fragrant pastries;
  • Decorate a dining room rich accessories, without departing from the General stylistic solutions,
  • If you do not wish to set the podium zoned room by using a contrasting finish floor and wall covering;
  • Don't forget about the lighting. Let the living room a soft diffused light, and in the dining room – a more intense, coming from multiple directional sources;
  • Near the separating element (screens, partitions, shelving) can be set large flower in the pot-bellied pot.

Combine the living room with the Cabinet


If your goal is to combine a relaxation room with work area, this is best done with fixed partitions. Note the frosted and colored screens and sliding doors.

Zoning living room and working area involves a radical separation of one from another, as noisy gatherings or viewing television shows in five meters from you is hardly a positive impact on the workflow:

  • Performing zoning of the living room from the Cabinet, move the working piece in the quiet and secluded location of your room. It is, as in the case of the bedroom should not be passing;
  • The sunlight in the office is not principal, so you can choose a quiet corner away from the window. But artificial lighting should be as intense, so be careful about the abundance of his sources;
  • For a solid Cabinet perfect antique style, Renaissance or Empire style. The progressive youth will appeal to the registration office in the spirit of the loft;
  • Let your Cabinet is dominated by wood and metal surfaces, glass and gloss;
  • If you are brave, adorn the allotted space skins or paintings in a good framework;
  • Greens – a prerequisite for a healthy working atmosphere. On your table should show off a flower or decorative cactus;
  • The wall can be decorated with Wallpaper, or perform in the manner of masonry;
  • Consider the unity of styles: this is required in any zoning.

Living room and children's: an impossible combination?

Zoning living room and a full children's room is hardly possible, if to speak about the standard dimensions of the apartments of the Soviet construction. In this case, you will have to make uncommon share of ingenuity, effort and fantasy to delineate the already small space into two independent parts.

If you have such a problem, we recommend you to seek help from professionals, because Amateur here can only do harm.

The only thing that you can do yourself is to separate a small area of the living room, selecting and equipping it for children to play. Let they are dolls and cars baby, books and educational games.

Of course, you can try to implement in the room children's wall or a bunk bed. However, no one will give you the assurance that your child will feel comfortable in this environment.

If the area of the apartment is very voluminous, the distinction does not entail any problems. But it is better to contact the stationary walls and arches to form from one room to two, as your child will allow you a private space, inaccessible to outsiders.

Other options for offices: cabinets, shelves, portable partitions (screens), curtains, split-level floors and ceilings.

Win-win tandem: hallway and living room

The front door of your apartment is within the vicinity of the hall? It makes sense to remove all unnecessary walls, thus expanding the total area. Zoning living room and hallway – a common trick in the repair of small apartments.

It is possible to achieve a significant expansion of space, harmoniously combining the "reception" and "guest" zone.

Correct zoning living room and corridor involves the following rules:

  • Do not install the catwalk – it can be extremely inconvenient step in separating the hallway and room;
  • Create contrast in the finish – play with colors and textures, lay the hallway floor tiles and living room – quality laminate;
  • Leave in the hallway dimmed lighting;
  • Make sure to position at the entrance to the house is a large mirror, preferably full length is not only visually lengthen the space, but will be a useful attribute in the training camp;
  • The corridor can be separated from the hall by installing shelving with continuous shelves;
    Input part must be separated from hall with high furniture;
  • Complete hallway decorative items lampshades, candle holders, braces, hangers, textiles, vases, stucco, stickers or paintings.

If you came up with the idea of zoning a residential area, we advise you to consult with your designer. This question usually requires a good professional approach.

So, daring to fight for square footage alone, you risk to face unforeseen difficulties. You are not afraid? Then take a pencil and begin to create your own sketch! We wish you the best of luck in the implementation of creative impulses.