Self-control is the path to success in all endeavors

To achieve the highest performance in any area of your life, a person must have self-control. The skill of controlling their emotions and feelings accompanied by a full development of the personality.

There is a list of reasons why you just need to control yourself:

  • Control of emotions contributes to the preservation of positive health. You know, codepress and stress are the cause of many diseases. Although stressful situations can not be avoided, but emotional control allows to avoid further adverse consequences;
  • In extreme situations, self-control will help to make quick and right decision;
  • The ability to have their emotions will help to focus on achieving pre-set goals.

Each person seeks to learn to control their emotions for different reasons. But the main reason is the improvement of their lives.

What advice psychologists will help you learn to control your emotions?

First you need to understand which situation often causes negative experiences. To do this will help keeping a special diary. In one of the columns need to list caused by negative feelings. In another column we have to determine the situation that gave the start to the receipt of such emotions.

Using the table we can understand in what situations you need to exercise the greatest self-control. You can add another column where it will be analysed the current situation and ways to resolve it. In drawing up such a table will help to learn to control your emotions in similar situations in the future.

In addition to the records in the table to learn self-control by using the following guidelines:

  • Morning should start with a positive attitude for the day. Worth a smile at her reflection in
    the mirror and compliment yourself;
  • No need to overdo it at work. Need to make a list for the day and the first to accomplish the most important things. If too many of them it is necessary to redistribute the work in intervening and days. You should always take the time to rest;
  • Do not make hasty conclusions. The first reaction to the situation are emotions. You need to examine the reasons why there was a conflict. Do not be afraid to ask or to clarify the facts when communicating with people. This will help to avoid many conflicts.
  • It happens that the person feels that can't control their emotions. In this case, it is necessary to come up with a method of complacency. For each person these methods will be completely different. After calm is to analyse that conflict and determine the cause of the situation;
  • To avoid the consequences of the conflict, you can try to voice his fortune aloud. You need to find a precise definition of his condition. In such cases, the audience is not required. You can simply Express his pain into the void, but not necessarily out loud. It is not necessary to suppress your emotions, it will cause new stress, but not solve the problem.

For complete control over your emotions need to constantly work on themselves. Control over feelings and emotions is the key to success in all your endeavors and harmony in the family.

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