Sensitive issue: how to choose a laxative during pregnancy?

Every second woman during pregnancy is faced with the problem of constipation and is faced with a difficult choice: to suffer and wait, when all will pass or take a laxative. But you can do it and, if so, which way is better?

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What you should know pregnant about constipation


Which leads to difficulty with bowel movements?

If earlier the woman had not been exposed to the chronic form of the disease, the causes during pregnancy can be several:

  • Changing hormonal levels. The hormone progesterone is responsible for the tone of the uterus and preservation of the fruit, simultaneously reduces intestinal motility. It is believed that constipation is a natural protection mechanism of the embryo;
  • Compression of the intestine by the uterus. As its growth uterus gradually moves the organs and puts pressure on some of them. Such effects on the intestine disrupted its work, and that becomes the reason to take a laxative during pregnancy;
  • Iron-containing drugs. Their reception save expectant mothers from low hemoglobin and anemia. In this assignment you need to clarify with the doctor what laxative you can apply in your case;
  • Low physical activity. In the later stages this particularly affects the General condition of the body. Don't forget that in your area, most likely, there are a couple of clubs that hold classes for pregnant women. Stretching and breathing exercises that are included in the complexes of classes, facilitate the work of the intestine.

Of course, one of the main reasons is diet. Often when pregnancy is enough to change a little, to enrich foods with a laxative effect, and problems will be much less.

What products to choose and what to reject?

Fast food. This is the main "evil"that are harmful to health. He should refuse and in ordinary life, and at the time of pregnancy to forget such products at all. Don't think that "more would be good", once so eager. "Elephant" dose of empty calories and unnecessary fast carbs is not something you should aspire to being a woman, if he wants to feel good and to have a healthy baby.

Sauerkraut, all kinds of fruit and vegetable stripsy and slices (beets, carrots, pumpkin, watermelon) – these products are a great alternative to harmful food. You want the potatoes crispy? Bake potatoes in the oven, put the halves on a baking sheet and sprinkle low-fat cheese. It is also very tasty. Find ways to prepare meals with minimal damage to health.

Pastry, cakes, and more. Favorite rolls and sweets made from white wheat flour replace whole grain products. Perhaps oatmeal cookies not so tasty, but believe me, the choice in favor of more healthy products the best way affect on your body.

Flour products cause fermentation, which leads to chronic colitis and constipation. Dried apricots, prunes, raisins and other dried fruits – these natural sweets can be eaten without any restrictions. Pasta choose from durum wheat.


From rice refuse often. Limit consumption of red meat can cause problems with digestion. Diversify the diet foods rich in fiber. And you may not have to use special drugs.

Carbonated beverages and milk. Of course, you have to give up sweet and annoying bowel soda and packaged juices that are restored from raw materials of unknown origin. What we did not hit the milk? Find out if you have problems with its digestion. Often the symptoms of lactose intolerance disguised as anything.

Do the analysis and make sure that you have this all right. But still limit consumption of milk. Casein which it contains, reduces intestinal motility. Drink clean spring water of natural origin. It will bring much more benefit to your body.

The tea and coffee. Disagreements about these drinks the most. Tea pregnant women can, but it depends. Best drink green and not strong, because it, like coffee, contains a high amount of caffeine.

Before you choose a tisane (herbal tea), make sure it will not trigger deterioration. For example, chamomile tea can not drink when the risk of miscarriage. Chamomile in large amounts can cause dizziness.

If you need a sedative, brew the mint leaves. Hibiscus and rosehips are two excellent source of valuable vitamins and tasty alternative to tea. The drinks are good and without sugar.

When selecting a tea with a laxative effect, find out whether it can you during pregnancy. Consult with your gynecologist or visit a gastroenterologist, which specializiruetsya on such issues to make sure you get the right drink.

Since no one study did not show clear harm or benefit of coffee, this drink try to eat less often. Of course, if you drink coffee, it needs to be of high quality and natural, not a substitute.

If in doubt, if you do it, try chicory with a rich flavor and useful components. But keep in mind that chicory is not to drink people with gastritis, ulcers, varicose veins, and a number of diseases.

Types of laxatives: what do you during your pregnancy and under what conditions?

Pills, suppositories, suspension... What to choose? What are their differences? What are the advantages and disadvantages? And which one is the safest? Let's find out.

The range of laxatives is very wide. Find a generic drug that is appropriate for all pregnant women, unfortunately, impossible. That will suit exactly you, tell your doctor.

As no laxative can not be used constantly and long term, most likely, you will have to alternate the candles or suppositories, pills and syrup. And if you are not a gynecologist or gastroenterologist with experience, to create the right scheme you will hardly be able.

Irritating the bowel wall laxatives, even herbal origin have a powerful effect on the entire body. Senna, aloe, rhubarb, buckthorn, castor oil, Bisacodyl, special oils, these effective stimulants and stool softeners are undesirable to use.

They act in and on the smooth muscles of the uterus. Of course, it is bad for a normal pregnancy, is fraught with pain and swelling, and in the case of overdose, diarrhea and dehydration. Long-term use of such laxatives is addictive, causes no effect, therefore have to look for a new vehicle, for example, candles.

Despite the popularity of the funds and allegedly used his security, described as "a mild effect on the intestinal wall", candles with glycerin is contraindicated in the first trimester. As the group of funds listed above, the spark is able to act not only on the bowel, and uterus.

There are a number of restrictions, when candles should not be used. Candles, as well as the enema, is a means of helping to solve the problem pretty quickly. But you can use them only when absolutely necessary and only as directed by your doctor.

Before you choose during pregnancy any laxatives, whether it's candles or something else, consult your doctor. Will not tire of repeating it. Neither friend nor mother, nor know everything bloggers or seasoned moms with forums will not give you the correct answer if you can use candles.


The doctor can recommend reception of syrups on the basis of lactulose. Today it is perhaps one of the most gentle ways to solve problems with the intestines. Restrictions note that funds with lactulose should not be taken during diabetes mellitus and obstruction of the intestine, and people with lactose intolerance have to carefully monitor their well-being.

Drugs in this group contain lactose in small doses. In addition, funds with lactulose may cause flatulence and diarrhea.

We should not forget that laxative is an emergency method. They can not be used often, because the bowel can get used to the fact that all the work he does, the assistant drug. Constipation is a symptom that occurs in the body, the processes which impair peristalsis. Find the cause, and life will become easier!