Sensitive skin: causes and types of sensitivity. How to recover the cover?

Sensitive skin is one of those skin types that is most responsive to physical, chemical, and hormonal disorders. Sensitive skin type more than others prone to irritation, flaking, rashes. In such situations, there is a tingling, tingling and even pain.

There is a category of people who are faced with the loss of skin sensitivity in connection with surgical interventions, operations. Definitely need expert advice – after the operation to restore the functionality of the cover almost impossible.

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Types of skin sensitivity

Sensitive skin: causes and types of sensitivity. How to recover the cover?

The increased sensitivity of the skin is diagnosed is relatively simple, but it can be done only by a doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist.

An experienced specialist determines the correct treatment of the problem, and makes recommendations for the care of sensitive skin.

Your doctor may recommend some salon treatments that will ease the condition.

The main causes that trigger skin sensitivity, are classified as follows:

  • short-term, emerging suddenly and abruptly stops. Most often, this sensitivity appears on the basis of nervous shock;
  • the sensitivity on the background of the presence of pathologies in the body;
  • sensitivity in connection with the innate characteristics, for example dryness, thinness of the skin.

Loss of sensation area of skin on the leg

A sedentary lifestyle adversely affects not only the health of the spine and back, but also has a negative impact on the health of the feet. In addition to passive lifestyle, there are other factors that cause discomfort in the feet, namely, uncomfortable shoes, poor quality, excessive load on the legs.

Among the symptoms are the following:

  • aching pain;
  • sharp cramps, burning, tingling;
  • partial or complete numbness;
  • numb feet due to excessive stress.

Increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight

When the body is healthy, under the sunlight the cells of the dermis produce melanin pigment. It absorbs UV radiation and prevents sunburn. The melanin, having a brown color, accumulates in the skin, giving it a bronze color. When it produced little, then ultraviolet rays are not absorbed and are harmful to the skin.

Sensitive skin: causes and types of sensitivity. How to recover the cover?

Increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight in the presence of melanin occurs in the dermis when there are compounds with phototoxicity.

This is due to the use of cosmetics.

Usually creams, lotions, perfumes be a powerful allergen to the dermis. As soon as the sun's rays fall on the skin, it bears signs of irritation. After that, the body "gives" allergic reactions.

Vessels dilate and become full, which causes redness. Disturbance of vascular permeability, and the liquid comes out of them in the tissue, causing swelling. The symptoms of dermatitis are blisters, and the skin becomes dry and scaly.

Remember that not only a drop of perfume or a cosmetic lotion may cause skin sensitivity and allergies. It may be drugs that have long accumulated in the skin of the body.

Skin sensitivity to touch

Speaking of skin sensitivity, it is also worth mentioning the people who feel uncomfortable and even painful to touch. Doctors call this phenomenon "allodynia". This is a condition in which a person feels pain in exaggerated form even when there is no apparent stimulus.

Typically, this skin condition requires vigilance, as it can point to explicit diseases, such as deficiency of nutrients, stress or viral infection. Only a doctor can determine the cause of such manifestations and to identify the disease.

The increased sensitivity of the skin to clothing

Sensitive skin: causes and types of sensitivity. How to recover the cover?

Many people suffer from skin sensitivity to clothing. In such cases the body may experience an allergic reaction to various tissues, therefore it is very important to choose the right clothing. The best option is cotton, silk, and linen.

Particularly sensitive skin can be to wear garments made of wool and synthetics, which is considered one of the most harmful materials available today.

If you suffer from sensitive skin when wearing clothes, we'll review your wardrobe. It is best to buy clothes from cotton, linen and silk. Pay attention to what clothes do you sleep.

Nightwear should be made from natural fabrics, is a great option – cotton shift dress that is not tight and is not adjacent to the body.

Prefer clothes made of unbleached and undyed cotton.

When buying things, always pay attention to the label, which should indicate a 100% cotton. With the right choice of clothes made from natural fabrics skin sensitivity and allergic reactions will not bother you, and you will be able to restore the integrity of the cover.

Healthy and clean skin to you!