Silicone patch that removes scars: what is it?

Silicone adhesives – an innovative invention that helps to deal with scars and scars of different types. In addition, they are used like patches and wrinkles, and blisters.

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What is silicone tape?

Silicone patch that removes scars: what is it?

Found this product not only in the form of patches: there are also plates, dressings and tape square and rectangular shapes. Apply them to clean dry skin, glued or fixed with a gauze bandage. The product must contact with the affected area of the skin.

Plate is useful when a large amount of damage. They can be cut to desired size. Silicone patches are reusable. They are adhesive based, so easily accommodated. Bandages too, just recorded, also are water resistant. Silicone film – plastic and virtually invisible.

Silicone patch that removes scars: treatment

The duration of the course of elimination of scars varies from one to six months. The effectiveness and time of treatment depend on the type of scar, size of damage and its limitation.

Several pharmaceutical companies sell pads that will help to get rid of rough, long-standing scars. But those become less noticeable, but never disappear altogether.

These products gained popularity due to the wide functionality, ease of operation and ease of placement on the body.

Functionality silicone adhesive

It promotes the resorption of old scars and prevents the formation of new ones. This effect is achieved due to the structure of the material – it holds in the tissue moisture. Accordingly, scars moisturizes skin fibers are softened.

The collagen synthesis affects the chemical composition of the devices. Special substances penetrating into the dermis, inhibiting production of proteins that are involved in the formation of cells responsible for scarring.

Role in therapy given and the tension of the skin. When applying a compress occurs, the compression that helps to smooth out existing scars. It also helps prevent the formation of new seals.

After applying for such rough, hard cicatrices soften, change colour from dark brown to pinkish, restores skin elasticity. These processes occur without pain and discomfort for the person.


Silicone patch that removes scars: what is it?

It is better not to use such devices in the presence of the body open wounds; in skin diseases or inflammation in a prospective application; if an allergic reaction to silicone or other foreign body. When suturing expert advice is required.

What you need to know, using silicone adhesive

The sooner you start treatment, the more effective it will be. But while the incision is open, this method is not used. Only after the appearance of a new skin layer can be applied to the affected area similar products.

In the first days of sticking the tool can be a maximum of 2 hours.

This is because the skin needs to get used to the foreign body and to prepare for prolonged wearing bandages or sheets of silicone. In the future, the patch worn around the clock, taking twice a day for cleaning and drying.

Product should fully cover the scar or cicatrix, it is better to speak beyond ½ — 1 ½ cm If you are using multiple pieces, they glued the joint to joint, not overlapped.

With proper care, reusable products retain the healing properties of 3-4 weeks, then begin to thicken and ill hold on the body. If difficulties with bonding plaster replaced with a new one, because of its permeability depends on the effectiveness of therapy.

Skin care during treatment

Before putting on a bandage, the skin was washed and dried. If the treatment site is the hairs, shave them or cut to provide a close contact of material with skin. These procedures are performed daily so that the patch remains clean.

After consultation with a doctor to apply moisturizer that promotes smooth rough fabrics. The skin should completely absorb the cream or ointment. Only then can you bandage.

It should be noted that gel plates optional to combine with other treatments. High efficiency of treatment allows to see first results after 2-3 weeks of daily use.

Silicone plasters

This type of lining can be used to resolve different types of corns: wet, dry, ingrowing. In this case, the adhesive plays the role of a second skin, protecting the wound from infection, arresting pain and accelerating the healing process.

Silicone patch that removes scars: what is it?

Silicone pad on the heel apparently a elastic transparent material.

It can be rounded or straight shape, a thickness of a few millimeters.

One side of the pads has an adhesive surface that allows it to be worn up to 24 hours. Small size and good contact with the silicone body make the patch almost invisible.

These products are easy to use and effective in removing corns and calluses. One of the most famous representatives of those patches is the "Compeed" brand from Johnson&Johnson. The standard in the treatment of corns can serve the products of the German manufacturer CosmosHydroActive.

Silicone pads for eye wrinkles

Products of this kind intended to moisturize the skin, smoothing wrinkles, eliminating puffiness and bags under the eyes. They are slightly different from those used for smoothing out scars and eliminate calluses.

Patches for age are oval in shape, resembling petals. They differ and the method of use: applied at a time, and then removed. These products are impregnated with active substances, for example, hyaluronic acid, extracts of plants, Hexapeptide. It is any age restore skin elasticity.

Asian manufacturers produce pads for hydrogel – they are transparent and flexible, like silicone. European brands offer products made of cotton or non-woven impregnated with gel, cream or serum.

Concentrates for impregnation can be purchased separately, and use vitamins and hyaluronic serum. Such impregnated billet-lining. Likewise, use of the collagen sheets.

Gel patch for the eyes, refresh the skin, quickly relieve swelling. But their effectiveness depends largely on the composition of the impregnation. It is recommended to choose pads patches with a high content of peptides, anti-aging and moisturizing components.

In addition to the tools for eyes, there are devices for other parts of the face – forehead, nose, nasolabial triangle, etc.

Modern range of silicone patches quite large. However, they need to distinguish by purpose. The composition and principle of operation thereof varies. In each case, whether colloidal scars or wrinkles, you must choose specifically dealing with a particular problem assets.