Simple hairstyles for every day: how to create a beautiful image in a few minutes

Every girl wants to look attractive, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty days a year. But unfortunately, in the morning don't always have time and energy to get up early and freshen up. That is why today we will talk about how for a few minutes to give your hands the head back in order. Of great importance for the styling is length.

If the hair is short, you only need to wash your hair and style your strands with a hair dryer. Harder if your hair is medium or long. In this case you will have to use a variety of accessories that can give shape to your curls. Not do in this case without varnish.

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Simple hairstyles for every day: how to create a beautiful image in a few minutes

As for complexity, I do not think that complex bouffant will look much more attractive than the usual styling. If your hair is healthy and clean, no dandruff, any, even the most simple styling will look amazing.

To the hair is not faded and does not fall out you should do your curls gifts in the form of nutritional maschek, special teas and homemade shampoos. Also do not forget that excessive use of Curling irons is also not good for your hair.

Consequences can be loss, split ends, excessive dryness of hair. So today we are going to learn how to do simple hairstyles with minimal use of a minimum number of tools can damage your hair.

By the way, to school these easy hairstyles are also nice. So that you can safely do something like styling and your daughter.

Simple hairstyles for long hair

The simplest hairstyle that can be done in just a few minutes is the tail. But to do the usual tail not interested. So today we will learn to make interesting ponytail with a braid.

To begin with, that separate the two sides above the temple a small strand of hair. We tie in the tail will not. The rest of the hair tied in a low ponytail. Now omit the elastic on the tail is a few inches shorter. Do over the gum and a small hole extending through it from the bottom of the hair from the tail.

One of those strands that remained above the temples twisted two flagella or zaplatim two small pigtails. The resulting cables or cords neatly obtrusive the base of the tail. The ends of the bundles being masked with invisible. That was one of the options of simple hairstyles with your own hands.

Another option for long hair is a bun. In addition, such hairstyle is perfect for the office visit. Also with the kind of styling you can hide not too clean the curls.

The main difficulty in tightening the beam – lack of volume. You need to do similar styling so that you can see the number of your curls. Another advantage of this styling is the versatility because it is suitable for almost any outfit and style.

You can beam to go out and work, and corporate parties. And to make this hairstyle is quite simple, just need a little practice.

So, let's start twisting the hair:

Simple hairstyles for every day: how to create a beautiful image in a few minutes
  • In order to make it work you need to carefully comb the curls. Then take a small section and twisting it into a bundle, secure with Bobby pins. With this strand we will work a little later;
  • The second step will be the separation of the small strands on the temples. These strands also leave yet free;
  • All the hair that was left behind tied in a ponytail at a height where you want to make a bundle. After the tail is tied in forming the beam, gradually twirling around the base. Do not forget to fix the Foundation of our hairstyles using Bobby pins Bobby pins or hairpins;
  • Now you need to take one of the side strands and wrap it on top of the beam in the opposite direction. Simply put, you need to wrap a strand of your beam. And don't forget to secure each section with pins, because, otherwise, all your hair will fall apart. Now spin the same way and another strand of hair above the temple;
  • Now we need to lay the strand, which we recorded on benevolent in the beginning. Divide this strand in parallel on two parts. One of them, the one that is located closer to the forehead doing a more subtle and drop on the forehead. With it we will work a little later. The remaining hair, divide into two parts and wrap each of them in our bundle at a time. This should be done on the same principle as the temporal strands, obliquely. If between the two top strands formed a small gap, gently close it and spray the curls with a small amount of varnish;
  • The remaining strand straighten and nicely stacked on one side.

Here are two simple hairstyles for long hair can get literally ten minutes. But remember that in the absence of practice the first time, even this simple stacking may not work out perfectly. But do not worry, if you constantly practice you need all turn out.

Simple hairstyles for medium hair

Beautiful and simple hairstyles can be done not only for long hair. No less beautiful styling work at mid-length curls. For example, you can add the curls a bit of volume, just necesas a few of the top strands.

Then gently, taking care not too squeeze comb hair on the bottom of the curls with a hair dryer. And to harm from the heat was minimal necessarily apply to the ends a small amount of special funds to protect the hair follicle from the effects of high temperatures. Then spray the tips with a small amount of nail Polish and our hair ready.

Another option hairstyles for medium hair is a beautiful braid-spike. Learn to weave around any video from the Internet. By the way, if you do not plait tightened, and loose, you will add your image a little touch of romanticism that clearly will not be superfluous.

Simple hairstyle for short hair

Short curls fuss much less. You can just straighten them with a flat iron or create a light wavy locks. And if the length slightly below the shoulders, you can make a small beam. To do this you need to gently twist the hair around the tail, align all loose strands of hair with hairpins and invisible.

As for the curls, everyday hair style on short hair, it is important not to overdo it. After all, if you make a lot of small curls, you will be like a dandelion that is not always suited to your type of appearance.

Short hair suit and hairstyle in the Greek style. For this you need to buy special elastic rope and just twist the hair around it. But do not think that such hairstyle can be boring and monotonous. You can diversify your look with the hair bands. It is not necessary to constantly use only one.

You can buy several variations, which is calculated on a hairstyle in the Greek style.

Simple hairstyles for every day: how to create a beautiful image in a few minutes

Your choice, you can stop a rubber with braided ribbons of leather front and a regular elastic back. Are quite common and variants with rhinestone embellished front part of the gum.

If you decide to straighten your hair, then be sure to use special protective means, since, otherwise, you can too desiccate hair.

As for the styling, it can be conventional asymmetrical parting. If you don't like it when the strands falling on your eyes, you can stab a lock of the forehead with beautiful barrettes.

As you can see, to make a beautiful hairdo their work and child to school in the morning for a few minutes is possible. So practice and with time, this hairstyle will get you better and better! Good luck!

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